20 Recommendation Things to Do Before Bed to Help You Sleep Better

Unhealthy lifestyle is started from your bed, whether it is clean or not. Yes, your lifestyle as well as your habits when you are about to sleep can improve your body health, increase your imagination, maintain your thinking quality, and also let you achieve success.

Here are 20 things to do before bed to help you sleep better. Read also: Dangers of Morning Sleep for Pregnant Women

1. Clean your bed

Do not be lazy to clean up your bed, either before you sleep or after you wake up because it is very useful to prevent yourself from itchiness caused by dirt.

2. Take a bath with warm water

Taking a bath with warm water mixed with lemongrass leaves and betel leaf will help you to refresh your body, repair your blood circulation, and relax your nerves. This condition can make you sleep tightly and faster.

3. Brushing your tooth

You can brush your tooth before you sleep. Even, it is also better to teach children to brush their tooth so they will get used to it later. Read more: Recommended Steps on How To Whiten Teeth with Banana Skin

4. Drink water

Drinking mineral water can help your to improve your blood circulation, body nerves, and artery inside your body as well as to protect your body from dehydration. Read also:Bad Effects of Dehydration on Your Skin

5. Reading book

What’s the proper things to do before bed to help you sleep better? Reading book for 30 minutes before going to sleep is very good for your brain health. It can also help you to train your brain cells repair themselves to be more active, controlled, and increase memory, as well as improving people’s intelligent.

6. Listening music

Listening music can clean your body from toxic as well as improving blood circulation to the brain. Blood circulation can be more relaxed and it can make the people sleep faster and avoid to have nightmare.

7. Preparing things for the next day

You have to get used to prepare anything for the next day before you sleep so it can ease your burden in the morning, especially if you only have less time. You can avoid to be panic if you have prepared anything since the last night.

8. Stop eating after 6 p.m

After 6 p.m., you can eat fruits and vegetables. Yes, avoid to eat heavy meal, including rice, instant noodles, fat bread. Eating in the night tend to make you hard to fall asleep and it can disrupt your digestive system since when you are sleeping, digestive system needs a rest too. It can cause obesity too.

9. Drinking warm milk

Drink warm and low-fat calorie 20 minutes before you sleep is very good for your body since the nutrient can ease you sleep faster.

10. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol has substance containing carcinogens which can damage your blood circulation and the blood vessels, especially brain tissue. It can also make you have insomnia since the brain nerves already clogged.

11. Avoid caffeine

Drinking caffeine too much can press your nerves and will make you stay awake. Then, it can also cause irregular heartbeat and clogging in your blood circulation which then cause the person hard to fall asleep. Read also: Common Causes You Can’t Sleep at Night Properly

12. Quit smoking

Smoking until your sleep time will make you hard to fall asleep and late to sleep. The smoke is very dangerous for your respiratory organs.

13. Meditation

Doing meditation for 30 minutes before you fall asleep can help you to improve your positive energy to the brain tissue, relax your mind, as well as brain nerves be more relaxed. This condition can make the people sleep better. Getting used to meditate before sleeping is very good for those who are doing activities all day routinely and it demands them to use their mind all day. Yes. it’s the good things to do before bed to help you sleep better!

14. Rubbing with eucalyptus oil

Rubbing your body with eucalyptus oil, especially in the back and chest, can prevent yourself from cold and it can improve your blood circulation as well as your respiratory process. The scent and the warmth of this oil can relax your mind and body.

15. Use lotion or turn on electric insect repellent

Using insect lotion to your specific area to prevent yourself from mosquitoes will be good idea. If you have allergy to it, you can use electric insect repellent with no smoke to prevent yourself from mosquitoes. Read also: Risks of Sleeping with Dog You Need To Be Aware

16. Turn off your cellphone or other electricity

Your cellphone can cause a negative electromagnetic radiation to your body, especially to your brain. Therefore, turn off your cellphone or other electronic things before you sleep. Put it to place far from yourself to prevent your brain from its radiation.

17. Use night cream

By using night cream, it can improve your skin face health in the next day. Men and women can use night cream which contain nutrients so it can brighten your skin and make your skin healthy. If you sleep using night cream, it can help you to resting your skin face so it can improve your blood circulation in the face.

18. Turn off the lamp

Yes, sleep with the lamp turned on is not good for your heart health. It can increase your heartbeat then it can cause yourself from headache and uncomfortable sensation to your body during your sleep. By turning off the light before you sleep, it can be your good habit to improve your heart health as well as brain nerves.

19. Praying

Getting used to pray before you sleep can increase your belief to the God. It can also prevent you to have nightmare during your sleep. So it can be your good habit before sleeping.

20. Sleep in regular time

Do not sleep too late since it can reduce your sleep time. Those who are lacking sleep time may have digestive problems, hard to concentrate, and early aging in their face. Lacking sleep time can inhibit your blood circulation around the body and it can decrease your red blood cells and will cause anemia.

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