15 Breathtaking Effects of Honey on Dark Skin for Skin Goals

Talking about honey, of course it’s inseparable from bee, the one who make them. This brown-ish liquid which is also used as natural sweetener in many dishes, is incredibly an useful source of vitamins and minerals.

Honey can be a cure to cough, as it can be a delicious components to your meal.

However, if you only consume honey for adding flavours to your meal, then it’s okay, but it’s too bad since you can actually explore more of its benefits for your body, especially your skin.

Nowadays, we can see lots of honey hacks for skin whether it’s on instagram, pinterest, google, youtube and any other social media. We usually call them as home remedies, something like treatment but natural. Honey hacks will mostly use natural ingredients along with it, such as milk or lemon.

Some hacks might works for lots of people and some might not works. It is all depend on so many factors, it could be skin types, kind of honey we are using, skin conditions and much more.

However, it’s sure that honey can do a help for your skin problems, or just maintaining your good skin’s conditions. Although somehow honey is kinda expensive to buy, but honey is still commonly used as beauty routine and beauty hacks, for it has lots of natural benefits that we can take aside from its sweet taste.

If there are ways on how to whiten face with apple,how to lighten skin with milk, there are also effects of honey on dark skin, which is surpisingly, not only whitening but also giving it throughout repairs. This article will give you the benefits that honey can give to your dark skin or just basically any types of skin you have right at the moment.

Effects of Honey on Skin

When we try to give ourself a home remedy or treatment, of course we won’t bother doing all those stuffs if we don’t have any intention, right? Every remedies has its own intention, and they all have their own benefits for us who are doing that. So here are some effects of honey on skin, which hopefully be useful:

  1. Acne

Acne is the most enemy for skin. It is itchy and not pleasant at all. Most of us will try to find a way to get rid of it. There are lots of way to get rid of acnes, although it may not be perfect but at least its kinda calm down the pain and redness, it maybe through skin care, or natural remedies. Honey is a great natural remedy to get rid of our acnes.

Honey works by cleaned all the bacteria on our pores first. Then when our pores are clean, there won’t be any growing bacteria on our skin, which could cause breakouts. Honey will also reduce breakouts and redness, due to its anti-bacteria materials. Found out more about how to Eliminate Acne with Honey.

2. Skin-Aging

Most of us will say no to fine lines and wrinkles, but everyone going to get it anyway, for it is a natural thing when it comes to aging. We can reduce aging skin by using natural ingredients, for example honey. Honey works good on aging skin for it has antioxidants which is great to regenerate your skin.

3. Moisturizing

Honey contains lots of antibacterial, probiotic, and it is super hydrating. Just rub it into your clean skin, and give it a little massage for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it off. Turned out it will make our skin plump and soft. Do it daily to get a better results.

4. Pore Cleanser

Honey usually combined with jojoba oil to produce a great pore cleanser agent. It will unclog your pores from bacteria, and any other dirt that could cause blackheads, whiteheads, acnes, and other skin problems.

5. Smoothen out skin

Honey also have a benefits to make our skin smooth, it will faded out scars and blemishes on our skin. Honey will removes the death cells and change it with the new glowing skin cells,

6. Sunburn Treatments

With help of honey and Aloe Vera, this combination works great as an anti-inflammatory agent. Just apply raw honey directly to the area where it got sunburns or apply it to a bandage, and let it sit for a while till it is dry. The skin will absorb the moisture of the honey, so it will not sticky on your skin. Just remember to use a real raw honey, or it won’t help the healing process.

7. Lighten Skin

Lots of DIYs told that lemon are the best agents at lightening our skin. But guess what, there is other option to lighten up your skin with natural remedies. Besides lemon, honey also good to lighten up our skin, for it has antioxidants in it. This is probably the most important point of what honey can do to your dark skin.

8. Wound healer

Honey has been used as wound healer for ages. It is so powerful to kill bacterias on our skin, literally almost any bacteria. Honey produces hydrogen peroxides, which is great as disinfectants.

9. Dark circles

Honey could fade out dark circle under our eyes, which could cause because of stress or lack of sleep. Apply raw honey on a cotton, put it on your eyes for a few minutes, then rinse it off, an easy three steps which could help you get rid of those dark circles as the most effective ways to get rid of dark circles under eyes.

Other Ways (10-15)

  • Exfoliator : Honey combined with baking soda will be a perfect match that will help your skin’s cells to regenerate, resulting in radiant complexion that you would definitely dream of.

  • Treat sunburn : Had a summer holiday and coming home with sunburn? Here honey will also help you to restore the layers of your skin that are getting sunburns. (Read also : How to Heal Your Skin after Sunburn)
  • Fading Scar : This is what honey can do thoughout its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to your skin. Along with olive oil, they have the ability to fade your scar quickly.
  • Glowing skin : What if honey can also makes your looks even better? Honey in fact can give natural glow to your face’s skin.
  • Hydrating : Honey can hydrate your kin, giving it a fresh, far-from-dry looks that everyone loves.
  • Protecting skin : If you use honey as bath soak, it can repairs your skin from its problems as well as protecting it from any further problems in the future.

Using natural resources is brilliant and necessary at times. We’re way too caught up in the technology that we sometimes forget that there are a lot of things that we can use and take benefits from right in out nature.

It doesn’t have to come out from industries, packed in a plastic. It doesn’t have to be done in a fancy dermatologist’s place. It doesn’t have to be expensive to have a treatment that will heals you physically and mentally.

Even mixing the right thing you can found in your house and using it as a remedy can helps you in many ways. Of course, buying manufactured masks or doing facial treatment in the salon would also be a good way to maintain healthy skin. But, perhaps once in a while, try to look out to the nature and be more creative with what you got in the nature. Natural ingredients with natural effects, that’s probably all you seek for the most.

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