10 Side Effects of Eyebrow Embroidery – Things to Consider

Eyebrow embroidery is one of the trends in the world of beauty which is being favored by all ladies. It offers practicality and convenience.

Women whose eyebrows have been embroidered have more time to do other things because they do not have to spend time to draw eyebrows anymore.

Eyebrow embroidery is becoming more popular when lots of celebrities also embroidered their eyebrows. They love the eyebrow embroidery because it saves their time on makeup. But it should be noted that eyebrow embroidery is permanent.

Nevertheless, the color of the embroidery will fade within six months so that the eyebrows should be embroidered again. If so, why do women love eyebrow embroidery?

The Reason to Do Eyebrow Embroidery

  • Has an imperfect eyebrow shape
  • Eyebrow hair is thin
  • The color of eyebrows is less conspicuous
  • Eyebrows are not aligned or asymmetrical
  • The loss of eyebrow hair

It will not be surprising if the question arises in your mind. So what’s the difference between eyebrow tattoos with eyebrow embroidery ?

Eyebrow Tattoos :

  • The eyebrow hair is shaved totally
  • The ink penetrates into the 4th layer of skin
  • The shape of the eyebrows is stiff because the tattoo uses a blocking technique (similar to coloring an image using a crayon)
  • Using a pointed needle that is driven by a motor

Eyebrow Embroidery :

  • The eyebrow hair is not shaved out, but only trimmed according to the desired shape
  • The color is semi permanent
  • The ink penetrates into the 2nd layer of skin
  • The shape of the eyebrows is natural because the eyebrow hair is painted one by one according to the desired shape
  • Using a pen with a razor-shaped needle that is scratched on the eyebrow

Behind the practicality of eyebrow embroidery, there are things that need to be considered. Let’s see the side effects of eyebrow embroidery.

1. Pain In the Eyebrow

The obvious side effect of eyebrow embroidery is pain such as burning, sore and skinned. The painful process of eyebrow embroidery is caused by :

  • The tool for embroidering which is a pointed metal material. Inside the tool there is a needle and embroidered ink
  • The friction between the skin of eyebrows with a pointed needle
  • The peeling of the skin of eyebrows after the embroidery process is complete

2. Irritation

For those whose skin is healthy, eyebrow embroidery is unlikely to cause irritation. But for those who have sensitive skin, the embroidery will cause irritation in the form of red spots along the eyebrows. The irritation can be caused by the ink used. A good ink for eyebrow embroidery should be natural, made from plant extracts.

However, some beauty salons are using synthetic inks that have the potential to irritate the skin of eyebrows. So it’s important to recognize whether your skin is sensitive or not. If you have allergies to certain plants extracts, you should tell the stylist so that he/she can find an alternative. It’s a good idea to perform an allergy test before doing eyebrow embroidery. At least this can minimize your risk of allergies.

3. Damaging the Epidermal Skin

Drawing on the skin of the body poses health risks. Embroidery tool made of sharp metal will damage the epidermal skin in the upper layer. Not only that, the eyebrow nerve affected by needle streaks can be disrupted and cause circulatory disorders.

4. Skin Diseases

Women who do eyebrow embroidery will be susceptible to skin diseases. That’s because when doing eyebrow embroidery, the pores are open so that foreign objects can easily enter into the body.

If there are salons offering you eyebrow embroidery with suspicious prices, much cheaper than the market price, you should be vigilant. They usually do not always use sterile tools and quality ingredients. This will make you more susceptible to skin diseases. Another precaution you can do is make sure your body is in good health before doing eyebrow embroidery. It does not hurt you to know some benefits of vitamin B5 for body health.

5. Infection

There is no guarantee that eyebrow embroidery is free from infection. The most common infection is swelling of the eyebrows. The worse infection is pus. The infection can be caused by :

  • Embroidery ink which contains hazardous chemicals
  • Embroidery equipment that is not sterile. Germs can attach to non-sterile equipment and penetrate into the skin through open pores

You should do eyebrow embroidery in a professional beauty salon or clinic. It’s no secret that some cheaper salons often use ingredients that do not fit your skin.

6. Permanent Wound

A pointed needle can result in permanent wound to the skin of eyebrows. The wound can be a long line above the eyebrows so it looks very annoying. It’s definitely the unwanted side effects of embroidery eyebrow.

7. Face Mask

Over the time the facial skin will gradually wrinkle. As the skin around the eyes wrinkles, those artificial eyebrows will leave a mask-like shape. Certainly getting old is not fun. But there are natural ways to prevent sagging skin.

8. Infected by Various Diseases

Infectious diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis and syphilis can be transmitted through unsterile needles. Therefore you should avoid using used needles. Always be careful when choosing a beauty salon and make sure the needle used for embroidery is new and sterile. Anyway, it’s really a bad surprise if eyebrow embroidery makes your face get infected by skin fungus. Luckily, there are several ways how to treat skin fungus on face.

9. Disruption of the Growth of Eyebrow Hair

It has been discussed earlier that epidermal skin can be damaged by needles. The damage will affect the condition of eyebrow hair and its roots. Eventually the eyebrow hair will fall out and it can not grow well anymore. If so, perhaps the worst time to reflect is when you wake up in the morning. The combination of bald eyebrows and eye bags is frightening. Fortunately, you have plenty of ways how to get rid of sleep marks under eyes.

10. Dependence

The most annoying effect of eyebrow embroidery is dependence. After six months usually the color of the eyebrows will fade so that women are required to go back to the beauty salon to restore it. Because eyebrow hair is no longer grown, the only way to have normal looks is to do eyebrow embroidery.

Once you decide to appear with eyebrow embroidery, you must be firm to keep it. Nevertheless you will always have the freedom to change your mind. But please note that removing eyebrow embroidery is much more expensive than making it.

Well, now you know the side effects of embroidery eyebrow. Think carefully before you decide to do it. Choices must be made based on common sense, not just following trends. Hopefully this will help you make a wise decision.

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