10 Effective Ways to Treat Dust Allergies – Completely Works!

Allergies are a common thing that happens to human. Allergy is an exaggerated response of our immune system. In the case of allergies, a person will become very sensitive when in contact with materials or objects considered alien to the body. One type of allergy that we often encounter is allergic to dust.

Allergies to dust will make the sufferer sneeze continuously; having runny nose, eyes become red, and also it might make them to have itchy skin.

This dust allergy will cause mild symptoms to severe symptoms. In severe conditions, this dust allergy will cause sufferers sneeze continuously, cough, nasal congestion, and also asthma. To overcome this, then we must know how to treat dust allergy. Here are some ingredients and treatments that are useful for those who have dust allergies:

  1. Ginger

The first treatment for dust allergy is by consuming ginger. Ginger is indeed known to have a lot of efficacy. From the old days, ginger is very well-known as a traditional medicine that is believed to be able to relieve various diseases. One of them is to treat allergies caused by dust.

This is because ginger contains anti histamine that can relieve allergies due to dust. The way to use it is also very easy. You just need to boil the ginger and drink the water, you can add some palm sugar for the taste or you can put the ginger in your tea.

      2. Honey 

To treat  dust allergies, we can also use the advantage of honey. Honey is well-known as  the best anti-bacterial material. In addition to being able to treat and alleviate allergies due to dust, honey can also strengthen our body and maintain our immune system, so as to prevent allergies to come back. Honey can be consumed in various ways, you can add it into your tea or as a bread spread. Read more about Tips on Stress Relievers

    3. Garlic

Another way to treat dust allergy is to use garlic. Garlic itself has a property to reduce the symptoms caused by allergies because of the dust. To heal your allergy by using garlic, you can eat it raw or if you are not a fan of garlic, you try to cooked it first or add some honey to it. In addition, you can try to add garlic on your meal as a side dish. Garlic is also can be used to treat skin allergy.

    4. Green Tea

Another way that we can use to reduce the symptoms of allergies caused by dust is by consuming green tea. Green tea is also one of herbs that can be useful to heal skin allergy. Green tea contains anti – histamine which can be used as anti – allergic to our body.

In addition, green tea is also very good for our body because green tea contains antioxidants that can counteract germs and bacteria that can be found in the dust, but make sure not consume green tea on empty stomach. It is better and highly encouraged to drink green tea 1 to 2 hours after meals. If you do this, the allergy symptoms would gradually diminish. Read More about Dangers of Excessive Consumption

    5. Apple Vinegar

Another way that you can use as dust allergy treatment is to use apple vinegar. Apple vinegar is a traditional ingredient which is also good for itchy remedy that might affect you because of the dust allergies might cause rashes on the surface of your skin. This can be one way to treat itchiness.

You can use apple vinegar by applying it to the part that has a rash on your skin. After you smear the apple vinegar, you have to wait for some time and then, the allergy symptoms will gradually be healed. If your rash does not get better after you apply apple vinegar, stop this treatment and call your doctor immediately.

   6. Peppermint

Another way that can be used to reduce the symptoms of allergies caused by dust is to use peppermint leaves. This peppermint leaves have a natural anti-inflammatory content that can cure and also alleviate the symptoms of allergies caused by dust.

To use peppermint as medicine, you just simply take a dried peppermint leaves then boil it. Take boiled water earlier and wait until cold then you can drink the water of boiled peppermint leaves. If you consume peppermint water regularly, the symptoms of allergies due to the dust will gradually decrease. Read more about Dangers of Not Washing Your Hands Before Eating

    7. Steam

One of the symptoms that will occur as a result of allergies due to dust is the nasal congestion. To solve this issue, you can use steam as your treatment. To do that, you need to boil a bowl of water hot enough until it produce steam. And then, breathe the resulting vapor of the boiled water. This will make you to be able to breathe normally again.

     8. Samin oil

Samin oil can also be used to reduce the symptoms of allergies caused by dust. It will be effective especially if the allergy causes rash on the surface of your skin. To use the oil, you only need to apply the samin oil on the surface of your skin that affected by rash. This samin oil will be able to relieve itching, relieve redness of the skin, and also can eliminate the swelling caused by allergic reactions because of the dust.

      9. Wasabi

If you are a fan of Japanese food, you must be familiar with Wasabi. Other than used as an addition to your sushi and other Japanese foods, Wasabi can also be used as an allergy medicine. One of the allergic reaction, including dust allergy, is your nose might produce more mucus which resulting in runny nose. To treat this symptom, eating Wasabi in moderate amount will help you to clear your nose.

     10. Quercetin

Quercetin is a compound that you can use to overcome the symptoms of allergies due to dust. Quercetin can be found in vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, oranges, grapes, apples, and tomatoes. By consuming these fruits, you can reduce the symptoms of allergies that you feel.

Those are some of the effective tips to treat dust allergies that worth to try.

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