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Have you ever felt frequent pin-and-needles on your head, hands or feet, or even in your fingers especially the fingertips? How it feels and how’s the sensation? Some people often experience these symptoms on their fingertips, but they didn’t know what caused it. They wondering if this is a symptom of the disease? Or is it just a normal reaction to the body?

Pin-and-needles on medical terms is commonly known as paresthesia. The causes of these symptoms is so many, and has a many kind of variations. Even the duration of these symptoms occurs is various. some are temporary but also a permanent or long term.
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What is Pin-and-needles

You need to know what is pin-and-needles first. As mentioned above, paresthesia means cold or hot sensation that happens at the fingertips. Sometimes, a subject felt his fingers being drenched by something that stimulated from the outside.

Many people consider this condition as a normal situation, but some consider it as serious dangers. They called it as a form of a syndrome. In the Psychology Terms, it called as CTS or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This is a hand disorder form that caused by pressure on the nerve in the median part of the wrist. You may also read about How to Speak after Stroke

Causes of Pin and Needles on Fingertips

Some of you may worried about this pin-and-needles, are this is one of the symptoms of a particular disease. What if this are the symptoms of a dangerous, chronic and acute disease. Pin-and-needles are affecting anyone, no matter how old or young the age is.

The causes of pin-and-needles on a person itself can be various. As mentioned before, the duration of the pin-and-needles are various. This difference of the durations that distinguishes the causes of the pin-and-needles symptoms at the fingertips. What is it like? Check the following reviews:

Causes of Temporary Pin-and-needles Fingertips

Here’s the causes of pin and needles on fingertips. The blood flow instability in the body are one of causes why someone experiences pin-and-needles on their fingertips. There’s a pressure on the part of the bloodstream or blood vessels for such a long time. This causes the blood flow that should go to the nerve is restrained. Certain nerves didn’t get enough blood supply, and this is what causes pin-and-needles in you.
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It often occurs at the tip of your fingers. For example, pin-and-needles will occur on your feet when you sit cross-legged for a long time. It also occurs in your hands if your head resting on the hand for a long time. This causes some parts of your body didn’t receive enough blood supply. And when this is happens, pin-and-needles will occur as a message to your brain that the body part is experiencing lack of blood supply.
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On the other hands, pin-and-needles at the fingertips can also occurs to people who like to be in an AC room. Although there’s no medical studies that have caused this, some people experience it. They stated that being in an AC room made some of the cold bodies become the cause of pin-and-needles hands. Then it becomes numb.

Causes of Permanent Pin-and-needles Fingertips

Besides to the temporary causes, there’s also a permanent cause of pin-and-needles fingertips. Usually the symptoms of an illness, or maybe it because stress, depression or anxiety. This condition if it occurs continuously will cause the appearance of Raynaud syndrome.

In addition, a permanent form of pin-and-needles must be immediately taken to the hospital. Usually, the doctor will say that you have CTS or Carpal Tuner Syndrome. A patient that having this syndrome must not be left for long. Because there are clamps on the nerves that interfere the blood flow in the muscles. This reduces muscle energy. One way to open the nerve clamps are with a small operation.
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The Symptoms of pin and needles

The pin-and-needles at the fingertips are not actually a disease. But it is a form that need to be watched out when you experience it. Let see the following symptoms below:

  1. On the fingers, like thumb, middle finger, index finger, ring finger, until the pinkie hurts like being punctured by needle.
  2. Sometimes it felt cramps and makes you felt numb.
  3. The impact will be dangerous if it spreads to the arms and shoulder
  4. Feel sore when moved
  5. The condition will be more fatal if the affected part becomes weak. It even interferes with movement in other parts.

The Risk of pin and needles

The pin-and-needles symptoms that occur permanently can cause the risk of certain diseases. I could also be due to the emergence of pin-and-needles suddenly, or not for reasons of being suppressed by something. This is what you need to suspect in your body. This could be an indication of a chronic disease. for example, is multiple sclerosis. What is it? Check out the following review:

Triggering Multiple Sclerosis

Who would have thought, the pin-and-needles that usually happens to you is a symptom of the disease. One of them is a symptom of multiple sclerosis. This disease occurs because of a disorder in the nerve. Some of the symptoms will join it are sore feels, even burning in that part.

If you feel these symptoms, it is better to see a doctor. Especially if the pin-and-needles are prolonged. Usually, you’ll get a follow-up exam to be able to make a diagnosis. For example, by doing a blood test and MRI test. After going through it, it can be identified whether the disease is attacking your body and you get the right treatment.

The pin-and-needles at the fingertips will interfere with your activities. Although it’s not one of the severe symptoms, it’s quite disturbing. The feeling of pin-and-needles at the fingertips has it’s own sensation for you. There are a number of tricks and ways to overcome this.

For example, by using herbal medicine or other drugs. What is it like? Check out the following review:

1. Soak in warm water
In addition, to help relieve tingling can use warm water. Soaking yourself in warm water will help neutralize the circulatory system. So that it can run and flow smoothly. You can apply it to the whole body, like bathing. But it could be by dipping the pin-and-needles part of the hand. Don’t forget to mix with mineral salts.

2. Do a light massage
Next thing you can do to overcome the pin-and-needles at the fingertips is to do a massage. No need for a heavy massage, only light and simple. This massage will help stretch your muscles that have stopped the flow of blood.

3. Move the pin-and-needles part
To overcome the tingling sensation in your fingers, try to move in that section. Slow down – slowly move it. Because pin-and-needles hand movements will again neutralize your blood. So that it can flow smoothly again.

4. Relax
The lightest thing you can do when you meet the pin-and-needles at the fingertips is to do relaxation. Namely stretching on the muscles and bones of the body. The goal is not rigid. Start by doing a light massage on the part (which has pin-and-needles, fingertips)

5. Eat healthy food
To overcome the pin-and-needles at the fingertips is to make healthy living habits. Start consuming healthy foods. You can make a list of healthy foods daily. For example, such as vegetables and fruits. Broccoli, beans, apples, strawberries, melons, guava, etc. The foods that help the circulatory


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