How to Use Dragon Fruit Juice for Dengue Fever

Have you ever heard of a disease called Dengue Fever? If you’re not familiar with the name, maybe you’ve heard or known other names of the said disease such as Breakbone Fever and Bonebreak Fever. It is a very frightening disease carried by female mosquitoes.

Most of the Dengue Fever carrier belong to a specific species called Aedes aegypti, the same species as the one causing symptoms of bone flue, while the minority consisted of the Ae. albopictus species.

This disease is pretty popular in an area with tropical climate such as Southeast Asia, Southern China, Taiwan, The Pacific Islands, Agrica, Mexico, Central and South America, and etc, because such places are the perfect place for the carriers to make a home, breed and survive. 

Underestimating a dangerous fever such as this is not a smart choice and the least thing you want to do when you are faced with a situation relating to Dengue Fever. The event of yellow fever and infection of West Nile are the possible outcome of doing something as ignorant as belittling this type of mosquito born disease.

The Cause of Dengue Fever

WAs mentioned above, this particular neglected tropical disease is carried by mosquitoes, Aedes mosquitoes to be specific. But is the mosquitoes the reason this disease become so deadly? The answer is no, what causes the long term fever is beings inside the said disease carrier that’s being transmitted to human by infection. That being is a virus named the dengue virus, hence the name of Dengue Fever. This virus is the main cause of long term fever such as this. This RNA virus belongs to Flaviviridae family with mosquitoes as the precious transmitter. 

The tendency of the transmitter to feed on humans compared to other living beings are affecting the increasing amount of people suffering from this disease since it only takes a single small blood of a female mosquitoes to get infected by the said virus. 

The infection will take some time before the symptoms show themselves. In that duration, the act of spreading the virus can still be done even without the precious transmitter. One of the example is by donating infected blood or infected organs or transmission from a pregnant woman to her baby in her womb. The last classified as a very rare case of transmission but not impossible.

What are the symptoms?

You may suspect yourself having Dengue Fever is you experience :

  • headache, nausea and vomiting;
  • pain behind the eyes with swollen glands and rash;
  • pain on muscle, bone and join.

Losing one’s life may be the risk and seeing the doctor or go to an emergency room nearby is the right choice to make if you experience additional symptoms such as :

  • fatigue and feeling restless;
  • feeling hard to breathe or breathing rapidly;
  • seeing some bruise forming (it’s not actually bruise but internal bleeding that happens under the skin);
  • vomiting consistently and persistently;
  • Gums or nose bleeding or you may see some blood in urine or vomit

Can Dengue Fever be cured once and for all?

Bad news for all the people out there searching for the cure, currently this type of fever is incurable, meaning no medicine or any other invention has been found and proven to be able to cure Dengue Fever. There is no other way to run away from contracting this disease other than preventing the infection or transmission of the virus itself. 

Ways on how to prevent dangers of dengue fever has been found and applied all over the world with a rather high rate of success. One of them is by vaccine in the early age of human’s life within 12 months. Other simple ways include avoiding areas known to be popular with Dengue Fever or avoid the mosquitoes carrying the said virus, at least avoid getting bitten by the known carrier species. 

Aren’t there any natural alternatives if you somehow a hospital resident or have to take a day off because of Dengue Fever? Well, Dragon Fruit will be your savior of the day, it’s juice to be particular. It may be known for it’s role in natural ways to cure uric acid without medicine and even as one of the alternatives to use in ways to prevent color blindness, but Dengue Fever is definitely not the limit of this almost-magical fruit.

How exactly does the dragon fruit affects Dengue Fever?

Consuming the dragon fruit, for example making a dragon fruit juice, meaning consuming tons of vitamin C meaning making your body stronger while fighting the disease and boosts platelets to prevent your blood from thickening because of the virus. The chance of your body winning against the disease will increase. It also contains lots of water which can prevent your body from dehydrating.

How to Use Dragon Fruit Juice for Dengue Fever

Here are some ways you can use dragon fruit’s juice to ease or prevent Dengue Fever of your or your loved ones.

1. Drink It Fresh Daily

Simply squeeze some juice from the flesh of the fruit, place the juice on the glass and drink it just like that will give you the freshest experience and closure you can get from this lovely purple fruit. It won’t make that much of a difference if you only do it once though, so it’s better to make it a habit. 

2. Dragon Fruit Jam

How to use dragon fruit juice for dengue fever? A dengue fever sufferer won’t have that much of an energy as to make a proper meal and sometimes for such people living alone, preparing meal is impossible when there is only limited amount of food in the kitchen cabinet and refrigerator. With jam made from dragon fruit juice, a toast is all it takes to make the meal complete and the tummy happy for lonely people with the said disease.

3. Make a jelly out of it

Kids are often fussy and stubborn about what their dislikes. A source of misery for their parents,  even while the children are sick. But an eye-catching purple, sweet and savory jelly is not going to be a problem and soon will be on their top favorite choice of dessert.

4. Smoothie is the way

Time running out in the morning but you still want to prevent your body from the clutch of Dengue virus, just throw the juice with some other fruits and plain yogurt, then blend it away and you’re good to go for your daily activites.

5. Dessert from Dragon Fruit Juice

Other than jelly, there are many types of delicious and mouthwatering desserts you can whip out easily with dragon fruits juice as the yummy twist. Cheese cake with dragon fruits glaze and dragon fruit pie are few of the simple examples.

6. Dragon Fruit Ice Cream is not bad at all

Cold, delicious, fresh and healthy, also preventing the consumer from dengue fever infection are all combined in an ice cream of dragon fruit juice. It can be a treat for your loved ones suffering from that airborne disease to lift their spirits and increase their chance of survival.

7. Dragon Fruit Syrup Syrup For Daily Toppings

No one sells dragon fruit jam or you can’t be bothered to make those pleasant jam but still want to taste its delightful taste and healthy properties, the solution to your problem is a dragon fruit syrup. Just throw some dragon fruit juice with some sugar, reduce it, and voila, you’ve made yourself a delicious and dengue fever prevention delights. That’s
how to use dragon fruit juice for dengue fever.

Those are few easy to implement suggestions of how to use dragon fruit juice to prevent ever contracting dengue fever or strengthen the body of a dengue fever sufferer. I sincerely hope this piece of information is useful for you and your loved ones.

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