10 Reasons Why You Feel Nauseous in the Morning

Feeling nauseous is when you feel the stomach discomfort and the sensation of wanting to vomit. Feeling nauseous can be an indicator of vomiting the contents of the stomach. Physiologically, feeling nauseous is commonly related to decreased gastric motility and increased tone in the small intestine. Furthermore, there is often reverse peristalsis in the proximal small intestine. See also: How to Treat Your Stomach after Vomiting

The common conditions that make you feel nauseous are travel sickness, post-workout sickness, and hangover. But, other than those conditions, sometimes in the morning after you wake up, you can feel nauseous. How does that happen?

You may feel nauseous in the morning awakening, or feeling of uneasiness in your stomach wake you out of your sleep with. Sometimes feeling nauseous will bring about vomiting, but that is not always the case. There are many health conditions that make you feel nauseous in the morning as one of their symptoms. Feeling nauseous is something that happens involuntarily, and it is an activity regulated by the central nervous system.

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These are 10 reasons why you feel nauseous in the morning that you may need to know.

1. Low blood sugar

Low blood sugar or hunger can frequently cause you feel nauseous in the morning.  This condition can make you look very pale and feel very angry or confused. You may be super hungry or feel as if you are about to pass out when you get up. The lack of energy due to low carbohydrate makes it possible for you to wake up with your body hungry enough that it is nauseous before you eat breakfast.

2. Concussion

The reason why you feel nauseous in the morning may be because you experienced a traumatic brain injury. A type of traumatic brain injuries is called a concussion. A concussion comes from a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or getting hit in the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth.

When this fast movement occurs, the brain bounces around or twist in the skull, resulting chemical changes in the brain and even stretching and damaging brain cells. This kind of change is what makes you feel nauseous.

3. Anxiety

Anxiety can also be the reason why you feel nauseous in the morning. After a hard day at work, you still got something left to do so you still worry about it when you go to bed. When you wake up, you find yourself so tired and nauseous.

The anxiety causes your body to shift into “fight-or-flight” mode and your adrenaline is pumped into your bloodstream, preparing you to take on the perceived enemy or mount a speedy escape. The bodily functions like digestion come to a virtual standstill, leading to the accumulation of certain toxins in the body, according to Dr. Vaynkof. Eventually, chemical signals reach your brain and make you feel nauseous.

4. Headache

Reasons why you feel nauseous in the morning – A health condition that comes along when you feel nauseous is a headache. Headaches are common in adults and can be mild or severe. They can come and go and return, and a headache can linger for a week or more.

You can get a headache without the involvement of any underlying health condition, or due to an elevation in temperature, an infection, high blood pressure or some other health disorder. When you feel nauseous in the morning, you may show just one symptom of a headache.

5. Acute diarrhea

Feeling nauseous in the morning is often another symptom of acute diarrhea. A severe case of diarrhea is a result of an infection or a reaction to certain medications. The primary symptom of acute diarrhea is a frequent elimination of watery fecal matter. When you catch yourself getting diarrhea and feeling nauseous in the morning, you have to check if you suffer acute diarrhea other than just common diarrhea.

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6. Gallstone

The next reason you feel nauseous in the morning is that you may show a symptom of gallstones. Gallstones are little stone-like formations that appear in the gallbladder. This creates pain and sometimes a blockage in the bile ducts. This symptom alone doesn’t indicate you have gallstones. So, you have to check if there any other symptoms.

7. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy

Another reason why someone feels nauseous in the morning is there is a side effect of chemotherapy or radiation. It is more prevalent if the patient is a woman, is under the age of 50, has had motion sickness in the past, is constipated, has an imbalance of fluids in the body, is suffering from anxiety, or has kidney disease.

The feeling of nauseous can begin 24 hours following chemotherapy or anytime before the 24 hours, and sometimes occurs after 24 hours.

8. Foreign body ingestion

You may think you will realize if you swallowed something you weren’t supposed to. But there are still possibilities you don’t realize if you accidentally swallow unwanted stuff like stray fish bones from a salmon or a barbecue brush bristle that gets stuck to the grill. That foreign body in your stomach can lead to nausea.

9. Food poisoning

Another reason you feel nauseous in the morning is that you get food poisoning from your dinner meal. Since the symptoms may not show right after you eat the food, it may come few hours later until the next morning. When you wake up feeling nauseous, take a look at what you eat the night before.

10. Pregnancy

The common reason why you a woman feel nauseous in the morning is that she shows a sign of pregnancy.Aside from missed periods, another common symptom of pregnancy is feeling nauseous in the morning hours, or “morning sickness”. This condition often occurs when the body produces more hormones during the first few months after conception.

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Tips to Overcome Nauseous

Those are 10 reasons why you feel nauseous in the morning that you should know earlier. These following tips may help you not to feel nauseous in the morning.

  • Eat breakfast first thing in the morning before activities.
  • Keep a snack by your bed and at this snack before you get out of bed.
  • Be careful of consuming any medicines that have side effects.

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