15 Quick Ways to Get Rid of Small Fishbone in Throat

Having a fishbone trapped inside your throat commonly happens to us every day. Us who like to eat fishes have higher possibility to have fishbones left behind inside our throat. When we’re having this condition, it can be very annoying and disturbing to us. We tend to search for ways to get rid of small fishbone in throat the fastest way. Because the longer it stays inside, the more tormented we might feel. So, here we present you instant ways to get rid of fishbones in throat.

Applicable Ways to Get Rid of Small Fishbone in Throat

Please keep in mind that we need to do any of the steps slowly, because that trapped fishbone can lead us to another problem such as bleeding throat, infection, abscess, even death. So, we have to be very careful trying these tips.

  1. Don’t ever trying to get it out using your hand

Don’t ever directly do that because it is dangerous for you to forcefully take it out from your throat. It might cause scratches on the wall of your throat, cause bleeding, and unwanted infection and abscess as the aftermath.

  1. Coughing a little harder

Coughing on purpose can help our throat to get some vibrations that eventually stimulate that fishbone to change position and move down slowly. Do this coughing motion repeatedly for more effective result for you.

  1. Swallowing “rice balls”

Prepare some rice and start shaping them to small size ball-shaped rice. This will help push down small fishbone in your throat. But remember to keep it small enough to prevent you from chocking.

  1. Drinking salty warm water

If the fish swallow is swallowed small enough, the thorn will be completely carried away by salt water into the digestive tract. The salt water can be obtained by mixing warm water with a teaspoon of salt. That’s the ways to get rid of small fishbone in throat.

  1. Swallowing marshmallow

First, prepare marshmallow that you like to eat. Half munch it. And then, start swallowing that half-munched marshmallow with rougher texture to help shed small fishbone. Marshmallow has a thick texture and chewy, when exposed to saliva turns into sticky. This allows the spines to stick to the marshmallows and decay into the digestive tract.

  1. Swallowing big chunks of banana

Banana acts just like that marshmallow and that rice balls that already been mentioned earlier. Banana’s soft texture will help drive down trapped fishbone. Don’t forget to prepare a glass of water to drink just in case you choke. 

  1. Drinking olive oils

Besides olive oils, we can also use coconut oils. It is suggested to drink at least a few drops of those oils mixed with warm water to help getting out trapped fishbone in throat. Here, oils serve as a lubricant to help fishbone changing position and possibly flushed down until we are no longer tormented by it.

  1. Applying olive oils around our rectum

This might be most silly belief that already done by few peoples but somehow it works! The logical thinking of this motion comes from the fact that our mouth holes are actually connected with our butt holes.

  1. Pulling out your earlobe

Another incompetent belief is pulling out your earlobe while swallowing soft and big chunk of foods to push down that trapped small fishbone. This method strangely works for some cases.

Certain fishbone that trapped inside throat might be able to be removed by those upper tips mentioned earlier, but unfortunately for the more complicated ones those tips could not help us. The better ways to get expected result are from medical approach. You are suggested to meet expert doctor to help you get proper treatments for getting that fishbone out. 

  1. Getting special method done by ENT doctor

ENT or Ear, Nose and Throat doctor is believed to have further experience and expertise to get rid of small fishbones in throat. They are famous for their ability to let out our fishbone with special tools to push out saliva. And another method they often do is to provoke patients to throw up by spraying particular liquid to our throat. So then, that fishbone will be following our vomit stream to get out from our throat.

  1. Prescription of proper drugs to consume

Doctors give prescription to you based on how is your throat condition. The medicine you take generally reducing pain and swelling. And antibiotic can also be given if it’s already verified to be infected by bacteria/virus.

  1. Advanced diagnosis

Sequel diagnosis is needed when our fishbone already reaches serious phase that require more information to get treatments that might fit your condition. CT Scan, X-Ray photo, endoscopy methods, and blood test (to know if there’s a bacteria or not) are possibly recommended by doctors to help them diagnose your over all health conditions.

  1. Medical operation

When no other treatment can be chosen, small medical operation be the last option for us to prevent additional health issues.

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Further Problem After Having Trapped Fishbone in Throat

Evidently, when we don’t do enough care with ways to get rid of small fishbones in throat, it has a chance to trigger another health problem as further side effects, such as:

  • Sore Throat
  • Vomiting Blood
  • Heavy Throat Bleeding
  • Retropharyngeal Abscess
  • Pneumonia
  • Chest Infection
  • And lastly, it might cause Death.

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How to Prevent Us Getting Trapped Fishbone

Prevention actions will always be more effective and disappointment-free for anyone. For this case, it is recommended to do these steps to help you avoid having trapped fishbones when you’re eating bony animals especially fishes and other sea foods.

  1. Choose fish with less and softer bones

If you are still a fish lover, minimize eating your fishes may not be thing you’d like to do. But you can reduce the risk by choosing fishes with less and softer bones. Few type of fishes that suitable to that categories are tilapia fish, catfish, gurami fish, and so on. And, if it’s possible, try to cut eating goldfish and pomfret because they have small and smooth bones inside their bodies.

  1. Set aside the larger and smaller fishbone that we see

This might take a while but worth it. So the, you will have more pleasure eating without distraction from fishbones.

  1. Cook our fishes with presto technique

After getting pressed inside presto utensil, it will make our fish meal be softer and boneless.

We hope that all of the information we share to you will be helpful to help you knowing ways to get rid of small fishbone in throat. When self-treatments no longer work for you, the medical treatments can substitute your effort to let that fishbone out. Don’t forget to watch what you eat if you don’t want to get annoyed by small fishbones and suffering at the end. Happy smart eating and stay healthy!

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