Side Effect of Excessive Yawning – Symptoms and Diagnosis

Every people of course have been Yawned, it doesn’t matter if they are old or young they will yawn. But for most of people belive that yawning causes for being sleepy or didn’t get enough of sleep. But is it only that reason of yawning? Okay, now this article will expose some reason of yawn.

It cannot be denied that yawn indicates for being sleepy or tired, but is it okay if you are yawning continuously? Some research said that yawning can be symptoms of some illness and it can be dangerous if you didn’t take special pay for it. For human, yawn is important to cooling down for the human brain.

This is can be happened when the jaws were stretching really strong so the blood will release to face, neck and head. So the cold wind will enter fr mouth and it will delivery to the brain, and that’s time when brain will get cool down for temporary. This is why people will continuously yawn when the air is cold rather than when the air is hot.

Yawn is contagious, this situation will happen when you see people yawn and then you will follow to yawn. this can be happened if you have an empathy, one of research did some test for this reason. They collected normal child with autism child to see a yawning video. The results said that normal child get effect of people yawn, they will yawn too but the autism child didn’t follow it. So this is the prove for reason yawn is contagious. Yawn is cause of boring, this is one results of research that said because of bored people will yawn continuously.

If you are yawning continuously, it can be sign that you have a seriously disease. Event though it will be wrong but yawn continuously can bring that sign. This is five dangerous disease with the symptoms if you are yawning excessively.

1. Central Sleep Apnea

Central sleep apnea is one of health condition problem of breath. this problem can show up when you cannot breath easily while sleep, sometimes you cannot breath at all. This breathing problem condition is caused of brain which “forgot” send an order for your muscles to breath.

Central sleep apnea is completely different from obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is condition when the respiratory tract completely closed. Central Sleep Apnea did not like that, this condition will be happened when the brain didn’t synchronize with the muscles for breathing. If you have this condition you will yawn continuously and will feel tired all of day. You may also read about How to Get Rid of Sleep Apnea Headaches

2. Heart attack

Heart attack or infark miokardiom in medicals name is one of problem health condition when the heart got problem because of blood doesn’t flow to bring oxygen and nutrition. The symptoms of heart attack are chest pain, sweat to much, trouble for breathing and always tired, so this is why people who have suffered from heart problem will yawning because of they are easily to tired. You may also read about Symptoms of Heart attack In Women

3. Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic problem at central nervous system, where the antibody system attacked neural network sheath and then it will cause inflammation and neural network will get injury. Multiple sclerosis have many symptoms but 80% of people with this disease always get tired and it will cause yawning. And multiple sclerosis can’t regulate a body temperature so they will always feel cold, so the Yawning will always happen. 

4. Stroke

Stroke is a disease when brain tissues was damage because blood vessels completely block with plaquea and the oxygen also nutrition cannot get to the brain. Because of the injury at brain tissues, the brain temperature will heat up and cause excessively yawn to cool down the brain temperature. People with Stroke condition can yawn three times for each 15 minutes. You may also read about Characteristics of Lack of Oxygen In Brain

5. Epilepsy

Epilepsy is one of a problem brain Condition which caused a convulsive seizures and it cannot be predicted when the seizures would come. These seizures are caused by change of activity electrical brain because of drugs, meningitis, stroke or trauma which caused a brain damage. Some of research said because of that people with this disease will yawn excessively. You may also read about Side Effects of Sleeping with A Fan Blowing On You At Night

Tips to reduce yawn excessively

But you don’t worry about that if you always yawning excessively, if you want change that you can use some tips to reduce yawn excessively. This is a few tips for you for reduce yawning :

  • try to active before you are bored
    Because one of research said that bored can be one of reason about yawn excessively. You can do anything before you will got bored and if you active, it will give a big changing for yourself
  • try to deep breath for yawning, because the research said yawn will come because the brain didn’t accept enough of oxygen. You may also read about Things to Do Before Bed to Help You Sleep Better
  • drink a cold water. Cold water can help to cool down of your the brain, because the research result said if your brain heat up it will cause a yawn excessively.
  • try to eat something cold like ice cream or puddings. It will help too, your brain will stay cold and the Yawning can reduce little by little
  • stay away from alcohol drink, drugs and cigarette. Because they will damage some of brain system and your brain will extra work for keep the body system to stay steady because of that, because of this the brain will heat up and automatically you will keep yawn because the brain need for cool down.
  • this is one of simple tips for reduce excessively yawning. You can use cold plaster and put it down to your forehead and It will really help you to kicked excessively yawning.

So if you have same problem with excessively yawning, just try the tips to change it. Bit if you didn’t get the progress about excessively yawning with that tips, you can see a doctor who really know about the disease and it will help you for detection disease your body.

Hope this article can give you an extra information about side effect of excessively yawning and you can check up your body if something wrong.

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