13 Side Effects of Using Teeth Whitening Strips

A confidence smile is come from a white teeth and shiny teeth. Is it true? How can we get the whiten tooth while we used to consume caffeine, tobacco, and wine? Is is possible?

Well, the companies expand their product for whitening tooth, such as whitening strips. This product is the simplest things ever. An instant way to get white tooth.

Here are the advantages of using Whitening strips :

  • Fresh Breath – It will made your mouth fresh, and you will have a fresh breath. Mint flavour that contains in whitening strips will give you even more about fresh breath. But it is not for longlasting.
  • Remove Tooth Stain – Tooth stain over appear because of over exposed drinking caffeine such as coffee or tea. The contains of caffeine in your drink will violence your tooth. Whitening strips take a few minute to remove those tooth stain. The extract of whitening strips will give you the instant look of whiten tooth.
  • Quick Whitening – The chemical ingredients on whitening strips also give you a quick whiten tooth. People nowadays want the quick result of a product. This reason could be the main reason why whitening strip sold out all over the world.
  • Less cost than bleach tooth – Whitening strips claims that more cheaper than bleach tooth. One package whitening strips is inly for 12-20 $, while bleach tooth cost up to 500$. How incredible is this!
  • Lasting Effect – Companies of whitening strips promise you the lasting effect. Usually, the companies will tell you, if you are using the whitening strips for a few days routine, your tooth will be whiten longlasting.

We have done explain the advantages about whitening strips. And what about the side effect? Is the whitening strips dangerous for our health? Is it damage our mouth?. Well, we would explain to you. Lets scroll more.

  • Noticeable for age – As you get older, the enamel of your teeth will reveal the natural of yellow colour. The outer layer of your teeth get diminished more and more. And it makes your teeth more yellow because of you get older.
  • Whitening strips is not long-lasting – Who says it will be long-lasting? No, it is not. The chemical contains of the whitening strips will NOT give you the Long-lasting effect as their pledge.
  • Your tooth becomes frail – Some people want to bright their tooth long-lasting, so they used the whitening strips even more over than the how-to-use words. It will give your enamel or outer layer of your teth becomes frail. Thus will continue with a small hole on your tooth.
  • Becomes sensitivity tooth – Because of over-exposed by the chemical ingredients in the whitening strips, your tooth becomes sensitively. Whitening strips will damage your tooth nerve, and it could make your tooth becomes sensitively. Read more Home remedies for tooth pain from nerves
  • Throat irritated – For the first using whitening strips , you will get this condition. The peroxide whitener that contain in the whitening strips will give you throat irritated. Be careful of using this whitening strips.
  • Gum irritation – This over exposed of whitening strips will made your gums irritation. the peroxide contains will give you this effect. you may experience irritation, inflammation or discoloration of the soft tissue.

We have done explain to you the advantages and the side effect of whitening strips. What do you think? See also Dangers of eliminating blackheads with toothpaste

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