Tips For Dry Nose in Winter – Best Remedies

Hello everyone, we meet again. Today we’re gonna talk about dry nose in winter. Do you ever feel that your nose dry in winter? How does it feel? You would feel annoyed also so sick of it. Its complicated, isn’t it? Then how to get rid of it? How about some protip for it? Do you want to know about it? Well, let get to know more about Tips For Dry Nose In Winter. Lets scroll more!

Dry nose causes because of the lining in our nose has disfunction also our nasal passages may have a trouble on it. Cold weather out there may have take a big role for dry nose. Winter temperature sometimes touch on minus degree celcius, and your nose can’t handle it anymore !

Lets talk more about another causes of dry nose, which there are :

  • Blowing nose too often, it makes your lining of your nose dry and sick .
  • Certain medical conditions may content on dry nose too
  • Infection because of some virus that detected on your lining nose may have a big role on dry nose too.
  • Decongestant used for common colds too often may cause your dry nose.

For all above the causes, which one do you ever felt? All of it or one from all above? Now, you had done to know more about causes of dry nose. So, lets jump right in to the tips for your dry nose especially in winter.

Drink More Water

Drink water for your daily is enough. But, in winter and your dry nose sick, drink more water than usually may reduce your dry nose. Water may assist you to the good condition, so you can get a perfectly temperature of your body because you did not had less of liquid on your body.

Nevertheless, drinking more water may help your lining of your nose moisture than before. See Also Dangers of Gargling Salt Water Every Day

Drinking more water would make you stay hydrated during winter. Also, water would thin out mucus on your nasal passages then push out liquids from your nose then decreases pressure on your sinuses.

Boost The Humidity

Boost the humidity will increase your lining of your nose reilef to your nassal passages which is means that your nose is still moist inside. But, how its gonna work?

You should try Humidifier with lavender oil on it. Both of them would help you from your dry nose and relaxing you at the same time. Setting your humidifier at home to find the best way to keep your nose moist, not dry in winter. See Also This Is How to Use Peppermint Oil for Effective Lung Cleansing

Best way using humidifier is before sleep. Turn on your humidifier, then add your favorite essence oil, then going sleep after that. You can find yourself better when you were wake up in the next morning.

Enjoy A Warm Bath

Warm bath on winter may open up all of your pores. But, sometimes its good enough for dry nose. Dry nose need more moist than before. Warm bath would help you release all of the tired feeling also warm bath which have steam on it would make your nose better and reduce inflammation on it. See Also Soaking Feet With Warm Salt Water Turns Out to Be Healthy!

Another choice unless warm bath, you can do sauna too. Sauna would be better for you and your body. Sauna’s steam may help your dry nose on winter season.

Try A Nasal Spray

Nasal spray is totally help your dry nose. Nasal spray would help you to keeping your nose moisturize all day long. Using nasal spray based on the terms and condition may help you from dry nose. There are some terms and condition for using dry nose, such as :

  • Spray it once a day, nasal spray keep your nose moisture for 10-12 hours, so it would be better for spray it once a day.
  • Do not use it for a long time, rather use it maximum for 3 days. Long time using may effect inflammation and also addiction to using it more and more. Using it for maximum three days is a better choice, because in three days using it for routine, you would feel better and your dry nose would disappear.
Apply A Moisturizer

Applying moisturizer on your nose and face in winter may help you from dry nose and skin. There are many product for moisture skin. Just see the ingridients first, you have to check what’s inside the moisturizer product before using it. See Also 10 Habits of Korean’s Face Care that Can Be Followed

Choose the one that have mineral and water content on it. Moisturizer product is now on CC Cream, Foundation, Based Make Up Spray, Or Setting Spray. You can choose the best moisture product from all of the example that we had mention before.

Try Warm Wipes

Warm wipes may help you too, darling. Warm wipes would help you relieve the inflammation on the nostrils and also warm wipes can opening the nasal passages from the outside.

Lets get it on your dry nose ! take a facial tissue then  add on warm water. Put those tissue on your nose for a while. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Then you would feel better also relaxed after that treatment. See Also 6 Side Effects of Drinking Warm Water – You Absolutely Want to Know

Warm compress maybe could be your second choice. Soak a small towel into warm water. Then squeeze. Fold into, then put those towel between your forehad and nose. Let it sit for 15 minutes. You would feel better also relaxed after that treatment too.

We had done explain to you about Tips For Dry Nose In Winter.May this content would help you to find the best way and some protip for dry nose in winter. There are so much protips for you, but we had it done into a couple best way on this article. Hope this article may help you to be a better health.

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