Natural Ways to Treat Hyperthyroidism with Home Remedies

Hyperthyroidism is one condition when thyroid hormone at the body get high. Thyroid hormone is from thyroid gland who is responsible for body metabolism. So if the thyroid gland get some trouble, automatically body metabolism get worse.

Hyperthyroidism is more likely to woman, it’s not depend of age but mostly woman at age 20-40 can get hyperthyroidism. But hyperthyroidism also can infect to children.

Thyroid is gland at front of neck which control of metabolism and function of normal body like change food to energy, controlling body temperature, and influence the heart beat also muscle and bone. Acceleration of metabolism because hyperthyroidism can make a body get some symptoms, and this are the symptoms of hyperthyroidism :

1. Wight loss without an exactly reason.
2. Hyperactive, people with this condition can not still stay and always feel anxiety.
3. Easy to angry and emotional.
4. Insomnia
5. Decreased of concentrate
6. Sensitive of heat, easy to get sweat.
7. Decreased of libido
8. The muscle feels weak
9. Diarrhea
10. Infertility
11. Rushing of the menstrual cycle
12. People with diabetics, hyperthyroidism always make them thirsty and tired.

Beside that, we can found a clinically symptoms for hyperthyroidism, and this are the symptoms :

1. Enlarged of Thyroid Gland and make neck swelling.
2. Fast of irregular heartbeat
3. The skin becomes warm and moist
4. Twitch of the muscle
5. Trembling
6. The rash are appear
7. Hair loss with in some area of head
8. Reddish at palm
9. Weak nail structure

For the first, this symptoms are so weak but if the thyroxine levels increase it will become stronger. And you need to check with doctor and get a medical treatment to know and how treat hyperthyroidism. With some test you will need, you will know how to treat hyperthyroidism with doctor suggestions.

Many causes of  the hyperthyroidism. If the thyroxine level increased it will make thyroid gland also need an extra work for control metabolism. And this are causes of hyperthyroidism which can make your metabolism get problem :

1. Graves Disease

Hyperthyroidism usually because of Graves Disease, is a condition of autoimmune which attacked a body and increase the production of Thyroxine hormone at the thyroid gland. Graves disease usually found at woman with age 20-40 years old. It’s still unknown how Graves Disease come from, but the researchers belive the factors are from genetically. Also can be from environment 

2. Thyroiditis

Thyroiditis is one condition because inflammation of thyroid gland because of infection viruses, bacteria, or when body produce an antibody which can damage a thyroid gland. This condition can make a leakage the thyroxine hormone and finally make a hyperthyroidism.

3. Nodule Thyroid

Nodule Thyroid is a clump which formed at inside thyroid gland because of unknown source. Even though is not dangerous, nodule Thyroid is contain abnormal thyroid tissue. This clump can make a thyroid swelling and cause hyperthyroidism.

4. Thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer is unusually and this can be happened if the cells experience a malignancy and produce a abnormal thyroid hormone. And this can make a hyperthyroidism. This condition can be healed

5. Pregnancy

When woman pregnant, they will experience increase hormon levels which call human chorionic gonadotropin ( hCG ), this hormone can be caused of hyperthyroidism. And this usually happens when woman pregnant with twins or miscarriage. This happen when hCG have a high level increased.

Beside of that, hyperthyroidism can be caused of diabetics type one and Addison disease. A smoker could be get Graves disease and automatically will give you a hyperthyroidism. 

Healthy Tips

For treatment Hyperthyroidism, you can check to Doctor for next medical treatment. But you can the hyperthyroidism by natural way to treat hyperthyroidism with home remedies. And this is the tips :

1. Mangosteen Skin

You can use an extract mangosteen Skin for treatment a hyperthyroidism. Mangosteen skin is rich for antioxidants, the compound in mangosteen skin can block cancer cell and can treat hyperthyroidism.

The compound name is xanothone, this compound effective to prevent swelling at thyroid gland and push cancer cell for not growing. For treatment the hyperthyroidism you can dry out the mangosteen skin, and after it dry you can boil mangosteen skin with a couple cup water. You can drink extract water of mangosteen skin twice a day. At morning and evening, it make you more healthy and your hyperthyroidism can be healed.

2. Soursop Leaf

Soursop Leaf also have a function like mangosteen skin, they have an antioxidants which effective for press down a cancer cell and can treat hyperthyroidism. Soursop Leaf have compound who is name acetogenin which have 10.000 times stronger more than chemotherapy.

Soursop Leaf effectively to prevent swelling at thyroid gland and make the production of Thyroxine hormone to normal after that make the metabolism back to work normal. For treat hyperthyroidism you can add 5 leaf of soursop and boil it with 2 cups water until the water reduce 50%, and you can drink this extract twice a day at morning and evening and you hyperthyroidism will rid because of extract of soursop Leaf.

3. Mengkudu Fruit or Noni Fruit (Hawaii)

Noni Fruit ( Hawaii) or in Indonesia people call it with name Mengkudu, also can treat hyperthyroidism, they have some compounds like xeronin, alizarin, lycine, arginine, prexorinine, and scolopetin. Noni Fruit have a specialty for antiallergic and antiinflammatory so Noni Fruit can reduce the pain from swelling of thyroid gland and also can keep a rash. For treatment Hyperthyroidism you can eat the fruit or you can make it to juice also you can extract it to be capsule.

That a few information about hyperthyroidism and how to treat hyperthyroidism with home remedies. You can also watch your body to keep your body fit and can keep good metabolism for your body. Hyperthyroidism can be heal with a traditional way so you don’t worry about it. Keep healthy with healthy food and always do small sporting to press this indication. Stay away from drugs and cigarette because a smoke can get Graves Disease and automatically will get hyperthyroidism. Eat nutritious food also contain of a lot iodine, iodine is one of compound which can help to heal a swelling thyroid gland.

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