18 Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Hoarse Throat

Hoarseness is certainly not pleasant, especially for singers. It will be difficult for the to communicate with people, let alone sing. This hoarse voice has several underlying factors. One of the causes is coughflu, and sore throat. 

The hoarse voice is indeed unpleasant but thankfully it will not long, of course when right treatments has been done. There are many ways to treat this hoarse voice. But before discussing about the hoarseness, of course knowing the cause of the hoarse voice was also important.

Causes of Hoarseness

  1. There is a change in temperature – changes in ordinary temperature causes bacteria to grow quickly, causing various diseases such as headache (and it’s important to know the proven ways to relieve chronic tension headache), asthma, flu, and other diseases. Of course flu makes our voice become hoarse, making us uncomfortable and not confident for simply speaking. Even it can make a person lose his voice if this hoarse is caused by cough or flu. The various bacteria that attack the throat makes the throat becomes less healthy.
  2. The occurrence of irritation in the throat will make the voice hoarse, this usually occurs due to the occurrence of too much dust. The amount of dust in the throat causes the throat to run out of healthy air. Mucus in the throat will interfere with the throat’s function and make us sound hoarse. This hoarse voice certainly will not be comfortable to hear even this hoarse voice can affect our appearance, especially for those who sings.
  3. Smoking –   the long term effect of smoking is very fatal, and of course, it will cause our voice to become hoarse. Smoking in addition to being harmful in producing hoarse voice also has other dangers to health. If smoking habit is not stopped, it will also potential to damage the immune system and so hoarseness will be more difficult to overcome.
  4. Dehydration –  or lack of fluids can make the voice become hoarse, because when throat lacks fluid, it will feel drier. Not only that, dehydration can also give bad effects of dehydration for our skin. White water is needed by our body and metabolism every second every day. Of course this is the main reason why the voice becomes hoarse. Even for a singer, the water intake per day must be fulfilled. In addition to maintain our voice, water is also used to maintain the body’s immune system to stay healthy.
  5. Consuming unhealthy foods – consuming unhealthy foods can make the throat less healthy and hoarseness happen, especially excessive consumption of fried foods. In addition to fried foods, there are many other foods that cause hoarseness and impaired immunity. Some of these foods are fast food, such as junk food, which is one of many foods that guarantee chubby cheeks in a week, and will certainly interfere with health if consumed excessively.

The cause of hoarseness, need to be avoided so that our voice does not become hoarse and will disturb our daily activities. But when the cause of hoarseness is extreme temperature changes, of course this will be difficult to avoid. If a hoarse voice has occurred, consume these foods or follow these steps to eliminate the hoarseness.

  1. Licorice

Licorice is a natural medicine that has anti-inflammatory properties that can overcome hoarseness. Licorice has an immune activator for the body that has an experimental effect so that it can clear mucus that causes hoarseness in the throat.

2. Ginger

Ginger is an herbal medicine commonly used to treat various diseases including hoarse throat or cough, and is used as an effective ways to treat dust allergy. Ginger has antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria found in the nose and will eliminate the hoarse voice. Ginger is not only good for hoarseness but it also has many benefits such as to warm the body and relieve excessive cold in the body. Consumption of ginger can also help digestion so that digestion will be better.

3. Peppermint

Peppermint has cool properties so it is very effective when used for throat freshener. The content of menthol in peppermint is able to clean the mucus that is stuck in the throat and eliminate the hoarseness. Besides that, menthol in peppermint will help relieve irritation in the throat.

4. Cranberry

This medicinal plant can be used to treat kidney stones and bladder in America. In Indonesia, cranberry is also used as a natural way to get rid of fungal infections. But the benefits of cranberries are not just that. Cranberry has a high antioxidant content so that it can maintain throat’s health, so the throat will recover.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric is the same class with ginger, it is able to relieve the sore and painful throat. Turmeric is commonly used as turmeric milk to relieve the throat. The effect of consuming turmeric milk will be seen after one week of regular consumption. Turmeric is also beneficial for the skin such as to brighten the skin and remove blemishes on the facial skin. So that the face will look brighter. 

