14 Proven Ways How to Treat a Torn Ligaments in Your Shoulder

Ligaments are glossy and flexible bands of connective tissue which connecting bone to bone and stabilize the shoulder joints. Ligaments provide joint stability, while still allowing motion on it. They can not resist movement actively, but give ‘curb check’ against instability in range extreme joint motion.

Because of their micro ligaments, they withstand tensile strength (pulling apart) well, but small values ​​for compressive strength. Ligaments are injured when troops exceed the ability of the ligaments to withstand the load, which may depend on the level of injury. Ligaments provide more power when the load is applied slowly. You may want to read about fastest ways to get rid of cellulite on stomach

Your shoulder is made up of 3 bones: the humerus (your upper arm bone), the clavicle (your collar bone), and the scapula (your shoulder blade). In this article, we are focus on ligaments in shoulder. There are some important ligaments on the shoulders. Ligaments are soft tissue structures that connect bone to bone. the joint capsule is a water-cooled sac that surrounds the joint.

Meanwhile On the shoulder, the joint capsule is formed by a group of ligaments connecting the humerus to glenoidale. These ligaments are the main source of stability for the shoulders, they help hold the shoulders in place and guard against the dislocations.


There ara some factors that might causes your torn ligaments on your shoulder like bellow:

  1. Doing of heavy work so the joints wear out
  2. Dislocated joints
  3. Falling on an outstretched arm
  4. Frozen shoulder
  5. A sudden pull, such as when trying to lift a heavy object
  6. Osteoarthritis
  7. A direct blow to the shoulder
  8. A violent overhead reach, such as when trying to stop a fall or slide


When you feel lot of pain in your shoulder,  which  might happen that one or more of the tendons in your shoulder (that make up the rotator cuff) have been torn. The tendons now no longer fully attach to the humerus. In most cases, most tears occur in the supraspinatus tendon and muscle, but other tendons and muscles can also be involved. Read more about best way to get rid of cellulite above knees

Furthermore, a torn shoulder ligament typically causes inflammation and pain in the shoulder region, which can severely limit use of the affected shoulder and arm. Inflammation, pain and swelling increase in parallel with the severity of the shoulder sprain.


Here the useful information about effective and efficient ways how to treat a torn ligaments in your shoulder, as follows:

  1. Rest enough

do not move heavily or move shoulders within 48 hours after injury. your shoulder requires adequate rest, if still used for the activity, your injury might get worsen. The movement of your body will make the injury opened more than before. Therefore, in this point, you really need to fully bed rest with doing nothing except sleep over.

  1. Compress using ice

Put the ice packs to the injured shoulder for 20 minutes, 4-8 times a day. You can use plastics filled with ice blocks and coated towels, or use an ice pack so available at the pharmacy. You may want to read about ways to get rid of fat inner thighs

  1. Compression

gently press the sore area to help reduce the swelling. You can wrap your shoulders with bandages to keep them stable. The wrapping must be tight and safety. The wrong technique of wrapping can make it worse than before. As well as doing compression to cooling the sore area.

  1. Elevation

Keep the injured area higher than the heart. If you want to lie down, press your shoulders with a thick cushion to hold the position. The cushion must be in stable and comfort condition. Therefore, it can useful to help you reduce the pain of torn ligament.

  1. Physical therapy

Stretches and other shoulder exercises help improve mobility and strength. The duration and timing of physical therapy varies, depending on the severity of the shoulder strain and other treatments. You may want to read about How to Treat a Torn Ligament in Your Wrist

  1. Injection therapy

Corticosteroid injections reduce inflammation and pain, which can help you tolerate and more fully participate in physical therapy. However, it will be better if you ask the doctor or expert first to doing this therapy. Therefore, there is no side effect which might be danger to your shoulder.

  1. Massage

To overcome the pain, massage should be done by a professional physical therapist. Massage techniques will help you relieve pain, reduce muscle stiffness, make more blood flow to the shoulder, and supply oxygen and nutrients for the healing process.

  1. Light exercise

When you experience shoulder pain, you should continue to use your shoulders as usual even though this can be very painful at first. If you do not “force” to use your shoulders, the muscles will even become stiff, even the pain can get worse.

  1. Compress with moist heat

If your shoulder pain has been chronic (lasts for a long time) and feels very stiff in the morning or before exercising, attach a wet hot compress to the sore area, and do not use ice.

  1. Drink over-the-counter medications

The most suitable anti-inflammatory drugs to treat shoulder swelling (eg bursitis and tendonitis) include naproxen (Aleve) and aspirin and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin). Painkillers (analgesics), such as acetaminophen (Paracetamol and Tylenol) are best suited for treating unusual pain not caused by inflammation.

  1. Changing work area

Shoulder pain can be caused by poor work area design. If the computer, desk and / or chair are not properly arranged according to your height and body type, this condition can make your neck, shoulders, and back are tense.

  1. Acupuncture treatment

This treatment is doing by inserting a small needle into the skin at certain points (sometimes near the injured area, but often in areas that spread throughout the body) for about 20 to 60 minutes at a time by chiropractors and physiotherapists , which makes the relieving compound pain is excreted in the body.

  1. Sleeping in a good position

Do not sleep on your side with the shoulders pulled forward, because this position can cause severe shoulder pain throughout the night. If you sleep with sore shoulders above, place a pillow in front of your body and rest your shoulders on the pillow. This can help prevent excessive stretching of the muscles and ligaments in the shoulder causing pain. You may want to read about How to Get Sleep Schedule Back on Track

  1. Give a balanced load

do not carry bags with uneven load distributions on both shoulders. You’d better use a traditional backpack that uses a cushion with padded pads.

Beside what I explained above, here the proven ways from expert about how to treat a torn ligaments in your shoulder, check this out.

There are plenty of treatment options available for someone with a ligament tear in their shoulder, which treatment option you are offered will depend on how severe the tear is, your general health, your age and activity level. There are many non-surgical treatments available which most doctors will recommend as a treatment first.

If symptoms do not improve after a few weeks, getting worse, or worse from the beginning by accident, see your doctor immediately. Your doctor may direct you to consult an orthopedic surgeon (bone and muscle health specialist) or rheumatologist (muscle and joint specialist).

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