Is It Safe To Wash Hair During Periods?

Do you have some kind of myths during your periods? What’s that? Well, it might be so many myths during our periods, but now let’s specifically talk more about it. How about washing hair during periods? Did you do that on your period? Or do you believe in myths so you didn’t wash your hair until your period is over? That’s unbelievable. What about the facts behind those myths? Scroll down if you would like to know whether it is safe to wash hair during periods.

Myth : Do not wash your hair during periods

Myth says that you should not wash your hair during your periods. Why?  it can cause death! Do you believe this? Some fake facts or myth would say that washing your hair during period is potential to cause cancer. Is it true? What do you think, readers?

Facts about washing your hair in your periods time

Researchers says that a nice warm water can help a lot to relieve menstrual cramps and per-menstrual tension. Washing your hair with only warm water will release your hormone and let you stay healthy during your periods.

Washing hair during periods is a good way to prevent sickness. It is okay to wash your hair during periods. How is it? Do you still believe in myth at all?

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Period myth debunked by modern conveniences

As a women, we have listened to various myths during periods.  But, we choose to believe it or not. Period myth has been debunked by modern conveniences. However, some of modern women still believe in myth. Myth about periods that some other women still believe such as :

  • Don’t wash your hair during periods
  • Don’t cut your nails during periods
  • Avoid eating spicy food
  • Don’t drink coconut water
  • Sickness during periods is a normal things

Actually, myth exists to tell us to take care of hygiene during period. Woman’s attitude changes on their period. Sensitivity or mood swing is another issue that they tend to show to others because they suffer from pain.

So, let’s think about this together! During your periods, what happen if you don’t wash your hair? Is your hair become silky and soft right after your periods is over? NEVER! If you don’t wash it during periods, you will face a new trouble such as dandruff scalp, oily hair and unhealthy hair.

During periods, your hair needs vitamins and you should keep it hygiene too, not only your body. It’s okay to wash your hair so that you can keep your hair healthy.

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Washing your hair and death

Myth says that if you wash your hair, you will suffer from a serious disease and even died! What about the fact behind these myth? Well, researchers says that during your periods, your hormone is on unstable condition. So, during periods it’s better for you to keep your hygiene and stay healthy.

Serious disease isn’t caused by washing your hair during periods. It may happen if you had a bad lifestyle such as smoking, alcoholic, and not keeping your genital clean.

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Personal Hygiene during your periods

Hygiene during your period is the only thing you should take care of. While on periods, unstable hormone and unstable mood would cause a bad situation. So, it’s better for you to:

  • Change your tampon if it’s been used over 8 hours
  • Keep your genital clean
  • Genital hygiene is the most important thing
  • Eat more fruit and vegetable will help you to avoid sickness during periods
  • Do a simple exercise to ease your tension

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Alternatives to wash your hair during periods

We have some alternatives ways for you if you don’t want to wash your hair. Here are they:

  • Use dry shampoo if your hair’s too oily. They are dry shampoo spray products and dry shampoo powder. Both are quite useful. Best way to use it is before bedtime and leave it overnight. It will decrease the oil in your hair.
  • Wash your fringe part only. To avoid oily hair, some of researchers had mention this. Wash your fringe for a better appearance.

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  • Use hair accessories such as headband, bandana, hair clip, hat, or cap. It will improve your appearance.
  • Wash your hair right after you’re on your third day periods.

We had done explaining to you about Is It Safe To Wash Hair During Periods? We provide answer for your fear. For women of all over the world, you have to read this article. Don’t let myth spread a false rumor to you. Hope this article will assist you to find the final answer about myth! Have a nice day!

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