Why Does My Thumb Hurts When I Move It? Causes and How to Overcome It

Fingers belong to one of important part of our body. We hold, write, and do many things with our fingers. However, there is a time where our fingers getting hurt when doing activities, especially the thumb. This condition often called sore thumb or trigger finger.

Tringer finger is a condition where the tendon or tendon sheath is stiff, can’t be moved. Pain will occur in the middle of finger and ring finger. This condition generally occurs in the morning.

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There are many causes why sore thumb occur. You can go to doctor to get right diagnose. Doctor will ask you whether the pain occurs on both thumbs or only one thumb. Furthermore, below this certain causes of sore thumb.

  • Rheumotoid Arthrisis

Rheumotoid Arthrisis is inflammation of then joints. When it comes t joints, the joint will experience stifness. If the inflammation attacks the thumb, the thumb will get hurt when you try to move it.

  • Osteoarthritis

If someone experiences osteoarthritis, the joint cartilage will not work normally. As the result, when bone is moved, it will rub against each other and cause pain.

  • Gout

Gout is a type of arthritis that caused by gout in the bloodstream. Those who suffers gout will experience sore thumb occasionally for several times. Not only occurs on fingers, it also occurs on knees and shoulders. You may also read ways to treat sore knee from running

  • Injury

Injuries can be caused by collisions or incorrect movements of the thumb

  • Swollen tendon

Tendons, tissues that connect muscle to bones can lead to irritation which make thumb hurts afterwards. Swollen fingers often experienced by pregnant women.

  • Repetitive movement

Repetition movements towards hands can cause irritation to tendons and make you get hurt afterwards. Typing is one of the reason of repetitive movement of hands.

  • Pressure

Pressure on your thumb can lead tendons to become irritated and injured. Pressure can come from heavy object falls, too hard do a grip, and self-imposed.

  • Wrong thumb position

Incorrect thumb position can lead to pain. The hurt sensation will be occured temporarily.

  • Trauma

Injuries that irritate the tendoes or membranes can cause trauma on the hands. Thumb, in particular.

  • Bone abnormalities

This condition needs an examinations that conducted by doctor . You can try to go to doctor to detect this kind of disorder.

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How to Overcome It

Generally, there are several number of things to overcome the sore thumb. These methods, are:

  • Take a break

You can try to rest a few old fingers when the sore thumbs occurs.

  • Non Steroid Antipuretic Drugs

You can consume drug such as ibuprofen and aspirin if you feel that the pain of sore thumb is extremely disturbing.

  • Steroid injections

You can go to doctor and ask them to give you steroid injections to relive the pain of sore thumb. One to note, this method is not permanently heal the pain.

  • Compress

You can compress cold water to the area that affected by pain. You may also like to read benefits of washing face with warm water.

  • Soak the water

When the pain occurs, try soaking your hands until your thumb is covered in water for few minutes. It helps to facilitate blood circulation which makes your thumb will get better afterwards. You may also read ways to heal cracked hands.

  • Exercise

You can try to exercise your thumb by moving it little by little.

  • Replacing equipment

Replace some equipment that force fingers to work hard. For example, a pencil for writing is replaced with a larger one.

  • Changing Lifestyle

Eating well and do some exercises will help you to prevent sore thumb which caused by gout to come.

  • Operation

Operation is the last step and choice you can do to overcome sore thumb. Surgery will be given if the thumb hurts due to a fracture or injury that causes a shift in joints or bone abnormalities.

These are various causes and how to overcome sore thumb that you can identify and try to heal. We hope that this article will help you to get rid of sore thumb. Stay healthy, Good People!

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