12 Side Effect For Not Exercise For Several Years

Hello people, today we’re gonna talk about exercising. Exercise nowadays would so much have fun, right?  You know, from now on too, there are so many workout and exercise video on Youtube and you can practice it at home, right?

We can mention some of those funny exercise such as Zumba, pole dance, kpop dance, some workout video with long or short session.

But, before we start again to exercising, Can you remember where the last time you did exercise? Do you remember it? Or you’ve just forgot the last time you did exercise ?

So, for get the best and right answer of those questions, we just more deeply focusing on our topic. Lets go to scroll more about the side effect of not doing exercising for several years. Hope you enjoy this article.

Facts About Our Body

Before we go too far, lets take a look back to the basic. Yes. Lets see this fact about our body. Researchers prove that, if our body has an active exercising  would so much help to normalize our glucose, leptin receptor sensitivity, and also insulin. Another benefits of exercising is that our body could prevent from damage disease. See Also Effects of Blood Transfusion on the Human Body

Also, researchers says that a secret way to get a happy life and an optimum brain works is doing exercise regularly. It prove that exercise increased productivity also happiness.

Dr. Mercola says on his research, exercise also improved :

  • Improved our sleep
  • Improved our mood
  • Improved our skin to get clearer than before
  • Improve sexual function
  • Change in gene expression

So, what if our body don’t do exercise for several years? Is that some contrast from the fact above?

Side Effect Of Not Doing Exercise For Several Years

We become to the next chapter in this content. There are some side effect of not doing exercise for several years, Can you guess it what is these? Here they are some Side Effect Of Not Doing Exercise For Several Years.


When did you feel fatigue last time? Today or yesterday? Fatigue which we mention on this section is to describe fatigue in regularly. Fatigue comes from our body which do not have an extra exercise before. Our nerves work slowly when we never do exercise for several years.

That nerves that connect into our brain and another nerves would make us feel so fatigue, then lazy, then feel too sleepy but can’t sleep. That’s fatigue. Anemia has always be the common reason why we feel fatigue.

But, in fact, fatigue can comes from our lifestyle. Lazy doing exercise would make us feel fatigue often than other that do exercise. See also Signs of Blood Deficiency That Can Disrupt Your Activity 

 Increased Stress Level

Your stress level would not decreased except you did exercise. Did not exercising for several years its just make your stress level increased too high. Why is this happen? Let us explain to you.

During exercising, actually your body increased your dopamhin level so you can feel better after you had one session of exercising. Neuron that let it by dopamhin did that to your body. See also Tips On Stress Relievers – 100% Works!

Depression And Lack Of Sleep

Depression and lack of sleep should become from one neuron that influence both. It calls serotonin. Yes. If our body had less serotonin, so our body would feel depressed more than ever also difficult to sleep then lack of sleep. Why did this happen?

Neuron transmitter we called as serotonin has the big role for controlling our emotional activity such as studying, eating, thinking and  also our sleep. All of them would by serotonin neuron. See also Reasons Why Heart Need Sleep

So, the conclusion is, if we do not have an exercise for several years, our body would lack of produce this neuron, and messed up all in our body. 

What Should We Do ?

Well, we have some advice to you, and your body, and also your whole life. Please read us.

  • Starting exercise with yoga. Yoga is one of the most peace exercising which can increased your health in body, mind, and soul. We recommended you to do this once a month to balance your life.
  • Starting jogging around your houses. Jogging in the afternoon would so much encourages you to have a healthy life. Jogging in the morning would give you another sensation to get more relaxing. We recommended to you to do jogging minimal 3 times in a week.
  • Starting doing Zumba. Nowadays, there are some have fun exercising from Latina called Zumba. Zumba is a dancing with fast tempo, focusing on moving around your legs. Try this one and you would so addict with this! We recommended to you to try this exercise for once a week. See also Ways to Keep Your Heart Stay Healthy (No. 4 is Shocking)
  • Join a group of exercise. So you can have an environment that have same motivation with you. You can get both new friends also new people with one vision as you.  We recommended to you to find some sports club or exercise club on internet and have a gathering together.
  • Still feel lazy? You can download and watch some Workout video on Youtube, so you can did it at home and also alone. Youtube have everything you need. Some of those video on it would help you to exercise and have a new experince in life. We recommended you to download, watch and do the workout everyday! Workout have a simple move but have a big impact after that.

We had done explaining to you briefly about Side Effect Of Not Doing Exercise For Several Years. Hope this article would give you a new way of seeing exercise is fun things to do and start doing exercise at your home.

These side effect we’ve done conclude are the worst side effect of not doing exercise for several years. So, hope you starting do some simple workout after read this whole article.


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