Can Pin and Needles on Hands and Feet Be Dangerous? Find Out Here!

Pin-and-needles is a body symptom that occurs due to the presence of the blood vessels or nerves that have been pressured. Symptoms of the pin-and-needles is one form of your body’s response to the workings of blood vessels or nerves.

If our nerves experience pressure, the flow of current will be disrupted, causing pin-and-needles. When it happens, we’ll feel a sensation of numbness in certain parts of our body. Pin-and needles can occur in the long term and also in the short term, depend on the cause itself.

Can pin and needles on Hands and Feet be Dangerous?

There are several types of diseases that we can early detects with pin-and-needles on our body parts. That various diseases include:

1. Diabetes Mellitus

Prolonged pin-and-needles maybe a sign of diabetes mellitus (DM). it occurs because of the disruption of the performance of the insulin hormone in the body. Other symptoms that follow the pins and needles are usually burning sensation like burning on the feet, sometimes there’s also a feeling like being stabbed.

These symptoms usually occur at night. Diabetes Mellitus rarely curable. Giving various drugs usually only able to prevent this disease from spreading to other organs, causing complications. Prevention of this disease (so as not to develop quickly) can be done by injecting insulin or taking the Gabapentin drug. In addition, eating food that contains lots of vitamins B1 and B12 are also important.

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2. Stroke

Symptoms of stroke usually arise due to a blockage of blood vessel in the brain that causing a disturbance in the local nerve. The blood vessels and nerves disorders cause pin-and-needles in some part of the body. If you experience a pin-and-needles sensation that doesn’t heal, consult to a doctor immediately. It’s feared these symptoms are symptoms of a stroke.

If not handled properly, these symptoms can cause death. It’s not uncommon to find cases in our daily lives, someone who was fine suddenly diagnoses with a stroke that even in some cases directly causes death to the patient. Symptoms as well as stroke can be prevented early by paying attention to diet and exercise regularly.
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3. CTS

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a disease that attacks our fingertips. Usually, this disease characterized by symptoms of pin-and-needles and followed by numbness in the fingers. This happens because the intake of nutrients to the area is lacking. For this reason, it’s important to note that proper, adequate and controlled nutritional intake is very important to prevent our bodies from being attacked by various diseases.

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4. Multiple Sclerosis

This disease attacks our immune system. The part that is attacked is the neuroprotection. If the nerve performance is disrupted, pin-and-needles will occur automatically in the body. If the pin-and-needles in a long time doesn’t heal, then immediately consult a doctor. It’s feared if these symptoms last long without proper treatment, the patient may experience paralysis.

5. Brain Tumor

Brain tumors are usually characterized by symptoms of tingling. However, there are other symptoms that follow it. It is feels often dizzy (can be continuously), feel nauseous, often vomiting, convulsions, and even faint often.

6. Pinched Nerve

This disease arises of the pressure that occurs in the nerves. There is a part of the nerve that gets out of its path so that it presses on the other nerve parts. This pinched nerve usually occurs in the neck and back. If it occurs in a long time it can disrupt the activity, sometimes the parts cant be moved.

Some people sometimes deal with pinched nerve problems with the wrong method, for example massage. Massage on the part of the pinched nerve can cause other nerves to be disturbed. For this reason, the best treatment must be handled by a neurologist.

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Some diseases that characterized by pin-and-needles can be prevented. Although pin-and-needles is only temporary, pin-and-needles can be a assign that your body is not in a fit state.

Various disease characterized by pin-and-needles can be prevented, even preventing this can also prevent other disease. the way that can be done is maintaining a diet, paying attention to the nutrients contained in food, regular exercise and not smoking.

Pin-and-needles Causes

The causes of pin-and-needles can be various. It still in the normal level when it occurs in a short period of time. But when it occurs in a long period of time, it maybe possible the patient also has a certain disease in their body. Especially if the long-term pin-and-needles is followed by other symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, etc.

It can be possible for certain types of disease to be detected. Can pin-and-needles on hand and feet be dangerous? Then, we’re going to discuss the causes of pin-and-needles along with the dangers that may follow the pin-and-needles.

1. Short-Term Pin-and-needles

Short-term pin-and-needles is a type that will heal in a short period of time, can be less than 5 minutes. For example, when you felt numb because sitting in cross-legged for too long. usually, less than 5 minutes the pin-and-needles will get well soon and you’ll soon be able to carry out activities as usual.

Sitting with one part of the foot as a support for a long time can cause temporary pin-and-needles. Blood flow or nerves leading to or through the legs are under pressure because they are used as support. As a result, blood flow or nerve flow is disrupted and causes pin-and-needles. This pin-and-needles can heal when we straighten our legs or massage the pin-and-needles parts so that blood flow will returns smoothly.

Wearing shoes, sandals, or clothing that’s too narrow can also cause a temporary pin-and-needles. It can result a depressed in blood vessels and nerves. Using something that’s too narrow doesn’t only interfere with comfort, but also can cause a pin-and-needles. The best solution is to remove your shoes, sandals, or narrow clothes, then replace the right one or even more loosely for your body size.

Temporary pin-and-needles can also be caused when you taking certain drugs. It is possible for your nerves to be sensitive to certain types of drugs. Sensitive nerves are experiencing interference in their performance and pin-and-needles arises. Nerves that are sensitive to certain types of drugs usually also cause tremors (tremors) in certain body parts. This is one form of your body’s response due to disturbed body parts. If this happens, then the right step is to stop the consumption of the intended drug.

Other than three causes of temporary pin-and-needles that mentioned above. It can also be caused by a lack of vitamin B12 intake. Lack of vitamin B12 intake causes anemia (lack of blood). When this disease affects our bodies, blood vessel work will also be disrupted automatically. This disorder can be cured with sufficient intake of vitamin B12 for our body. We can consume various types of foods containing vitamin B12 to cure anemia as well as symptoms of tingling that often follow it. Examples of foods high in vitamin B12 include shellfish, various types of fish, cheese, crabs, lobsters, eggs, meat, and oysters.

2. Long-Term Pin-and-needles

Pin-and-needles in a relatively long period of time can be a symptom of a disease in the body. Detection of the disease is not necessarily immediately determined only from a sign of pin-and-needles in our body parts. Sometimes, it also followed by other symptoms, such as dizziness, trembling, or weakness. Symptoms that follows pin-and-needles can vary, depending on what type of disease is lodged in our body.

So, can pin-and-needles on hands and feet be dangerous? The answer it YES and you must prevent it early so that no other deadly effects arise. Pin-and-needles can occur in various parts of the body such as the tongue, face, hands, feet, to other body parts.

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