6. Water

Consuming a lot of water is very helpful for health. It can also relieve sore throat. Treating the throat can be done with water therapy which is very effective for treating various diseases

7. Lemon

The citric acid in lemon can help remove and relieve the throat so that the hoarseness will disappear. Lemon can be drunk with honey as a sweetener. Lemon can be consumed by making tea with honey as a substitute to sugar.

8. Onion

Antibacterials found on onions can certainly cleanse the throat. The throat that is irritated and making us sound hoarse required onions mixed with honey to cure.

9. Gargling

Gargling warm water mixed with salt can kill bacteria found in throat. This can be done for ten days or more. Or if you want maximum results, you can rinse it with salt every day. This method is better with warm water to relax the mouth.

10. Steam Inhalation

This water vapor can be inhaled to relieve the throat. Steam that can be used in this method is steam from water vapor or other steam like balsam. Because it can relax and relief in the throat. Water vapor is very effective to relieve the throat and mouth.

11. Take a Proper Amount of Break

Sufficient rest needs to be done to normalize the sick vocal cords. The vocal cords will certainly recover faster if they are well-rested. You should not to talk too much to give your throat a break. By limiting the vocal cord’s work, it will help the vocal cords to heal. If you must talk, try whisper to avoid being in pain and add more injury to the vocal cords. Or you can also write a notebook to write the words you want to communicate to the other person.

12. Do Yoga

Yoga is one sport that has many benefits for our health. Exercise itself has so many benefits. Likewise with yoga, yoga is able to provide warmth to the body so that it will also provide warmth in the diaphragm. The warmth felt in the diaphragm will have an effect on the throat which will remove mucus in the throat and eliminate hoarseness.

13. Quit Smoking

Smoking is very dangerous, smoking for years can cause damage to the vocal cords, including getting damaged vocal cords and hoarseness in the throat. If you want to get a good voice, it’s better to stop smoking. Because smoking not only causes hoarseness in the throat but can cause other diseases such as heart attack and others. 

Even smoking in a high intensity not only makes various diseases but can cause death for smokers. Even this does not only happen to smokers, but passive smokers (people who inhale cigarette smoke) are also in more dangerous danger compared to the active smokers themselves.

14. Consult to a Doctor

If you felt hoarse and for a long period of time you do not recover, consult to a doctor. By consulting to a doctor, you will get good tips and treatment to cure the hoarseness. Tips from the doctor will be more in accordance with the pain suffered. Consulting to a doctor is an effective way to find out the actual disease. 

15. Drink Warm Water

For how to get rid of hoarseness requires something that can warm the throat, this can be done by consuming water, of course warm water. If you are not happy with water you can use warm tea to warm the body and throat. By consuming warm water in the morning and at night, it will make mucus in the throat disappear and the sound will recover.

16. Use a Humidifier

This product is believed to be able to treat hoarseness. This product is the same as the use of water vapor. But the use of this product will be more effective and more efficient. Because it can heat the room effectively rather than just with steam. With the body warmed, the throat will turn warm too. And this is certainly very influential on our voice.

17. Consumption of Lozenges

Many of sweets have been formulated to relieve the throat that is being hoarse or usually is called lozenges. By consuming lozenges, it will help the throat get warm so that healing will be easy to get too. In addition, with this, it can provide comfort to everyone who consumes it, and speed up the healing process.

18. Reducing the Consumption of Acidic Foods

Acidic food is not good for stomach health because it will increase the amount of gastric acid and too much gastric acid could harm the stomach. Likewise for the throat, consuming too much food that is too sour can cause stomach acid to rise up to the throat so that it will cause hoarseness. If the sound is already hoarse this can cause hoarseness to get worse.

Those are some tips that can be used to treat hoarseness in the throat. Hoarseness and sore throats will disturb our daily activities. But if you already know how to cure hoarseness, it will get a faster healing process. 

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