XYY Syndrome Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

In many people, there are about 46 chromosomes in each sell in their body which divided nto 2 parts, Y chromosome and X chromosome. Later, if both chromosome combined together, they become XY chromose. XYY syndrome is a genetic condition where someone has more than one Y chromosome then it becomes XYY.

There are 47 chromoshomes in someone who has XYY syndrome. This kind of syndrome classifies as a rare disorder because it only found in 1000 people according to National Institutes of Health. For those still strange with this syndrome, we will give you XYY syndrome causes, symptoms, and treatments.

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Causes and Symptoms

XYY syndrome is a result of mutations or random mixtures when a genetic code being processed. There is no tendency of this syndrome. Therefore, this syndrome is a genectic disease and caused by genetic factors.

During the formation of sperm, random errors or mutations occurs. This become a causes of why someone has XYY syndrome. The difficulity diving sperm cell opens a big opportunity for XYY syndrome to formed. You may also like to read about sleeping beauty syndrome.

Because almost every troublesome health condition always shows particular signs, we  have to aware with XYY syndrome symptoms. These symptoms of the apperance of XYY syndrome are:

Symptoms in baby

  • Slow speech development.
  • Become hard to talk.
  • Crawling or walking development become low.
  • Hypotonia or weak muscle condition.

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Symptoms in children, teenager, and adult

  • Hyptonia or muscle weakness.
  • Austism.
  • Body height become higher than the average teenage in his age.
  • Trembling hands or creating involuntary muscle movement.
  • Behavioral disorders.
  • Emotional disorders.
  • Difficult to focus on something and paying attention.
  • Writing develompent become low.
  • Difficult to talk.
  • Inability or inhibited in terms of learning.
  • For adult, infertility is the main symptom.

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After knowsing these causes and symptoms of XYY syndrome above, its patients need to go to doctor. This syndrome cannot be detected and even diagnosed until the child grows up.

Therefore, doctor’s hand is needed to furher check this syndrome out. Doctor will likely ask you to take a chromosome analysis in order to make XYY syndrome can be checked futher and can be ascertained.

The treatments that have to its sufferers take is only aim at reduce the effects of the syndrome alongwith the symptoms due to XYY syndrome that impossible to be cured. However, there is a lot of possibility for the symptoms to be reduced by using several treatments.

If the problem of XYY syndrome become more complicated, communicate with its specialist is a must in order to find out about infertility problem. These are several treaments you can try to reduce XYY syndrome. 

  • Physical Theraphy – XYY syndrome causes the symptoms of body muscle to become weaker and can make its sufferers experience their body movement becomes low. Therefore, physical theraphy is needed to take back the muscle strength.
  • Educational Theraphy – Because the lack of learning becomes one of XYY syndrome symptoms, it is important for parents with their childen that infected with XYY syndrome to create a suitable educational system for them.
  • Speech Theraphy – Difficulity on speaking or being late to talk to children is such a serious problem. This is included in the obstruction of the XYY syndrome sufferers motor development. Therefore, speech theraphy is needed. You can go to its specialist. You may also like to read symptoms of kidney disease. 


There are several conditions of health disorders that can cause the danger of complication, especially if it’s not being handled properly and quickly. XYY syndrome is the example, it we are not handle it properly and quickly, it can lead to complications. Autistic spectrum disorder is a kind of complication that can occur because of XYY syndrome.

For men who suffer from XYY syndrome, you don’t need to worry with the quality of sperm because XYY syndrome is not really affected your vital organ. Therefore, the quality of sperm is as same as those not suffer from XYY syndrome.

Beside of that, there is no risk of other diseases in children, teenager, or adult who suffer from XYY syndrome. These are XYY syndrome causes, symptoms, and treatments that beneficial for you who suffer from this syndrome. Stay healthy, Good People!

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