13 Symptoms of Heart attack In Women

Weak heart disease is the number 1 disease and killer in the world. Based on data from the World Health Organization or more familiar with WHO there are as many as 17.7 million people who died from heart disease is weak, and more than sixty percent of that number is women.

One in three women in the world is reported to have died of heart disease. Approximately ninety percent of the world’s women are also reported to have the potential to be affected by more than one weak heart disease.

Although weak heart disease can strike anyone unexpectedly, studies have found that women are more prone to weak heart disease than men.

Symptoms of weak heart disease can be seen and detected early on. But many people, especially women who do not know that the symptoms they often ignore are early signs of weak heart disease. But before we get to know the symptoms of weak heart disease for early treatment, it would be better if we first know the cause of heart disease is weak.

The Cause of Weak Heart Disease

Weak heart disease can be caused by many things ranging from heredity to biological conditions that are not prime. For more details, we have summarized some common causes of heart disease in women.

  • Heredity Factor

If one of your family members has a weak heart or ever suffered from a weak heart, there is a huge possibility that you can also have weak heart disease caused by heredity. And it’s good you immediately checked into your doctor. Hereditary factors are a major cause of weak heart disease. Read more about  Causes of Heart Rhythm Disorder

  • Heart’s Biological Condition

As you may know, the function of the heart is to pump blood and juices into all parts of the body. However, with heart conditions that are not prime, then the main function of this heart will be disrupted. With the disruption of the process of pumping blood to all parts of the body, then with the intake of oxygen in the body will be reduced. And with reduced oxygen intake, eat the muscles in your body will weaken, including heart muscle.

  • Blood Conditions

Apart from the oxygen that our body needs to pass through the blood, unstable blood conditions will also affect the quality of your heart’s performance. One example is, if you are experiencing high blood pressure or have less blood disease then it can affect blood flow to and from your heart.

Symptoms of Weak Heart Disease

Now it’s time you recognize the symptoms of heart disease is weak in the following women:

  1. Nausea

Many of the women who often ignore the first symptoms of heart disease are weak and many do not expect that simple symptom such as nausea is one of the early signs of a weak heart. Many women are often waking up suddenly due to pain and nausea are very disturbing. If you have experienced such a thing then you should immediately consult yourself with a doctor.

  1. Pain in the Chest and Some Other Body Parts

Chest pain is a common symptom of weak heart disease. Not only in the chest, pain can spread to other body parts. The pain will first appear on the left side of the chest which is why many women are unaware that they suffer from weak heart disease and ignore it with the thought that it is a symptom of another illness. Read more about Sign of Clogged Heart

Other body parts that can be felt pain at the beginning of symptoms of weak heart disease are in the neck, back, and jaw. Usually, the pain in this part of the body will appear suddenly and without a clear cause. The pain in the chest can feel like a heavy object.

  1. Fatigue

Many argue that often feeling tired is not one symptom of heart disease is weak, but due to too much daily activity. However, the study found that nearly seventy percent of women who have been diagnosed with weak heart disease often feel excessively tired.

This is due to a lack of oxygen or oxygen intake does not spread throughout the growing part perfectly. When the contractions of the heart muscles begin to weaken the heart cannot perform its function to pump blood to all parts of the body as it should.

  1. A headache

The main cause of headaches and dizziness is the lack of oxygen intake into your brain. In addition to headaches and dizziness, one of the symptoms of weak heart disease also includes a lack of focus. When a woman with a weak heart has reached a more serious stage, then it will be able to cause the patient to faint.

  1. Appetite That Decreases Drastically

This condition is a further symptom of nausea and abdominal pain. Women with weak heart disease also cause decreased appetite. This will further aggravate the condition of the patient and also causes weight loss.

  1. Shortness of Breath

The most common symptom for people with weak heart disease is shortness of breath. Almost all people with heart disease are weak, both women and men.

However, many women who experience shortness of breath assume that their shortness of breath is a problem of ordinary respiratory disorders. This is also caused by the ability of the heart that can not pump blood to the maximum. Less optimal blood pumping causes the blood flow that contains oxygen cannot reach to the lungs. Read more about How to Fight Bad Breath with Betel Leaf

  1. Excessive Sweating

Patients with weak heart disease often experience excessive sweating. The most common finds are excessive sweating and cold sweat in the palm of the hand, especially in women.

But it is also very often in the wrong identification with symptoms of wet lung disease. In women with weak heart disease, cold sweats and excessive sweating can occur even if they do not carry on heavy activities. It gets worse when they’re stressed.

  1. Swelling of Body Parts and Body Organs

Swelling occurs in women with weak heart disease who are already quite severe. Swelling can occur in some parts of the body but the most commonly seen is swelling that occurs in the legs and hands. This swelling is caused by disruption of blood flowing to the kidneys.

So the kidneys have to produce hormones replacement in large quantities, resulting in accumulation of water and salt. In addition, swelling of the feet can also be a sign of inhibition of flow from to the heart.

In addition, the buildup of fluids in the body, especially in the stomach or lungs can make your stomach becomes bloated and enlarged. In addition to the stomach, accumulation of fluid in the body and blockage of blood flow from the heart will make a kind of dam on the liver and heart will swell and enlarge.

  1. Increased or Decreased Blood Pressure

Weak heart disease is strongly associated with changes in blood pressure, high blood pressure, and low blood pressure. Both of these are related to increased levels of salt in the body. Among these, the most identical of women with weak hearts are low blood pressure. 

  1. Cyanosis

Cyanosis is a condition where your body becomes bluish. This is caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide in your body and decreased oxygen levels in the blood. This blush can be seen on the nails, lips, palms, soles of feet and nails.

  1. Arrhythmias and Heart Murmurs

Cardiac arrhythmia is a very unusual condition of the heart condition and heart murmur is the spread of the heart followed by a rustling sound.

This sound can be clarified with the help of a stethoscope. Arrhythmias can be a sign that you have a weak heart because a weak heart cannot perform its function to pump the blood to its maximum and instead your heart speeds up blood pumping for an optimal return of blood flow.

  1. Unfair Growth Nails

Symptoms of weak heart disease in women next is the growth of nails that are not fair. When cyanosis in the growth is long lasting then the growth of nails on the hands and feet will become very unnatural. Your nails will have a large size and bulge out. The size of the nail grows like a drumstick. Read more about causes of broken and split nails

  1. A chronic Cough

One of the earliest symptoms in a woman with a weak heart is a chronic cough that does not heal. The accumulation of fluid in the lungs causes a cough that cannot be cured quickly. Another feature of this symptom is the presence of blood in the sputum or mucus that is removed at the time of a cough.

Now you know better for symptoms of heart disease in women we mentioned above. Although all of these symptoms cannot be found entirely in women with weak heart, if you have or often experience two to five of the thirteen symptoms we have described before, then you should consult your doctor immediately. The faster the symptoms are handled, the results will get better.

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