25 Ways How to Get Rid of Sleep Marks Under Eyes

Sleeping. How relaxing does this word sound like. Especially for grown-ups who have already realize how important and precious sleep is. Between the hustle bustle of work or university life, having a good time to sleep is something to be grateful about. Too bad, that chance doesn’t always come to everyone, does it?

Most adults and teenagers are finding it hard to settle down their schedule, resulting in exhaustion and lack of sleep. Or even if they can sleep, it might not be a very good sleep. It might gives them eye lines, eye marks, eye wrinkles, and eye bags in the morning. This is definitely annoying and troublesome for most female.

Those under eye problems are disturbing their looks, making them look tired, unattractive, and unhealthy as well.

This article will give you 25 ways to get rid of sleep marks under eyes so that it won’t bother you anymore. You should also understand what are they, why did they exist in the first place, and how to prevent them from happening.

What is sleep marks under eyes?

Puffy eyes is the appearance of swelling in the tissue aroung the eyes. These are the result of the thin layer of skin below our eyes, called preorbital skin, which shows our blood vessels clearly rather than in the other part of our body. This skin is only about 0.5mm thick.

If we take a closer look, we might realize that veins look blue, although the blood itself isn’t blue. It is due to our skin that only lets blue or violet wavelengths of light to pass through it. The same thing goes to your eyes, the dark circles under eyes are the result of the light that your blood vessels reflected. This puffiness might give your eye a dark bluish color, as well as swelling. Minor puffiness below the eyes usually called as eyebags. It’s an increase in the size of the fat pad ( suborbicularis oculi fat –SOOF–) below lower eyelids.

What can cause under eyes problem?

This kind of thing typically happen to almost everyone, it’s hard to find a person who truly never got something under their eyes for their entire life. But, the point is, why? What actually caused the appearance of these under eyes problem?

  • Sleep deprivation. When you’re sleeping at night, in such a random hours, one day early, then the next day nearly midnight, your sleep cycle is ruined. The interrupted sleep cycles can actually cause eye puffiness. As lacking of sleep might make you experiencing fatigue. When we’re tired, we’re low on energy. The production of cortisol is increased to keep you awake. While the cortisol increases, the volume of the blood in your body is also increasing. This automatically let your blood veins shown more than before, in other words, eye bags and dark circles will appear. Read more in How to Get Sleep after Working Night Shift
  • Diet. This is especially for too low sodium level dietary. Although we know that consuming too many salt can damage yourself, lacking of sodium level might also be a problem. It encourages fluid retention and at last lead to puffy eyes.
  • Aging. Can you imagine how thin will they be when we age and lost our elasticity? Our thin skin will turned our thinner than before, resulting in dark circles no matter how long we sleep. Read more in How to Get Good Sleep When Stressed
  • Crying. A beautiful girl can looks less beautiful when they’re walking with swollen, puffy eyes like a walking zombie. This might has happened to every girls, crying so much that they don’t realize, the salt in their tears cause fluid retention.
  • Fluid retention. This is not just happen when there’s high or low sodium level, but also when someone’s on their period, pregnancy. At that kind of situation, the tissues that experiencing retention might be swollen.
  • Periorbital hyperpigmentation. This can also be a cause of dark circles, as darker color appears when more melanin being produced.
  • Damage around under eyes area. The oxidization of blood leaking from the periorbital blood vessels can also left you with dark circles under eyes. Eye bags can be caused by fluid buildup below the eyes due to allergies, or excessive salt comsumption. As it increase the pressure on the skin, it also force blood vessels closer to the surface.
  • Alcohol use
  • Allergies

How to Get Rid of Under Eyes Issues?

1. Sleep

Why sleep? How could sleep treat our under eyes problems? We already know what are the causes of those issues, and lacking of sleep is definitely one of them. When we’re sleeping, we might seem stop doing anything. But our body never stop working, even when we’re asleep. Cell regeneration happens faster at night, and it’s true if we’re sleeping at the moment. Lacking of sleep will stops and interrupt this process.

The cells can’t renew themselves well, ends up giving us dark circles under eyes. Try to organize your time wisely and reconsider going to sleep earlier, Read more about how to get Sleep Schedule Back on Track. Help yourself by listening to relaxing music, breathing on any aromatherapy, drinking a glass of milk, and turn electronics to fall asleep faster.

2. Repair Sleeping Position

Getting enough sleep wouldn’t be enough, if you’re sleeping too much but low in quality, then all those hours will go to waste at last. Try sleeping on your back, as it might avoid constricting blood vessels in your face. In the same times, it will prevent smooshing on your face by the pillow. So you don’t have to wake up with sleep lines as well. Reconsidering using two pillows to stop fluid accumulation can also help reduce puffiness.

