13 Characteristics of Oral Cancer – Prevention

Surely before someone is declared a disease, the person will first feel the symptoms – symptoms that are not right and not normal in him. Likewise someone suffering from oral cancer.

Oral cancer sufferers can feel something wrong through the symptoms – abnormal gels in the mouth.

Here is a list of the characteristics of oral cancer that you must be aware of:

1. The Mouth Is Not Normal

The first symptom is noticeably abnormal in the surrounding mouth. Patients will feel strange in the mouth. The parts of the mouth that can usually get mouth cancer are the lips, cheek cavity, salivary glands, palate, tongue, lida child, and gums.

2. Includes Different Colors

In parts of the mouth there are colors that look different than usual. This is a symptom that is also easy to see. For example there are parts of the lips that change color or part of the gums. Can be checked with the help of a mirror or go to a doctor to be seen directly. Read more about  Symptoms of Blood Cancer

3. Hemorrhage occurs

For those of you who often experience bleeding in the mouth for example often out dara when brushing teeth should do the examination at the doctor. Because bleeding that often occurs in the mouth is also one of the most perceived symptoms for oral cancer patients. Read more about How to Prevent Ovarian Cancer

4. Swelling

In the mouth and surrounding areas can also occur sudden swelling. The swelling occurs abnormally and without any reason. Unlike the swelling of the gums what if the toothache. Swelling can also occur on the lips.

5. Tooth decay

The fifth symptom is the occurrence of tooth decay. For example the tooth suddenly dislodged by itself. Or suddenly easy to porous. It is suspect because it means there are bad cells that damage the strength of the tooth root in the gums. Read more about How To Whiten Teeth with Banana Skin

6. There are Spots

The appearance of red or white spots for no reason in the mulu such as lips, tongue, or oral cavity can also be a symptom of the emergence of cancer cells in the mouth. What’s more these spots do not disappear in a long time. Unlike canker sores or abrasions.

7. Loss of Sense

Patients with oral cancer can also lose taste or sense of taste. This is a symptom that can be greatly felt and common at a fairly serious stage. Patients will be difficult to distinguish where the taste of salty, where the bitter race, and others. Patients also can not feel the food is rough or soft. Read more about Signs You Have Skin Cancer

8. Difficult to Chew and Swallow

Other symptoms are difficulty chewing and swallowing. The mouth will be difficult to move to chew and can not destroy food well. In addition difficulty swallowing and feeling pain also muscles in the mouth is not so strong.

9. Difficulty Speaking

The ninth thing is the difficulty of speaking. Patients will find it difficult to say words or sentences clearly. Because the tongue and lips do not work properly or difficult to move. These symptoms usually occur when the cancer conditions at a fairly high stage.

10. Votes Change

There are symptoms that affect the vocal cords. Where the sound of the sufferer suddenly changes. Or usually his voice becomes weak, hoarse, rose, or other in a long time different from when cough or flu (bindeng). Voice change is also a very visible symptom. Read more about How to Prevent Skin Cancer from Tanning

11. Hearing Impaired

Because the oral nerve with the ear is very close to eat other symptoms can also be felt in the ear. Where the ears feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Or hearing impaired.

12. Weight Loss Drastically

Another symptom that is a common symptom of people with cancer is the sufferers experience drastic weight loss in which cancer cells begin to gnaw at other cells. Read more about Ways to Prevent Excess Skin during Weight Loss

13. There is a Cell That Grows Not Normal

The last symptom is seen there are cells that grow abnormally in the mouth. This is certainly visible to the doctor through a check-up step. But usually the previous patient feel other symptoms first before checking and found the cancer cells.

When to Check in Doctor?

Characteristic features of oral cancer above may be caused by some things that are very influential with other conditions of diseases such as canker sores or deep heat.

In addition the symptoms listed above can be caused by less serious conditions, such as a mild infection. Then when should you check it out to the doctor?

  • It is strongly recommended that you visit your doctor if any of the symptoms listed above have been going on for more than three weeks.
  • Heavy drinkers
  • Smoker.


Just like the characteristics of breast cancer, oral cancer is less likely to cause symptoms in the early stages of the disease. So it is very important to check on your dentist frequently if you are a smoker, a drinker, or a betel chew. Generally dentists understand more about the symptoms you feel. Read more about Benefits of Fasting for Cancer Patients

These traits are usually ignored by many people because of lack of understanding and awareness. It is also worth remembering for you to diligently perform routine checks or as soon as routinely doing check when feeling abnormal symptoms in the mouth or surrounding areas.

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