The Dangers of Plucking Nose Hairs – Dangerous Health Effects

Plucking nose hair is a habit that can be very dangerous, yet there’s still so many people that didn’t understand the dangers of plucking nose hair. Are you having this habit too? This habit tends to be done because it causes some pleasant effects.

Please note that the nose hair has an important role in protecting our body from attacks of infection and bacteria. Nose hair works as a trap that captures dirt from the air and germs, so it’s not gonna carried into the lungs. Now we know that nose hair has important role in our body.

Dangers of Plucking Nose Hairs

Some people sometimes feels embarrassed when they have long nose hair and it stick out from their nostrils. But still, we need to know what is the dangers of plucking nose hairs, such as:

  1. Mild Bleeding

If you forcefully pluck out the nose hair, it could cause a mild bleeding. Blood will come out and causes sore and uncomfortable feeling on your nose.

You may also feel uncomfortable when you touch the nose on the outside, there’ll be a pain like being punctured. Mild bleeding could be stopped without treatment but it’ll leave some pain and dryness on plucked nose hair area.

  1. Infection

Same as the danger of picking nose and the danger of plucking armpit hair, plucking the nose hair will also cause an infection. Mild bleeding that occurs in the nose opened a small space in the nose. At this condition, bacteria and germs that come from your hands could enter that small space.

As a result, it becomes a gate where bacteria and germs can enter our body and flow to the other parts of body that carried from the blood vessels. The risk of infection itself is, it can attack any parts of our body.

  1. Brain Infection

The nose is very close to the part of the brain which is so important to our body. Plucking the nose hair can cause a severe brain infection. This condition occurs when there are bacteria that meet in the brain from blood vessels.

Infection could attack the brain and bacteria will develop in that part. The biggest impact if you’re not getting the treatment of brain infection is, fatal death.

  1. Pimple Inside Nose

Plucking the nose hair habit could cause small pimples that grows inside the nose. This condition occurs when there’s a germs or bacteria that enter from the hand directly into the nasal. Small pimple can grow, and will cause you to very uncomfortable feelings.

Even when the mucus came out, it’ll make the nose more painful. Some people could get a high fever too, due to nose pimples that have an infection. You may also read about How to Stop Running Nose in the Morning

  1. Nosebleeds

There’s a various nosebleed causes of, such as plucking the nose hair. If you just pluck the long one of it because it disturbed your appearance. You need to be careful, because when you pluck it too hard, it could cause a nosebleed.

This occurs when you pluck the nose hair that hit the blood vessel source inside the nose. Wound and nosebleed will make the blood flow from the nose. Read also: Side Effects of Fillers in Nose

  1. Septal Perforation

Damage to the nostrils will cause you to an uncomfortable feels. It commonly referred as septal perforation. The former part of the nose hair will injure, small pimple, or crust due to a mucus that is difficult to remove. Septal perforation usually signed after nosebleeds. You may also read about Side Effects of Using Too Much Nose Spray

Treating Nose Hair Tips

Some people indeed have a long nose hair. However, plucking the long nose hair should not be done. The right way to treat long nose hair is to cut it.

And make sure that you use a really clean scissors to cut it, so there’s no germs or bacteria can enter the nostrils. This method can solve the long nose hair problem and you’re gonna still in good shape, safe and healthy condition.

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