25 Easy Ways to Prevent Skin Darkening

Darkened skin is not only about the skin color preference, it is also a matter of keeping the skin healthy. Darkening skin is the condition where the pigment in our skin increased. There are some reasons why someone should be concerned with this condition.

The Causes of Darkening Skin

  • Direct Exposure to Sunlight
  • Skin Problem
  • Cancer Sign
  • Free Radical
  • Acne Spot

The case of skin darkening to darker color is also highly rely on the fact that
global warming is spreading and there are more exposure to ultraviolet rays. Skin darkening may causes other discomfort such as:

  • Freckles: freckles appear more on people who keep getting exposed to the sun
  • Oily Skin: sun encourages more production of oil within skin
  • Less Desirable Color in Some Countries: some countries prefer lighter skin color for their beauty standard. This make skin darkening a very concerning issue for women at that countries.
  • Exposure to Cancer: The more skin exposed to sun, the higher the risk to get cancer.

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In order to cure and prevent skin darkening, here are 25 easy ways to prevent skin darkening.

1. Use Sun Block

The basic way to avoid getting the side effects of direct sunlight is by applying sun block. Sun block will repel the ultraviolet ray to seep into our skin. Apply sun block especially when going to beach. Re apply the product every 1-2 hours depend on the intensity of sun exposure.

2. Use Parasol

Using parallel will never gets old. In fact, using it is a trend especially for women. Even though it will not fully protect the skin from sun exposure, it will help to lessen it. Use parasol in a place with intense sunlight.

3. Wear Makeup with SPF

The latest technology of cosmetics uses SPF in the ingredients. The reason why cosmetic with SPF can prevent skin from darkening is because it works similarly with sunblock. It will protect the skin against ultraviolet ray. SPF that works to prevent skin darkening is the one above 15. Use it everyday before going outside.

4. Wash Face Everyday

Wash your face everyday with minimum frequency of once a day. Washing face will help to get rid of free radical and all the dirt in the face. Make sure to wash face using only face wash. If you use soap that is not intended for face it will only make your skin worse.

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5. Use Mask

Whenever you go to places that expose you to pollution and free radical, use mask in your face. It will help to cover your face from exposure and to protect your respiratory organ as well. Remember not to overuse mark and only wear the clean one.

6. Wear Sun Protective Clothing

Some of clothes are designed to repel the sunlight. This is true for clothes with white color. The color will reflect the sun ray back instead of letting it goes to the skin. Try also to ask the shop owner whether they sell sun protective clothing.

7. Wear Cap or Hat

Another way to prevent skin darkening is by wearing cap or hat. Wide bucket hat can also protect the skin from sun exposure. It will also help to protect hair. Make sure to open thr hat once you sweated so much.

8. Eat Rich Omega 3 Food

Eat food that is rich of omega 3. Food with omega 3 is good for repelling free radical that causes skin darkening. Also, omega 3 is generally healthy nutrient that will also improve your health condition. Food with omega 3 includes fish and nut.

9. Seek Shade

The sun is strongest starting from 10 am in the morning. It is not only the heat but the UV radiation is not good for your skin. If you are in outdoor area or public street, make sure to seek shade whenever the sun is the most scorching.

10. Do Regular Skin Care

Regular skin care does not only include washing face, but using serum, moisturizer and vitamin will help to regenerate dead skin cell. Skin cells that stay on the skin cause skin darkening. Therefore, make sure to do regular skin care everyday. It is best to do it at night. Use only safe and compatible cosmetic for your skin.

11. Do Scrubbing

Scrubbing face and body will help to get rid dirts and dead skin cell. Scrubbing is also good to bring back the brightness of the skin. Use scrubbing product and do it at least once a week for both face and body. Regular scrub will help to maintain the skin’s health.

12. Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is also good for skin. Not only itis highly nutritious, olive oil is good to scrub off old dirts from the skin. Moreover, for those who have darkened skin from acne spots can try to use olive oil to ge the skin back. Apply olive oil to the skin, make a circular massage to help the oil seep through the pore. Do it everyday.

13. Lessen Activities on Scorching Day

During scorching day like summer, do not go to places with direct sunlight and high UV exposure. Even if you decide to go, make sure to apply sun block and re apply it for every four hours. This will help the skin protected and will prevent skin darkening. However, it does not mean you cannot go out, all needed is to lessen the frequency.

14. Use Cucumber

Cucumber is very soothing for skin that just getting exposed to the sun. Slice some cucumber and put it on the face. The face will cool down immediately. You can also use papaya ad it also help to lighten the skin.

15. Eat Food with Antioxidant

Antioxidant will fight free radical that can easily damage the skin cell. Antioxidant is also good to repel the body from early aging. Eat dark chocolate, mangosteen, drink tea to supply the body with antioxidant.

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Other ways to prevent skin darkening include:

  • Lessen Outdoor Activity
  • Use Sunglasses and Glove
  • Use Moisturizer
  • Do Fruit Scrubbing
  • Drink Juice
  • Eat Vitamin E
  • Inject Vitamin C
  • Do Not Touch Face Frequently
  • Use Lime or Lemon Scrub
  • Go to Skincare Clinic

Beside what I explained above, here i give you detail information about ways to prevent skin darkening from skin expert. Check this out.

Skin darkening is serious problem for some women. However, if you take care of the skin and know how to prevent it, you don’t have to deal with the problem. That is all about 25 easy ways to prevent skin darkening.

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