11 Perfect and Useful Tips to Get a Good Nap – Best Strategies!

Almost everyone wants to be able to sleep soundly, especially for those of us who have a lot of activities to do and need more energy especially during the day or work hours. For those who have difficulty in sleeping or we usually called as insomnia, to be able to sleep well even for a moment will make you feel very fresh and good again.

By sleeping, we can recharge our energy so that later when we wake up, we can continue our activity again. Taking a nap for 15 minutes to and hour between your working time is also believed will improve stamina and concentration. However, there are various factors that cause some difficulties to nap that may hinder us to be able to rest. Here are some tips for those who want to have a good nap:

  1. You Must Turn Off Your Gadget

The first thing you should do in order to get a good nap is to turn off your gadgets or at least put it away/ out of your reach. Gadgets are something that has a great influence on the quality of our sleep because gadgets have some kind of lights which are not good for our eyes and brain if we use our gadgets for too long, particularly before sleep. Thus, make sure to put down your gadget away from your bed.

  1. You Must Turn Off the TV

The second tip in order to have proper nap time is that you have to turn off the TV. Like gadgets, TVs also emit light with the same wave which as mentioned before, is not good for your brain. The sound that coming from the TV shows you are tuning in will also distract you from sleeping, especially if the show that playing on TV is about war or rock concert.

In order to get a good nap or sleep in general, it is best to turn off all the gadgets and electronics that produce sounds. For those who does not like quietness, you can try to listen to some slow music or lullaby, since this kind of music genre will help you to sleep soundly rather than disrupt your sleep.

  1. Using a Blindfold

The third tip is already done by a lot of people so that they can sleep soundly, either when they nap or when they sleep at night. Using a blindfold will help you to avoid the light from the sun or any other sources of lights in order not to get the lights into your eyes so that you can sleep without getting distracted by lights, which result in having a good and nice sleep.

  1. Focus Your Mind to Sleep

Focusing our minds to be able to sleep is also a tip that you should try. All you have to do is to forget the various activities or other things that all day this bother you and relax your body and mind, then look for ways to eliminate the stress of a safe mind for yourself. If you manage to do it, then it is not impossible you can take a restful nap.

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  1. Perform Therapeutic Movements

Actually these fifth tips are more widely used for someone who is indicated or experiencing difficult conditions of sleep or insomnia. The way you should do is as follows.

  • Try to press the point on the wrist straight with the little finger. Massage in this section to help you get new energy.
  • The second point presses the wrist using your finger approximately 3 cm in the middle of the hand. This trick will help you for the treatment of irritability which is happen due to anxiety and or insomnia.
  1. Use a Comfortable Mattress and Pillow

Using a pillow and also a soft and comfortable mattress is a common way of us in order to take a rest and sleep because by using a pillow and a comfortable mattress, it can make our body becomes more relaxed and obviously, it automatically will make us sleep more soundly and comfortably.

  1. Relax the Body and Mind

The purpose of relaxing the mind here is you do not think too much about things that do not really matter. Having a nice hot bath is also good to relax your body and min. The purpose is done so that your muscles are not tense and melt down your tiredness. It is recommended to take a bath using warm water to make you sleep fast and soundly.

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  1. Perform Breathing Therapy

In fact this way is a therapy found by renowned health experts named Dr. Andrew Weil from the University of Arizona, USA. The way you should do is to draw air into your mouth and then remove it through your nose. Do this way approximately 8 times.

  1. Reduce Caffeine Intake

As we already know that the caffeine that can be found in foods and drinks, especially coffee can make us awake for long (not sleeping). Therefore, if you want to sleep fast during the day, then you should reduce your intake of caffeine and stay away from consuming any form of caffeine excessively because that might be dangerous for your body.

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  1. Set Sleep Schedule

By arranging the sleep schedule, you can sleep soundly and comfortably both in the night and also during the day. If you can adjust sleep patterns properly, then of course you can sleep quickly and comfortably and also at night you will not be exhausted.

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  1. Visiting a Doctor

If you have tried variety of ways to sleep comfortably but it does not give you any good effect, then the last tips you should do is to consult with your doctor about the condition you are experiencing so that the doctors can provide advice and recommendations that are right for you.

Those are some tips to get a good nap that can be practiced and made as a good habit. However, note also the dangers of napping for too long in order to keep the freshness and fitness

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