18 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Itchy Bug Bites Fast

You must be one of the people who loves to do outdoor activities. However, it must be bothering you when you visit a park and there is a bug biting your hands. It will kill your holiday mood for sure! Your skin will turn red and itchy.

But, do not worry too much. If you are bitten by a bug, you can simply do some remedies at home to relieve the pain. Some experts said that some remedies are as effective as the medicine sold in the counter. Again, I agree that home remedies are better instead of using chemical medicine.

Bug bites can be caused by some animals, such as:

  • mosquito
  • lice
  • fleas
  • bed bugs
  • scabies
  • ticks

Symptoms of itchy bug bites

It is an annoyance to get this bug bite in your skin. These are the common symptoms of bug bites:

  • redness on skin
  • mild burning feel
  • itchy
  • local swelling or pain
  • occurrence of red bumps
  • appear in a group
  • existence of blisters

Why does bug bite and sting itchy?

You all have immune system that helps us to get rid of infection in your body. When a bug or mosquito bites your skin, it will leave its saliva or a bit venom that your immune system identifies as an invader. Then, as a response of the existence of an invader, the immune system releases histamines (protein) to signalize that there is something wrong. Then, a type of white blood cell, lymphocytes, are multiplied and released around the infected area that result as an itchy feel.

So, whenever you feel itchy, it is NOT recommended to scratch as it will just make the condition worse. It will create more openings on your skin and the pain will be prolonged. As your skin gets more openings, the bacteria and infection will come into your skin. If you want to read about another related skin problem linked to itchiness, you may read Best Ways to Get Rid of a Foot Blister with Home Remedies.

Effective ways to get rid of itchy bug bites

Instead of going to the doctor or clinic that will take time and more money (for sure), there are some effective ways you can do at home to get rid of itchy bug bites. Check these following out! 

1. Move away from the insects that bite you

By moving away from the biting insects, you can prevent the insects calling the other insects to attack you. At least, protect yourself in the safe area.

2. Stay calm

Do not make a lot of movements as it will only create the increase of the spread of the venom in your blood and the pain and the itch will get worse.

3. Raise the body parts bitten by the bugs

By doing this, you can help to decrease the swelling in the infected area. 

4. Don’t scratch

It must be the hardest thing you have to do because the itch must be very tempting to do. You may think that scratching will relieve the itch and you are totally wrong! Scratching will make the infected skin opening and the bacteria will go into the infected area and the pain will get worse!

5. Rub some vinegar – apple cider vinegar is the best

Vinegar is helpful to neutralize the pH levels in the infected area. Just simply rub the vinegar to the infected area by using cotton ball or cotton wipe. This is the ways to get rid of itchy bug bites.

6. Applying some ice packs

Ice has cooling sensation that helps to constrict the blood vessels and minimize the spread of histamine (allergic triggers).

Ice is also useful for treating sore knee as explained in How to Treat Sore Knee from Running.

7. Applying oatmeal

Oatmeal, especially colloidal oatmeal, is the oatmeal that is ground into a very fine powder. You can simply add this oatmeal into your bath and you can feel the cool sensation that it gives. It is helpful to treat the itchiness on the skin. Home remedies can also be read further in Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath with Home Remedies

Other effective ways to get rid of itchy bug bites

Besides using those ingredients above, you can use the following ingredients to get rid of the itchy bug bites:

  1. Lavender oil – it has anti-inflammatory property that is helpful to reduce the swelling.
  2. Milk – it has proteins that can reduce the redness and the swelling
  3. Green tea – it has anti-inflammatory agent that help to shrink the bite faster
  4. Basil leaves – it gives cool sensation that can eliminate the itch
  5. Honey – it has anti-inflammatory and reduce the itch sensation
  6. Toothpaste – some has mint or peppermint flavor that create cooling sensation and helps to reduce swelling
  7. Milk and water – just mix skim milk and water (in an equal amount), dip it using cloth and dab to the infected area
  8. Tea tree oil – it has antibacterial agent that prevents the infection from getting worse
  9. Aloe vera- it is known having anti-inflammatory and can heal minor wound or infections
  10. Baking soda – its bicarbonate helps to give relieve from the bite
  11. Onion – it is able to reduce the irritation of the skin by applying directly to the infected area

You might be interested to check on How to Heal Your Skin after Sunburn and How to Treat Cancer with Aloe Vera  for the more uses of these natural ingredients to treat certain health problems. 

Prevention of getting worse bug bites

If you are getting itchy bug bites, you can do the following things to prevent the bites from getting worse:

  • Apply insect repellent if you want to go into the woods and other areas full with bugs
  • Avoid going around flowering plants where bugs are getting around
  • Clean your environment, such as your bed sheets, sofa and all parts of your house as bugs love to get around dirty and dark areas
  • Wear the clothes that cover your whole body, such as long-sleeved shirts and long pants so you will not get in touch with the bugs

Meanwhile, you can try those effective ways to get rid of itchy bug bites fast. If it doesn’t work, please be wise to visit your doctor real soon to prevent some worse conditions.

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