21 Foods That Stimulate The Growth of Acne on Face

Acne is very disturbing, not to mention the pain that is felt when acne starts to ripe. There are foods that cause acne to appear continuously on the face, both for men and women.

Causes of Acne

There are many factors that can influence the appearance of acne on the face. Acne can arise because of internal factors, stress, and hormones. Usually, the condition of instability in them will trigger acne. In addition, acne on the face can also appear due to hormones or heredity.

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Foods That Cause Acne

There are 21 foods that can cause acne to appear continuously. This is a fact which not many people know and realize that one of the foods they might often consume on a daily basis is the cause of acne on their faces.

  1. Fried chicken. Consuming fried chicken can often supply oil and fat into the body. Excess supply of fat or oil that is difficult to digest is carried by the blood which is then used to form new skin cells. As a result, acne is formed on the skin of the face.
  2. It is a shame that this delicious food is included in the list of foods that cause acne. Donuts are able to cause acne because donuts go through the frying process and absorb a lot of oil. It is the oil absorbed in a donut that causes food widely contaminated. The contaminated food can cause acne on the face.
  3. French fries. Just as donuts, French fries are one of the causes of acne because they go through the frying process and absorb a lot of oil.
  4. Instant noodle. If you already have a lot of acne on your face and often consume this food, then it’s time to stop. In addition, preservative noodles contain high saturated fats. The fats and preservatives that are difficult to digest can accumulate in all parts of the body, including the face.
  5. Chocolate, besides its benefit of helping you to relax, it can also trigger facial acne. The high sugar content in chocolate can make the body’s resistance to decrease so that bacteria from the outside can become infected and cause acne.
  6. Just as chocolate, candy is also a cause of acne because of the high content of sugar in it.
  7. Ice cream. Just as chocolate and candy, ice cream contains a high level of sugar that can cause acne.
  8. This breakfast menu is also a cause of facial acne because cereals are also one of the foods that contain a lot of sugar.
  9. Just as cereals, biscuits are included on the foods that cause acne on the face because of the high sugar levels.
  10. What worse’s pasta is almost the same as instant noodles which contain fat and preservatives. And those fats and preservatives can trigger the appearance of acne on the face.
  11. Swine is already very well known for its high-fat content. That is why pigs are included in the list of foods that cause acne. Besides, fatty acids and omega six contained in pork can also make the skin become inflamed especially if the substance present in the body is excessive in amount.
  12. Coffee-based food. The unique taste of coffee sometimes is the best addition to food. Indeed coffee has benefits to make the body fresher and alert. It is because coffee contains caffeine. However, it turns out that caffeine in coffee can cause acne. In addition, coffee keeps you awake so that your sleep patterns are irregular and because of that, acne can thrive.
  13. Food made from black tea. Besides coffee, black tea also contains caffeine. The caffeine contained in black tea can trigger the production of the adrenaline hormone which if in excessive amounts can trigger stress. Stress is one of the sources of acne.
  14. Foods containing milk. Milk is indeed one of the drinks that can be found in various processed foods such as cakes, biscuits, and others. Eating foods that contain high milk levels frequently can actually trigger the onset of acne. Food containing milk is one of the 21 foods that cause acne on the face to appear because milk can disrupt the work of hormones in the body.
  15. Dairy product also has the same nature as milk. It disrupts the work of hormones in the body. This unstable hormone work makes the skin glands unable to fight bacteria and therefore, acne emerge.
  16. Cheese is also a dairy processed food that is widely used in various foods and cakes. Just as milk and yogurt, cheese can also disrupt hormone work. Also, cheese contains high sugar levels that can reduce endurance.
  17. White rice. White rice has a higher concentration and sugar compared to brown rice. Excessive cholesterol and sugar can cause acne on the face.
  18. White bread. White bread made from rice has content that is almost no different from rice, namely carbohydrate and sugar. And just like rice, white bread can also trigger acne on the face.
  19. Ham cheeseburger. Cheese and meat on the ham cheeseburger are clearly a complete blend of milk and fat. As explained above, milk and fat can trigger acne on the face.
  20. The pudding which usually contains fatty coconut milk is also able to trigger acne.
  21. Even though it turns out nuts are not the main cause of acne, you need to pay attention that excessive consumption will be very dangerous. Nuts contain fat which can cause excessive oily coolies which can ultimately have an impact on your skin.

So, those are 21 foods that can cause acne. Make sure you avoid them. Do not overeat them if you do not want to get acne. Also, read 6 Most Dangerous Side Effects of Garlic for Acne.

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