21 Natural Ways to Prevent Gout Attacks in 2 Hours

Gout is some kind of disease that coming up because someone has too high uric acid level in their blood. This uric acid supposedly getting filtered in kidneys and coming out as a part of our urine. But, unfortunately some uric acid had to be trapped in our connective tissue, some spaces between two bones or inside the bone itself.

It crystallizes, and triggers some pain, inflammatory, swelling, redness, burning feeling, and stiffness in our joint. Here are 4 types of gout that might occur in our body :

  • Acute Gout – This type of gout occur when we already have gout for quite a long time. We’ll feel the sore frequently, and it comes and goes repeatedly. And it often recover automatically without us even have to try.
  • Hyperuricemia asymptomatic – This type of gout sours are the one who keeps coming back because we suffered from having high level of uric acid in our blood. We’ll feel painful at some specific point in our body. And can be treated and be appeased by taking uric acid medication.
  • Interval Gout – Often times happen to us when we’re consuming too much manure (or ‘purin’ in Bahasa) from several seafood we ate earlier such as lobster, shrimp, oysters, crab, and so on. Sometime it often happens when we’re in our normal uric acid level, and just like that, it happens because our body is way too sensitive of the purid compound inside seafood.
  • Chronic Gout – This situation appears when our goat attack already reach the level where it finally affects other body part’s functions. It triggers another disease such as kidney problems, bone fragility and other bone disorders.

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After knowing gout types that might happen to our body, it’s better for us to avoid this kind of disease in the future because it may blocking us for having a healthy body. These are some natural ways to prevent gout attacks :

  1. Do healthy ‘diet’

Having a proper diet with good maintenance will help our body get its proper nutrition needed. Take some enough carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals will be a good choice as long as we don’t eat too much. A person with obesity has higher potential to experience goat attacks.

  1. Consume more juices and fruits

Juices especially vegetable juices will help us maintain our body conditions. Try to drink some carrot, cucumber, and bit mixed juice for at least 500 ml a day to get healthier body. And, fruits like cherries, bananas, apples and limes are also good to defuse goat because it contains malic acid (to neutralize uric acid), vit.C, and some other vitamins and minerals. Consume it regularly, do it as a new habit.

  1. Drink enough water

Drink has too much function to our body. It helps dissolving purin compound in our body, and removing it through the urinary tract. Water will help our body balancing its contents. Lack of water making us harder to digest purin and other toxic and useless compounds in our body system. 

  1. Avoid consuming food with high purin level

Purid or also known as manure in English should have be avoided to consume. The reason is because when we consume food with too much purin, the purin will then be turned into too much uric acid which in not good to our body. It brings us gout attacks easier. Purin are normally be found in innards, red meats, sea foods, grapes, caffeine drinks, chocolates, peanuts, and food with yeast.

  1. Take some time to exercise

Exercise is one of good options to try. Proper exercise will help us getting uric acid out our body faster. But we need to select which type of exercises are fit for gout sufferer such as light gymnastics, swimming, cycling, and leisurely strolling. Choose ones that wouldn’t burden our joint.  

  1. Minimize doing heavy works

Heavy works can be potential reasons for us to get gout attacks because it may cause some self-destruction and shifting joints. Those matter will make a chance for uric acid to fill in and causing us goat attacks.

  1. Keep yourself warm

When you have some chance to choose, please stay warm. Cold weather would make our body relapse from goat sore. Drink some warm drinks, get yourself a jacket to wear, or turn some room heater.

  1. Stop drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol brings so many negative effect to human body and one of it is goat attacks. Stop drinking alcohol because it prohibits our body to release purin compounds which would make our joint swell and feel like burned.

  1. Don’t smoke

While smoking brings us lungs cancer and all, it also trigger some gout effect to our body.

  1. Be selective with certain medicine

Salicylate, levodopa, diuretic and also cyclosporine are some kind of medicine compounds that might causing some joint problem, such as gout, in the future.

  1. Sit with a proper sitting position

Proper sitting position will reduce our potential having a back and goat sore. Don’t sit for too long, take some stretching moves in between.

  1. Take some traditional massage

Traditional massage done by traditional healer will help us get through our hard times having a joint disease. This treatment will help us relaxing and fixing our joint little by little. By taking a regular massage will help unleashing blood circulation and all.

  1. Rub some oils around the sick part

Dislocated, sprained, or wrenched body parts may feel better by rubbing and massaging around the sick parts. By diligently applying oils such as coconut and castor oil will help us getting through, too. It warms us, soothes and relieves inflammation and deflates swelling in hands with gout attacks.

  1. Drink some ‘ginger and cloves drink’

This combination drink will help us getting or goat soar away. Try to boil crushed ginger and cloves with water. Wait until the water are gone by half, and it’s ready to drink. Better drink it while hot/warm. It contains lots of useful compound and good for our body.

And, another natural ways to prevent gout attacks can be done by consuming boiled herbs water every day. This tips would help to prevent future possibility for yourself suffering from gout by taking it regularly on daily basis. 

More Natural Ways to Prevent Gout Attacks

Please try some of it, and feel the benefits.

  1. Consume some pagoda root
  2. Consume some mangosteen skin
  3. Drink some amethyst flowers extract
  4. Consume some iron pipe rods
  5. Consume some celery roots
  6. Consume some papaya roots
  7. Eat some wuluh star fruit’s leaves

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Almost everybody would say that it’s way better to prevent something to happen than grieve it and need to seek for solution to treat it right. Don’t let yourself feeling sorry because you didn’t take good enough care of yourself earlier. Keep your body healthy by doing few things from upper list and let your body be forever healthy in the future!

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