Top 25 List of Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin!

The skin covers almost everything that is inside your body. Without it, there would be no protective barrier for your organs. So it’s very important to look after it. Your skin won’t stay supple the way it was when you were born.

As you age, your skin grows old with you. Premature aging is also possible due to your diet, stress level or exposure to sun rays. You can take care of your skin by providing sunblocks, oils or moisturising lotions.

Don’t leave out looking after it from the inside. What you consume will determine the quality of your skin. This 25 List of Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin will help you get started on the best thing to eat. Constantly supply your body with high amount nutrients and you’ll make your skin better.

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1. Avocados

These yummy fruits are highly beneficial for your skin. They’re so full of healthy fats and all sorts of vitamins that push collagen production. By eating avocados, you are increasing the elasticity of your skin which is important in preventing premature aging. Other than eating them raw, turn avocados into a smoothie or facial masks.

2. Tomatoes

Excess exposure from the sun rays can cause wrinkles. Worry not, tomatoes contain beta-carotene that can create a healthy defense for your skin against sun damage. The more you eat tomatoes, the more you are protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays.

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3. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds contain an enormous level of vitamin E. Your skin needs that antioxidant property which vitamin E can give. Eating sunflower seeds will also keep your skin thick and moisturised. The omega-6 that they have will prevent dry skin as you age.

4. Mackerel

Consuming mackerel is the way to go to treat those pesky dark spots on your skin. It’s a fish that will give you the essential vitamin B12. A deficiency for that vitamin can cause dark and white spots to form. To have a nice skin tone, consistently eat this fish.

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5. Carrots

Trying to reduce oil on your face? Start eating carrots. They contain high amount of vitamin A and Retin-A. Those vitamins will start to balance out the oil on your face. Another good thing about carrots is that they can also treat psoriasis if you have it.

6. Pomegranates

To make your skin more glowing, eat pomegranates. These fruits can eliminate toxics from your body. They contain polyphenols which are great in keeping radicals away. Your blood flow will become more regulated so your skin will be healthier too.

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7. Pumpkin Seeds

Munching on some pumpkin seeds will make your skin healthier too. They might be small but the zinc and all the fatty acids they carry are what your skin needs. These seeds will help your skin repair itself. They will also regulate a healthy amount of oil on your face.

8. Spinach

Consider consuming spinach on a regular basis. This particular vegetable can help to remove dead skin faster. Regeneration is important so that you’ll always have a healthy skin. Spinach also contains vitamin A that can prevent wrinkly skin and maintain moisture.

9. Strawberries

Strawberries are among people’s favourite fruits. They have phenolic and flavonoids which can improve the texture of your skin. Known as anti-inflammatory, strawberries can decrease the frequency of acne. You’ll also avoid skin rashes. Ensure that you wash your strawberries thoroughly to get rid of any pesticides that stick to them.

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10. Papayas

Papayas have enzymes that can also make your skin tone even. These enzymes will help blemishes or scars to fade away. Papayas can improve the digestive system in your body. As all the toxins are released, your skin will also improve.

11. Wild Salmons

Wild salmons are better than the ones that are farmed. They are higher in Omega 3 and other fatty acids. Your skin cells will have more nutrients to carry out regenerations. Regenaration of skin will reveal a whole new healthy you. Besides that, your skin will be more moisturised which means less wrinkle.

12. Almonds

There’s a reason why it’s recommended to eat a handful of almonds daily. That amount will be enough to provide the body with adequate vitamin E. Create a stronger barrier for your skin against toxic radicals by consuming them. Almonds can also reduce your stress level so your skin won’t undergo too much negative changes.

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13. Broccoli

Broccoli might help you prevent skin cancer from forming. Broccoli contains sulforaphane which can suppress cancer cells from forming. Sulforaphane can also produce healthy collagen that the skin needs. Make your skin youthful by eating broccoli. Steaming broccoli would be the best way to consume it. You’ll still retain most of its nutritious value.

14. Black Olives

Black olives contain many antioxidants property. As a result, they can hydrate the skin so it doesn’t age too early. They also provide protection against UV rays through their vitamin E. Black olives are great in reducing the chances of developing skin cancer.

15. Greek Yogurt

Yogurt can break down all the toxin build up that has accumulated in your body. Your digestion, in particular, needs healthy bacteria to keep it functioning. Consuming yogurt will make your digestive system better. Your skin will also benefit as your insides are clean.

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16. Kiwi

Kiwi is packed with vitamin C. The content of vitamin C is so great that it makes prevents your skin from becoming loose. Once you start eating this fruit regularly, you’ll notice a reduction in your fine lines. You’ll also be keeping your skin well moisturised.

17. Dark Chocolate

Eating dark chocolate will make your skin more firm. It also has flavonols which serves as an antioxidant for your body. Watch out for the content though. You want a dark chocolate with at least 70% dark cacao. Too many sugar and less cacao content will only cause wrinkles.

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Other Foods You Should Eat (18-25)

Don’t leave out these foods which will improve the overall health of your skin.

  • Grapes: Reduce dark spots and slow down aging.
  • Chickpeas: Prevent wrinkles from forming.
  • Sardines: Encourage the growth of healthy skin cells.
  • Walnut: Reduces acnes on the skin.
  • Oysters: Prevent sagging skin.
  • Peppers: Promote the production of collagen.
  • Oranges: Serves as antioxidant against radicals.
  • Garlic: Calms down rashes and skin inflammation.

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Stick to the foods that you like. No need to force yourself to eat things that gross you out. After all, there are plenty of foods to choose. Explore your options and aim for a healthy, glowing skin.

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