3. Massage

Massage is a great way to treat your eyes puffiness. You can just massage the areas gently, tap your skin few times on the folds until they fade away. Massage can increase the circulation of your skin’s surface, which allows the blood to fill in and sweep away the wrinkles.

When pressure is applied, the circulation increases, letting the fluid to flow to the skin’s surface. Shortly, doing simple facial massage will helps improving microcirculation.

4. Cold Spoon

Take a tablespoon to your fridge, let it chills before finally placing them under your eyes to ease your puffiness. It’s very simple, and it’s quite obvious that all of you should have some spoons at home.

5. Tea Bags

Are you a tea drinker? Don’t let your tea bags go to waste. Keep your tea bags for some cold compress to your eyes. Apply cooled tea bags under eyes especially on the wrinkled or puffy areas and leave it there for 10-20 minutes. The caffeine and antioxidant contained in the tea bags will stimulate your skin as a vasoconstrictor, reducing wrinkles through few times of treatment.

6. Exercise

This will affect not just your health and fitness but also your skin beauty, including under eyes area. While exercising, such as doing jumping jacks, jogging, your heart will pump blood around the body, as well as your face areas. This will stimulate good circulation to the skin cells, also support filling in the skin wrinkles with blood.

7. Yoga

Inverted poses such as shoulder stands, back bends, might help you to increase circulation to your face, throwing away excess fluid and saying bye to swelling skin. It will help toning and tightening your face skin.

 8. Avoid Overexposure to Sunlight

Sunlight can make the skin around our eyes saggy and wrinkled due to skin dehydration. At least protect yourself by using sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc. Those might help you to protect your face skin from darkening and wrinkling.

Read also : How to Heal Your Skin after Sunburn

 9. Avoid Alcohol

Sipping a glass of wine won’t hurt you, but don’t overdo, never. It’s not only not good for your body and pocket, it will reduce water level in your body. It will weaken your skin, letting it sink. Alcohol dehydrates our body and skin and sunking our eyes area, making it look tired. Drink no more than a glass of alcohol a day, and you shall feel fresher. You might find a hard time, but try to still get sleep during alcohol withdrawal.

10. Stop Smoking

Yes, it’s definitely bad for your lungs. But you may did not know, that it also damages your skin, including under eyes skin. Smoking cigarettes will dry out and weaken the skin troughout yourb body. It can promotes premature aging around the eyes, the toxicity can probably irritate your eyes in the same time. Probably leads to dark circles, bags, wrinkled, droopy eyes. Save your skin, save your whole body in the same time.

11. Treat Allergies

Allergies can be one of the reason why your eye bags are developing. Treat your allergies by using an antihistamine to reduce swelling. For natural remedies, use essentials oils to manage and prevent allergies from occurring.

12. Limit Salt Intake

Salt is often linked to high blood pressure, high sodium level can also cause fluid retention, leading to puffiness. Try to avoid foods which are high in sodium such as chips to help your puffiness.

13. Neti Pot

Instead of just trying natural and modern remedies, ancient remedies might be a good try. Neti pot is a small teapot filled with saltwater. Place it in your nose and irrigate your sinuses, removing mucus as well as other debris at once. This remedies doesn’t cost too much, but you should use distilled or sterilized water in the process.

14. Drink Water

Most of our body weight was made up of water, about 60 percent. Dehydration can contribute to eye bags. Drink water around 9-11 cups a day should fulfill your daily needs. Doing some variations by drinking infused water might be a good choice to spank out of your boredom of drinking water every day. Drinking water might also make you feel fresher and glowing.

Other ways (15-25) :

  • Concealer : Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it show. This might be a good products to use when you’re in a rush and needing a quick result.
  • Remove makeup before sleeping : Don’t let them irritate your eyes.
  • Use retinol cream :  It will improve collagem deficiency.
  • Add more collagen intake : Help your skin look firmer, smooth, replacing dead skin cells.
  • Add more iron to your diet : Iron deficiency can cause dark circles under the eyes.
  • Using sleep mask to sleep : Prevent sleep lines from appearing.
  • Almond oil : Useful to delicate skin around your eyes and eliminate eyebags.
  • Vitamin C : Help remove dark circles under the eyes due to its skin-lightening properties.
  • Potato : Help lighten dark circles and get rid eyes puffiness.
  • Tomato : Have a skin-lightening properites to eliminate dark circles.
  • Surgery : This can help but not necessary for small problems.

Having under eyes problems can be quite irritating at times. So peeps, try fixing your sleep cycles and habits. Manage your time as wise as you could, give yourself a sweet time to rest and sleep well. It’s not only good to prevent or eliminate sleep marks under eyes, it’s also good for yourself, your body, your energy. Changing your habits slowly as well as following some of those tips mentioned above that you find suitable for you should help you to get rid of under eyes problems in no time. Sleep well, and say bye to those annoying sleep marks.

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