12 Causes of Cramp and Pain on Toe and How to Overcome It

Cramps are a seizure condition that occurs in muscles and this can occur at any time suddenly that will cause a feeling that is so sick. In general, the part of the body that can be cramped is the calf muscles and also the neck, but the fingers can also experience cramps. Cramps can cause pain that the severity can vary with varying cramp time, can be only a few seconds but can also be up to several minutes.

Causes of Cramp and Pain on Toe

The causes of cramps and aching toes can be seen as follows:

  1. Unmatched Footwear

For women who like to wear high heels, the possibility of a foot finger to be cramped is high. Many women who despite often wearing high heels still feel uncomfortable. Not only women, men can also experience cramps on his toes when wearing footwear that is less fit.

Footwear, especially closed shoes can increase the risk of cramps in the fingers, especially if you buy a shoe that size is too small. Shoes that are too narrow automatically do not provide more space for the fingers and when the fingers are muted, the possibility of cramping may occur. Shoes that are narrow and worn for so long obviously will not be comfortable for the toes it also trigger cramps.

  1. Dehydration

A body that does not get enough fluid intake can then affect the condition of the foot, including the fingers where the cramps will be able to strike. To prevent the body from losing fluids, of course give the body more water than usual so you can avoid cramps.

  1. Insufficient Blood

Supply Blood flow is not fluent cause various conditions of the disease, even cramps in the feet and toes can be caused by inadequate blood supply.

Narrowed arteries will cause pain because the blood can’t flow properly to the feet so that when you exercise, cramps can occur suddenly. It’s just that when you stop doing sports, the cramp will stop automatically too so this kind of situation will not last too long.

  1. Potassium Deficiency

Vitamins and minerals are important intakes for the body that can not be completely ignored because one result if not fulfilling potassium intake is cramps. Potassium electrical impulses in the body are performed by potassium.

The task of potassium is also to maintain muscle contraction, so do not be surprised if you lack of intake of this one then of course the cramp will occur, not only on the toes, but cramps can also attack the fingers.

  1. Magnesium Deficiency

Lack of magnesium-type mineral intake will inhibit muscle function. Therefore, it is important for you not to miss consuming food sources that contain minerals and vitamins, including magnesium so that the body muscles are not easily sick, pain and cramps.

If it is difficult to obtain a dietary source of magnesium, supplements can be an option as long as you have consulted to a doctor. (Read also: 12 Foods High in Zinc – Incredible Benefits!) 

  1. Calcium deficiency

Calcium is also one of the body needs that still enter into the class of minerals in which not only useful for health and bone growth.

For muscle, calcium also plays an important role, so you should not lack of calcium for muscle, especially in the toes is not easy to cramp .

  1. Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin intake is also very important for the body is vitamin D where if the lack of this vitamin, calcium absorption will be inhibited. If calcium can not be absorbed properly, automatically muscle will experience cramps; not only the hands that will often cramp, the legs of either the calves or fingers can also be exposed to sudden cramps when you move.

  1. Spinal cord pressure

Cramps that occur in the legs, including the fingers or the calves or the back of the knee may be due to pressure on the spinal cord.

The pain of cramps can get more serious and even worse if you force yourself to keep walking. If this is the cause of cramp legs, change your walking position slightly bent forward so that the pain can be reduced, or rest first by finding the nearest seat 

9. Lack of Sports 

If you are one of those types who do not like to let the body be active or lazy to exercise, cramps on the feet and toes can happen easily. Exercise is a way to make healthy muscles by moving actively, if lazy to move muscles become stiff so that whenever moved can be a cramp.

This will be felt when you try to stretch the body, so in addition to meeting the intake of vitamins and minerals, exercise is actually very important to be done routinely. (Read also: Disadvantages of Not Exercising For Body Health)

10. Muscle Fatigue 

Conversely from the previous point, too long exercise or walking that causes muscle fatigue will result in the emergence of cramps in the legs and fingers.

So, choose the type of exercise that suits your physical abilities and does not need to stay long until the muscle is very tired. Even when walking, when you are tired do not force yourself and try to stop for a moment to make your feet and toes more relaxed.

11. Cold Temperature 

The causes of cramp and pain on toe are vary. Cold exposed feet can become cramps. Whether it’s splashing ice / cold water, or you’re out in the rain, or maybe taking a shower with cold water, the feet can be cramped easily. Not only the legs only because the muscles of the body is not strong can-can indeed experience pain cramps. Read also: Ways to Get Rid of a Cold Sore in 24 Hours

12. Medical Conditions 

The toes that are often suddenly cramps can be caused by a health disorder in the legs, such as tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

Thyroid and diabetes problems are also able to trigger an easy toe cramps. This is because the electrical impulses can not get to the muscles of the toes which are actually from the brain, and then eventually make the leg cramps are also accompanied by pain and tingling. (Read also: Symptoms of Thyroid in The Neck and The Remedies)

How to Treat Toe Cramps

Sudden cramps should not make you panic, stay calm and handle with the following steps:

  • Take advantage of painkillers by rubbing them into the cramped part so that the pain can be reduced.
  • Apply a massage oil or a special ointment for the muscle to the legs evenly cramped and massage-massage gently so that muscle cramps due to fatigue can be better.
  • Stop for a moment and take a break from the activities that are being done and relax the muscles by stretching on your toes. Move your toes or legs to the opposite direction so that stretching muscles can be lighter. (Read also: Causes of Why Your Body Get Tired Easily
  • Move your toes slowly and try to walk because in this way you can send signals in the body that contraction and relaxation are equally needed by your body muscles.
  • Use hot water to compress the muscles to become weak. Only this way is not recommended for those who have spinal cord injuries, diabetes and other medical conditions.

How To Prevent Cramps

To prevent cramps coming back, there are important steps that you can consider and do as reviewed below:

  • Drinking water or consuming drinks with electrolytes will keep your body hydrated. This is a simple precaution that does take a long time, but the risk of subsequent cramps will decrease.
  • Eating high-magnesium, calcium, potassium and vitamin foods is very important. Grains and nuts can be the best snack in times of hunger that also helps prevent cramps in the legs. But especially for pregnant women, ask your doctor first before taking magnesium supplements to be safe for the fetus.
  • Exercising regularly is a preventive measure that may also be proven its effectiveness.Strengthen the muscles by doing a balanced diet and muscle exercises, also avoid drinking cold water after you done exercising.
  • Wear comfortable footwear and fit to your feet so as not to torture the fingers.

Meanwhile, those are the causes of cramp and pain on toe and how to overcome it. If there is worse symptom, please call your doctor for further medical treatment! Stay healthy, good people!

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