4 Main Causes of Cardiac Enzymes Increased – How to Overcome

Maintaining cardiovascular health should be a lifestyle for every human being because a healthy heart is something of inestimable and precious value. Most people are only concerned with the beauty and physical perfection of the outside alone without regard to something more important like heart health. A healthy heart becomes the level and social status that everyone should be concerned about.

Because if carefully thought about heart health it cannot be purchased with anything in the world. In this article, I will give you a little information about what is a cardiac enzyme, the cause of cardiac enzymes increases, the danger of cardiac enzymes when increased suddenly, and also will discuss how to overcome them. Read more about Causes of Heart Rhythm Disorder

Cardiac enzymes are molecular compounds that are sometimes required by the heart to speed up a reaction present in the human body. But the increase in this reaction, if it occurs in a sudden manner, would be very dangerous. Increased enzymes in the human body will suddenly have a fatal impact on the health of the human body, especially the heart.

Causes of Cardiac Enzymes Increases

Causes of elevated heart enzymes usually come from the content of foods we eat, in addition, there are also causes of heart damage habits, such as:

  1. Taking Drugs

Most people often consume different drugs of the disease at the same time. Worse yet, the consumption of these drugs often occurs over a long period of time, of course, this is very careless and very dangerous because it can increase the enzyme in the heart. It can also cause death.

Consumption of different drugs simultaneously diseases often make the liver and heart function of humans should react faster than normal, which will cause adverse effects to the health of the body, especially the human heart.

If you are exposed to two or more diseases simultaneously such as coughing and flu, you should not directly consume two different types of drugs at a time, because this will lead to compilations in the liver and heart function. Read more about Sign of Clogged Heart

2. Frequent Consuming Alcohol

It can not be denied, consuming alcohol can certainly cause excessive reactions in the body. In fact people who frequently consume alcohol will more often hallucinate or fantasize than people who do not consume alcohol. This proves that consuming alcohol causes enzyme compounds in your heart to increase drastically.

Of course you should pay attention to this carefully, because it can cause things that are not desirable if you do not care about it. Because of bad things that can happen to your body, you better stay away from consuming alcohol in everyday life.

3. Using Drugs

Drugs do bring more negative impacts than positive impacts on humans. Basically, drugs used to make people who are in a state want to perform surgery or amputation of parts of the body to feel comfortable and not feel the pain, it was done in ancient times during the second world war.

But as the times progressed, drugs were not used anymore in the process of surgery but turned to drugs. This is certainly proven to increase the enzyme in the body of people who use drugs, in fact, most people who consume drugs have a heart leak due to enzyme substances that are in the body often increases suddenly. Read more about Early Symptoms of Heart Disease

4. Too Imprisoned in Working

Almost all the processes and efforts of preventing various heart diseases prohibit too push yourself in doing the job. Because doing the job with high fatigue and fatigue and draining the mind, eventually resulting in stress that can increase the enzyme in the human body as much as 2 to 4 times of substances that the enzymes needed directly by the heart.

Trying to be necessary in every effort, but if you are too push yourself in doing the work will make your heart experience an enzyme increase that will make you regret in the future, it’s good you do the job as best and not push yourself.

The Danger of Heart Enzymes Increases

The things that I mentioned above is the main cause why your heart has a significant enzyme increase, of course, it is very unfortunate because it can cause various diseases such as:

  • Leakage of the heart wall.
  • Damage to various nerves present in the body, especially nerves that are directly related to the heart.
  • Symptoms of hepatitis risk.
  • Diabetes worsens when you experience it.
  • And also heart-borne diseases, such as cardiac arrhythmias, coronary heart disease, and another heart disease.

the illness I mentioned above is a very dangerous disease complication if you do not handle it immediately. Handling must be precise and without any errors, because it will be fatal if you do not handle it appropriately and quickly. Read more about  Causes of Increased Gastric Acid

How To Overcome Enzyme Increased Heart

Here are some ways to overcome the enzyme substances in the heart back to normal:

  • Consuming temulawak: Consuming ginger is very good for heart health, especially to reduce enzyme substances in the body that has been up.
  • Doing moderate exercise: Light exercise such as swimming, walking, cycling, gymnastics, and others is shown to decrease the level of Creatine Phosphokinase or CK in the human heart
  • Consumption of water: Consuming mineral water alias mineral water regularly every day, at least 3 liters per day can reduce the level of enzymes in the human body, so it can make your heart healthier than before.


Keeping the enzymes of the heart in order to remain normal is necessary because enzymes excessive in the human body can cause various diseases such as heart leak disease, damage of important nerves in the human body, and other diseases caused by the heart. You should take care and care for your heart carefully to avoid any diseases that damage your body parts.

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