3 Dangers of Cat Scratches on the Human Body and How to Treat It

Cats are very popular animals. This is because cats are very cute. Ordinary cats and ornamental cats much favored by the general public, especially for girls. Do you know that behind the beauty of cats also have a danger to the owner? There are dangers of cat scratches for human body.

Cats often climb. Cats also have sharp claws. The claw serves to protect itself from interference. The cat will scratch when he is angry. Cat scratches are quite harmful to the human body. Therefore, you should be really good at keeping your cat from getting scratched by cats.

Not only is it dangerous, the fur is also harmful to the health of the human body. You should know what the dangers of cat fur for the health of the human body. Cat saliva is also dangerous. There are bacteria Bartonella Henselea that quite dangerous for human body. After holding the cat, we better wash our hands. Here are some of the dangers of cat scratches on the human body that we should know :

1. CSD or Cat Scratch Disease

This disease is commonly called the Cat Scratch Disease (CSD). This disease comes from bacteria in cat scratches, can also from cat saliva. Symptoms are irregular fever. Because of the bacterial attack, the lymph glands will swell for about 2 weeks. The immune system of the patient works harder resulting in a fever in the body. This fever is accompanied with lethargy, like an anemia.

If the cat’s scratch on your body to leave the swelling, injury, even bleeding, you should be vigilant. CSD disease complications include:

  • AIDS

AIDS can be transmitted through cat-scratch infections. This happens if cat scratches infect people with AIDS before. The virus will enter through the wound from the cat’s scratch.

  • Barah Illness

Did you know this disease? Barah disease is a type of infectious disease where it is accompanied by pus in it. The disease is like a boils. This ulcers are very itchy and very disturbing.

  • Aggravating people with diabetes

We know that diabetics are very susceptible to injury. If exposed to cat scratches, will not be able to dry in a short time. So the wound healed for a long time. The wound will cause an infection.

Tips to Prevent CSD

There are some tips that can be used to prevent Cat Scratch Disease (CSD). The following is the prevention:

  • After holding the cat, you should washing your hands before doing other activities. Wash your hands properly and sterile, so viruses and germs in your hands disappear.
  • Do not often come in contact with cats. This is because the cat body also contains the virus Bartonella Henselea that is in the cat lice.
  • If you love to care for cats, then often bathe the cat to keep it clean. The bath keeps cat from the lice that carry Bartonella Henselea virus
  • Avoid the fighting cat. Because if exposed to cat scratches, then you will be exposed to the risk of various diseases

2. Rabies

There some dangers of cat scratches on the human body. This disease is the one of dangers of cat scratches. Generally rabies viruses exist in dogs and foxes. But even cats can carry this disease. Actually rabies is not caused by claws, but is caused by the saliva of cats that are at the their feet. We know that cats like to lick his legs.

The saliva attached to the cat’s feet is then used to claw that is what spread the rabies virus. This rabies virus is very easy to spread, but this virus also easy to heal. To heal that virus, we can heating, using detergent, using soap and make body temperature to acid and alkaline. People suffering from this rabies disease should really be treated promptly so as not to be contagious. Read also Risks of Sleeping With Dog

How To Overcome Rabies

Here are some ways that can be used to overcome rabies:

  • Wash the scratches. Immediately wash the body affected by cat scratches that carry the rabies virus to avoid being contagious. Use soap or a ditergen to clean it. Soap is effective to eradicate rabies virus.
  • Get medical help. Before the virus spreads, take it to the health center. You must be given rabies vaccine in humans to avoid rabies.
  • Serum. Use anti-rabies serum. You can get it at a pharmacy or in a medical place.
  • Doctor control. Routine check doctors to rabies disease is not rampant and control the body

3. Heart Failure

According to Jon by viva.co.id, due to cat scratches make streptococcus bacteria easily enter through the bloodstream. After being hit by a cat’s scratch, the six-day period he became limp and had flu. By the time he woke his left ring finger became swollen and turned the color into a purple color. It is a sign of blood poisoning.

After doing some tests, Jon expressed heart failure and also in other organs such as lungs, liver and kidney. Even her heart had stopped beating for a few seconds before it finally pulsed again. Streptococcal bacteria that have come in and to poison the blood so as to make the performance of organs in the body becomes disrupted.

That are dangers of cat scratches on the human body . That’s why we have to keep ourselves from scratches, cat hairs and also cat saliva. Taking care of yourself can prevent you from the various dangers of cat scratches.

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