Side Effects of Tangerine Fruit – Recommendation Intake

Tangerine can be consumed either in the form of juice, porridge or pickles. In addition, it can also be consumed directly without being processed into other dishes. Tangerine contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.

All are very beneficial to the health of the body. But if consumed excessively, it will impact badly in the body. These side effects mostly arise because of excessive consumption of tangerine.

More than 3 times consuming tangerine in a day can dilute tooth enamel, rise stomach acid, headache, heartburn and so on

These side effects of tangerine fruit include:

1. Thinning the Tooth Enamel

Tangerine is acidic. If you consume excessively tangerine, it will damage the tooth layer. The acid in the tooth makes the enamel layer in the tooth be a thinning. Enamel is a layer of teeth and also succeeded to maintain oral health. Enamel protects teeth from bacteria, viruses and various types of diseases. The depletion of the enamel causes susceptible infections and oral health problems, and tooth sensitivity.

Taking care of dental health is the best way to protect the mouth and teeth from attack of bacteria, viruses and other diseases. So it is not advisable to consume tangerine excessively. This is to minimize the acid contact with the teeth and reduce the risk of diseases of the mouth and teeth. You may also read about Dangers of Durian Fruit If You Eat It Too Much.

2. Stomach Heartburn

There are some side effects of tangerine fruit to watch out! Excessive consumption of tangerine is a trigger stomach acid or ulcer, it makes the stomach feel heartburn. The main cause of heartburn is the malfunction of the esophageal sphincter. These muscles function to ensure that stomach acid does not rise to the esophagus.

Sometimes this muscle does not work well and can stop the stomach acid so it rises into the esophagus. This gives rise to a heat-like sensation in the chest, called as heart burn. Tangerine is acidic and if consumed too much lemon can cause heartburn. You may also read about List of Poisonous Fruits in The World You Should Avoid.

Tangerine that contains high vitamin C can absorb iron. If consuming too much can make the digestive system absorb iron excessively, this is what makes the excessive concentration of iron in the body that can cause disorders such as hemochromatosis or excess iron. Excessive iron intake if inserted in organs can cause various diseases such as cancer, and so on.

3. Causes dehydration and frequent urination

Tangerine is a fruit that many vitamin C. This vitamin is beneficial to maintain a healthy body such as prevent premature aging, boost immunity in the body, reduce scabies, help eliminate fluid and sodium, and so forth.

In sufficient quantities tangerine is very good for consumption. If you consume too much tangerine it will impact on running out of body fluids and salt. The lack of salt in the body makes excessive urine. This results in dehydration or lack of body fluids. That’s one of some side effects of tangerine fruit. You may also read about Side Effects of Longan Fruit for Health

4. If it is less clean, it can be contaminated with pesticide

In the presentation of tangerine, sometimes used thinly sliced ​​on a glass. It is intended only for drink ornaments. But if it is not clean, it will have an impact on health because of the concern that the existence of pesticide substances on tangerine slices. The best way is to wash the tangerine fruit many times. 

5. Cause Nausea, Vomiting, Liver Pain

Tangerine is acidic and consuming too much lemon causes stomach acid to rise. Stomach acid is what causes nausea, vomiting, pain. Tangerine acids cause erosion of the esophageal and stomach lining.

Tangerine which is consumed excessively even causes headaches or migraine. That’s because tangerine contains amino acids that are usually called tyramine. This substance has the effect of increasing blood flow to the brain suddenly. That’s what causes headaches. You may also read about Side Effects of Too Much Vitamin C

6. Can Increase Risk of Kidney Stones and Gallstones

Tangerine which has an acidic substance containing oxalate can form crystals if it is many consumed. These crystals cause kidney stones and gallstones because it inhibits the absorption of calcium in the body. if consumed properly will remove excess fluid, salt and other excess substances. You may also read about Side Effect of Excessive Yawning

7. Not Suitable For Dry Skin

Because of the excessive tangerine consumed, it causes the depletion of body fluids. Further impact is the occurrence of dry skin due to the body’s lack of fluid or dehydration. If you have problems with dry skin, drinking tangerine in your skin will be dry and even scaly.

8. aggravating acne

Tangerine that has an acidic substance, affects acne. It usually happens that severe bleeding and acne can even leave a scar on the face. Instead, if you have problems with the face, you can avoid tangerine. 

9. Not Suitable For Dry Hair

According to the belief of many people, the use of acids directly on the problem of hair loss can improve hair better. But in fact, the acidic substances that come into contact with the scalp with hair that easily fall out, even cause hair more easily fall out and feel pain. Tangerine is useful for the body, but also causes scaly hair and hair loss. It happens if, using lemon directly on the skin of hair.

10. Too Much Fiber Is Not Good

Tangerine which has a lot of fiber is very good for the health of the body, especially in the digestive tract. But, if too much fiber then cause cramps, diarrhea, and others.

11. Make Leather Skin on Some People

Side effects of consuming excessive tangerine is skin discoloration in a long time. Changes here usually skin look brighter in some parts, and other parts look a bit dark. Also known as the term stripes. This is easily avoided by reducing the consumption of tangerine in order to avoid striped skin.

12. Improves Skin Sensitivity to Sunlight

Watch out some side effects of tangerine fruit. Too much tangerine can cause so-called photosensitivity. People who experience photosensitivity cannot be exposed to sunlight without sunscreen. They should reduce the excessive consumption of tangerine juice because of these side effects.Skin that is sensitive to sun light, cannot directly exposed to sunlight.

If that happens, then the skin will experience pain. It can get worse if you consume tangerine that contains acid because the acid in tangerine can cause the body lack of fluids and dry skin.

This can cause skin to be more sensitive to sunlight. Tangerine though included in the fruit is healthy for the body but also very negative impact if consumed in excess. Tangerine, which is rich in vitamins fiber, minerals and other substances, will be useful to the maximum if in accordance with the portion or consumption dose. Consume according to your needs.

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