12 Foods that Causes Osteoporosis Need To Be Prevented

Osteoporosis or bone loss can be caused by some factors such as age, lifestyle, and also other health factors. Here is some information about foods that might potentially cause Osteoporosis that you need to know.

  1. Wheat Bread

In order to avoid complaints of osteoporosis attacks or the fragility of our bone system, we need to start paying attention and limit the intake of wheat bread in sufficient quantities.

Wheat bread is very good for the regulation of carbohydrate and sugar in the body, so we can be more aware of the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. However, wheat bread also contains sodium that is high enough to give some people bad impact on their bone health, if the consumption of white bread is excessive and too often. Read more about Dangers of Spicy Food For Pregnant Women

  1. Sausage

Instant food or ready to eat foods such as sausage can be harmful for our bones and teeth. High sodium content in this instant food will give bad effect for our health. Instant food contains a variety of additives that are not good for the health of the body. Thus, make sure not to eat instant food excessively and stick to eat healthy and nutritious foods. Read more about  Foods Containing High Purine Substances

  1. Cereal

Not much different from the consumption of wheat bread, eating cereals also could make your body accumulate excess sodium and other bad minerals and it might remove the calcium and good minerals in our bodies through urine. That being said, it is better not to eat cereal excessively and eat it along with milk because there are calcium and other nutrients in milk that is really good for your body. Read more about  Foods High in Zinc

  1. Fast food

Various fast foods that offers the brevity and time savings for people who have high mobility are indeed a tempting option. However, fast foods have negative impact for our health. It is because various additives could trigger the emergence of various diseases of abnormalities in the body that can also be more severe.

In addition, the sodium content in a variety of fast food such as instant noodles, burgers and so on this are also proven to increase the intake of sodium mineral nutrients that tend to dominate our daily needs of these minerals. This causes the body might accumulate excess sodium minerals in the body that will actually further damage the bone tissue. Read more about List of Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin

  1. Eggs

Other than rich in protein that is good for optimal growth for our body, eggs also contain abundant vitamin A which is good to keep the body’s immune system remains optimal and also to maintain our eyes’ health. But the consumption of eggs is also expected in reasonable amounts. This is because the amount of vitamin A that enters into our body will also play a role to cause bone loss if the amount is excessive.

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  1. Liver

Not much different from the content of eggs, which is rich in vitamin A, the consumption of this type of internal organs is also worthy to be considered more carefully. In addition to that, consuming too much liver, intestine, and other animal internal organ could make you at risk of experiencing some pain in the joints and bones.

Therefore, balanced food consumption with sufficient amount is recommended. If you are focusing on maintaining the strength of your bone tissue then it is better to reduce the consumption of liver in your daily menu.

  1. Stir-Fry Vegetables

The next foods that could make you at risk of having osteoporosis is stir-fry vegetables. It is a fact that vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other good nutrients. However, the way to process the vegetables is also plays a role in keeping our body healthy.

Stir-frying vegetables is one of a good way to soften the vegetables, it will accentuate the flavor as well but you must pay attention to the oil that you use for stir frying your vegetables, make sure not to use too many oil and it is better to use olive oil instead. Cooking vegetables for too long could decrease the vitamins and good minerals in it. Read more about Worst Foods That Cause Hemorrhoid Flare Up

8.  Red Meat

Consumption of red meat in moderation is usually very good for the health, particularly for the cardiovascular system and also primarily to avoid the anemia attacks or weakness due to lack of hemoglobin in the blood.

However consuming too much read meat is not good for you because animal protein if consumed excessively could eliminate calcium from within your bone tissue. That is why the consumption of animal protein in excess is closely related to the potential for osteoporosis.

  1. Chocolate

If you do not really like consuming milk and other foods and drinks that are rich in calcium and mineral to maintain the strength and health of your bones, then it is advisable for you to cut down the consumption of snacks and sugary drinks as well such as tea, coffee, and chocolate. Chocolate contains some substances that could weaken your bone, if you eat it excessively. Thus, do not eat it excessively and make sure to always eat healthy foods.

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  1. Excessive Consumption of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate is one of nutrients that are necessary for our body and it can be found in rice, bread, potato, and other tuber plants. Similar to meat and internal organs, consuming too much carbohydrate is also not good for your body because it might contribute in thinning your bone which will result in osteoporosis. Thus, eat your carbohydrate in moderation and balance it with eating fruits and vegetables. Read more about Foods to Increase Progesterone Hormone

  1. Fermented Cassava

Some people, mostly in Indonesia like to eat this kind of snack. Fermented Cassava has sour and sweet taste and it has particular smell. And just like any other foods, consuming this snack in excessive amount will bring you no good, especially for your digestive system. If consuming fermented cassava is happening for too long, it is possible to affect your bone density as well. Read more about  Home Remedies for Food Allergies

  1. Artificial Sugary Foods

Those who have problem in bone density is advisable to limit the consumption of sugar, especially candies that mostly made from artificial sugar or chemical sweetener. Consuming too many sweets could make you at risk of having osteoporosis.

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