How to Cure Small Warts on Neck – Natural and Less Damage

Warts is a growth of benign skin that belong to a sort of benign tumor that comes from the overloaded thickened of the out layer of the skin. Warts in medical language also named as papillomas or verrucae. Warts can grow anywhere, but it often grows on hand and feet.

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Warts that appears on neck is rarely happen. But when it comes to you, you may confuse on how to vanish it. Warts is not a dangerous disease, but warts can possibly be vicious due to dangerous virus.

One thing if you want to vanish the warts on neck, cure the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) first. Human Papilloma Virus comes with various kind of types. From the ordinary to the dangerous one.

There are certain kind of warts that different from one to another depends on where it happens. The one which usually found on neck is called Veruka Filiformis that comes in long and red-colored.

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How to Cure Small Warts on Neck

If you have warts on your neck and feel confuse on how to get rid of it, there is two options you can choose. Whether cure it naturally or go to its specialist to get a treatment.

You can naturally cure the warts by these ways below:

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil has anti-fungal abilities and kills some other organisms. Tea Tree Oil is proven can decrease and vanish the occur of warts. How to use it? You can barely use it on you neck. But there is some things you have to consider before apply it.

  1. Tea Tree Oil can cause allergy. Make sure if there is no irritation when you put it on your neck. You can wait up to 24 hours to indicate to ensure it.
  2. If there is no irritation, you can use it daily until several weeks. you can use it at day and night before sleep. So, why Tea Tea Oil can cure warts?
  3. When you apply tea tea oil, it can lead the warts to burn and inflammation which can reduce the size of the warts.

  • Onion

You must definitely often use onion as an ingredient for your food. Beside of its function for food seasoning, you can actually use union for the warts. Onions contains allicin which has antimicrobial that can kill warts. To apply it as a cure, you can make some creations by using union:

  1. Soaking the union in water for a night. When you done soaking that union, use and applicate the soaked water on your neck.
  2. Punch the union until it smooth or a bit rough. Then applicate it on your neck.
  3. Consume union capsule to fight HPV.
  • Apple Vinegar

Beside known for its function to vanish acnes, apple vinegar also has an ability to cure warts on your neck. How to use it?

It’s super easy. You can find ready to use apple vinegar in bottle and all you have to do is just straightly apply or spray it on your neck. But, if you feel disgust with the smell of apple vinegar, you can blend it with water 1:1.

  • Broccoli

The next tips is to consume vegetable, broccoli in particular. Broccoli contains Indole-3c-carbinol (I3C) that can help to againts Human Papilloma Virus. You can eat it vanish the warts.

  • Pineapple Juice

Perhaps not being consumed every day, but who is know if pineapple has an ability to vanish warts on your neck. Pineapple contains anti-flammation so it can decrease inflammation. How to use it?

  1. Take some pineapples, make it as a juice
  2. Put cotton in container filled by pineapple juice
  3. Place the cotton that already wet with pineapple juice over the warts on your neck, the let it stand for 10 minutes.

Beside its function for warts, Pineapple juice also has another benefit for your health.

  • Green Tea

Green tea has a composition called sinecatechins that effective in warts vanish. How to use green tea is quite easy. You can simply use it based on its instruction. There is another kind of tea that good for your health!

Another way to cure warts on neck is to combine among palm oil and green tea and then apply it on your neck. Palm oil also has several benefits.

  • Banana

Banana is one kind of fruit that we often consume since little due to its texture and sweet flavor. There is a lot of banana’s benefit. Routinely eat banana can also help you to cure the warts on your neck because it contains potassium and enzyme.

You can simply barely eat it or with pound it into several soft parts and stick it to the warts on your neck. For good result, leave it for the entire of the night.

You can easily implicate these 7 tips below at home. Beside naturally cure it with them, you can start with a healty diet to againts the virus that cause warts on your neck.

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