Proper Ways on How to Maintain Nail Healthy

Nails are part of the body that is at the foot. The nails have a hard shape because they are part of the bone but not of the protein.

Nails itself has a function that is to protect the fingertips are soft, vulnerable and rich in nerves, so as not to be easily damaged by colliding with a hard object.

Nails also serves to strengthen the sense of touch that is owned by the skin, especially the fingers. This nail has an epidermis on the end that serves as a protective dirt that can enter the nail.

In the nail, there are also many capillary vessels on the tip of the nail so that the nails will look more red at the end while in the base colored milky white color.

Nails are a strong part of the human body just as with teeth and bones because they have little mineral and water content. Read more about  Natural Ways to Cleaning Nails

Fingernails grow faster by about 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm in a week, and the amount is 4 times faster than the growth of toenails.

Actually everyone has different nail growths from each other this is influenced by various factors including body heat and body health itself. Read more about Causes of Broken and Split Nails

Nails though look trivial as part of the human body, but also need to be treated well in order to produce a clean impression to anyone who looked and also to avoid the occurrence of disease that is in the nails. Here are some ways to treat nail health:

  1. Do not bite nails

You should avoid biting or pulling nails because it can make your nails become trauma and infection. In addition, this is a bad habit and should not be done in social life.

2. Cut the nails regularly

Regularly cut the nails both nails hands and toenails. Do not forget also to clean the nails of the dirt.

3. Use sharp nail clippers

If you want to cut your nails you should use a sharp nail clippers and done when after the bath because it was nail softer. Cut the wrong nail can also be the cause of paronychia on the nail.

4. Moldy nails? Use vinegar

If you experience a moldy fingernails noted with itching in your nails you can soak the nails in a solution of vinegar. Read more about  How to Make Discoloured Nails White Naturally

Usually occurs in toenails Because it is very dense activity and can step on various germs. Or you can also spray vinegar on the itchy nail and leave it for a while. An acidic vinegar solution is believed to make germs and bacteria die faster.

5. Apply tea tree oil

You can also apply tea tree oil on the nails of both nails hand and toenails. Make sure the nails are clean and dry when applied tea tree oil. In tea tree oil contain antiseptic and anti bacteria that can avoid nails from various fungi and bacteria.

6. Using olive oil

In order to keep your nails clean and shiny you can use olive oil as a way to prevent nails from losing moisture. Olive oil also prevents nails from various bacteria, germs and fungi. Read more about Ways to Eliminate Nail Biting Habit

7. Consumption of nutritious foods

By consuming nutritious foods to meet the nutritional needs, of course, will make the body become healthy including the nail. Eat foods that have balanced nutrition.

8. Use nail coating

If necessary you can use nail polish coatings that can be used to protect the nails from impact.

How to Take Care of Nails with Manicure and Pedicure

One of the many nail care done is the method of pedicure and manicure. Here’s the review.

1. Manicure

Manicure is done to clean and do nail care, very easy way.

  • The first thing to do is to cut your nails and clean up the visible dirt. You should avoid cutting the cuticle part which is the protective nail from infection.
  • Then prepare warm water in a basin or bucket that has been given olive oil, salt and lemon juice. Read more about Natural Ways to Treat Nail Fungus at Home
  • Afterwards soak the fingers for about 10 minutes just while massaged and brushed softly
  • After the nails look shiny and clean then dry with a towel and if necessary use a special moisturizer nails

2. Pedicure

First cut and clean the toenails until clean and soak your feet in warm water that has been mixed with lemon juice, rose petals and salt in enough amount a while to exfoliate dead skin cells.

You can also add special scrubs for toenails and use up to the base of the foot as well yes.

After a spin dry with a towel and if you want to give the nail polish should wait until a few days to avoid the yellow to yellow. Read more about  Causes Waves in Fingernails

How To Diagnose Diseases Through Nails

Did you know that nails can give a signal or a sign that there is a disease in your body?

Yes, this way has been done since the time of the greek empire.

The media see the disease through the nail is done not only by looking from the eyes, skin and breath alone. following the various signs of disease that you can see through the nails.

• When the nails are yellow

It is characterized by nails that begin to color pale yellow and nails become not grow as fast as usual or even stop growing even could be until the nail is off of his finger. Read more about  Effects of Smoking for Skin

The situation may be because in your body there is limpedema or swelling of blood vessels of the hand, respiratory tract disorders such as asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis are already acute and disorders of the lungs health.

• Finger clubbing

Symptoms include when the tip of the fingernails rounded and hardened. This is due to the low levels of oxygen present in the blood or other respiratory disorders, AIDS, cardiovascular disorders, liver disorders, inflammatory bowel organ disease and disorders of the lungs.

• Mees line

Symptoms can be seen when there is a transverse line in the middle of the nail. If you meet such a person you should immediately take action karen, the person may be arsenic poisoning. Immediately call the doctor for proper and appropriate treatment. Read more about Ways to Prevent Yellowish Eyes

• Koilonychia

Conditions where the nails become curved until the arch out of the nail finger and difficult to clean.

This may indicate that the person has a disease of lupus, anemia, heart problems, iron deficiency or hypothyroidism. To be sure you should immediately do the examination by a trusted doctor.

• Leukonychia

It is the presence of irregular spots on the surface of the nail is usually caused by the body or nails experience a collision. It is not harmful to your body. Read more about Benefits of Drinking Olive Oil Every Day

Pitting nails or grooved nails is a condition where the body usually has psoriasis. Where the disease is a disease related to the skin can be dry skin, reddened and also exposed to irritation.

  • Nails terry

Terry nails are usually experienced by people who are elderly because it is malnourished so that the tip of the nail becomes dark black.

However it can also indicate that the body may have diabetes, heart problems and liver organ disorders.


This condition can be marked by the occurrence of inflammation in the tip or nail area due to an infection that occurs due to injury. Well, the infection occurs because of pathogenic bacteria that enter the nail tissue causing pus or blood clots. Read more about  How to Make Your Skin Darker Without Tanning

• Onychocryptosis

Onychocryptosis or also known as unguis incarnates is a condition in which the nails grow inward. This process occurs because it is usually too often cut the nails in the wrong way so that, cause the nail does not grow out. People who feel it will feel pain.


Unlike unguis, incarnates caused by too often cut nails, for this one actually happens because it does not cut the nails in a long time so that there is thickening of the nail arch region. This happens because of errors in the peripheral vessels that flow into the nail.

• Onycholysis

This one condition is terrible and painful because it is the process by which the nail is loose from the tip of the finger. This is triggered by a variety of things such as frequent trauma, accidents or due to thyrotoxicosis. Read more about How to Whiten Face With Ice cube

• Onychomadesis

It is a condition where the nail is also released from the finger but not systemic. This can happen because patients are undergoing chemotherapy therapy for cancer because other causes are unknown. Suspected of any systemic damage to body tissues.

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