12 Sign of Clogged Heart You Need to Know

Heart problems and diseases do sound scary indeed. Heart disease is a type of disease that is mostly lead to unexpected deaths in most of the victims.

In these days, heart disease not only attacks those who are in old age, but also many people at young age are suffering from heart issues and even get sudden heart attacks. Read more about Dangers of Peanuts for Health

The main cause of heart attack is none other than due to blockage of arteries that result in the heart to lose its function in a few moments.

Therefore, it is very important to recognize and prevent the blockage of the heart arteries in order to prevent things to be more harmful which can be dangerous for your health.

Blockage of blood vessels is also called Atherosclerosis. This condition happens when the blood supply is reduced in the heart muscle, resulting pain in the chest. If this condition is left too long, it will result in a heart attack that can make a person die suddenly. The following are the initial signs when the heart condition undergoes the atherosclerosis. Read more about Dangers of Spicy Food For Pregnant Women

  1. Chest Pain

Pierce and sharp pain on the left side of the chest are the most common kind of pain felt by people who suffer from heart disease. This sign can occur because there blood vein is experiencing constriction, so that if you experience this condition, it is advisable to visit a doctor immediately.

  1. Get Tired Easily

Blood flow problems can lead to fatigue and make your body get tired easily, especially if you experience the condition without a clear cause. If you are experiencing this kind of condition for a long time, you should not ignore it as it could result in worse outcomes such as seizure, fainting, or even heart attack. Read more about Ways to Fix Interrupted Sleep

  1. Insomnia

Someone who has experience heart problem, such as feeling uncomfortable on the chest or chest pain, might also have sleeping problem or insomnia because the painful feeling make them restless. Usually a person will have difficulty in sleeping when they are feeling depressed, stress or anxious.

However, if it happens for no apparent reason then you should be careful because it could be an early sign of blockage of your heart arteries.

  1. Have a Hard Time to Concentrate

Some people who experience blocked arteries admitted to have difficulty in concentrating even under normal circumstances. We all know that the ability to concentrate is closely related to brain function. Blockage of the arteries makes the process of distributing oxygen by blood to the brain is disrupted which could result in decreased brain function and impaired concentration in a person.

  1. Baldness

Another thing that marks the beginning of heart conditions is hair loss, which might lead to permanent baldness. Many of the coronary heart patients also experience baldness although they are still at a young age.

This is due to lack of nutrients in the scalp and the disruption of blood circulation to the head which affect the health of the follicle layer on the scalp.

  1. Pain on the Feet

Foot pain is caused by a blockage of arteries that also occurs in the legs. This condition is known by the name of Claudication and it often attacks someone who happens to be an active smoker. The condition is caused by thickening of the vessel wall due to the accumulation of fat which can be found on the foot’s artery. Read more about Ways to Get Rid of Foot Odor in Shoes Naturally

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

This condition occurs in men who often consume alcohol in large quantities. This sexual disorder can show that the heart is suffering from serious problems. Sexual problems such as erectile difficulties, premature ejaculation, and the like in men can be caused by blockage of arteries which located in the pelvis. This condition is also experienced by many people who has experience of having heart attacks.

  1. Constipation

Constipation usually occurs due to some problems in the digestive tract. However, it should be noted that the blockage in the arteries was also able to cause constipation in the stomach.

The difference can be seen by the result of your treatment. If the constipation can be treated by compressing warm water, consuming herbal ingredients and the like it may be a gastrointestinal disorder.

However, if constipation is not resolved by those remedies, it might be a sign of the beginning of blood flow blockage.

  1. Ear Lobe Crease

Have you ever observed that the earlobe has nice and exact same shape? If you experience changes in the ears lobe, then it could be the result of unhealthy or clogged blood circulation from arteries or heart. Therefore, try to check your ear lobe if you experience some other symptoms of heart problems because it might help you to recognize your heart condition. Read more about  Symptoms of Thyroid in The Neck

  1. Kidney Disorder

Clogged blood vessels can be bad for other organs as well, not only the heart. If the blood, which contains oxygen and good nutrients, could not be distributed perfectly to your whole body, the nutrients can not be absorbed and the kidneys can be impaired. Serious kidney damage can occur if this condition is left without serious treatment.

Kidney failure can trigger serious problems for the whole organs in the body.

  1. Restless

Feeling nervous suddenly, under normal conditions or without clear reason might be a sign that the blood vessels are undergoing constriction and blockage. Normal blood circulation also has role in your mental health.

  1. Moody

If your mood changes easily even just because a trivial thing that actually can be tolerated, it could be a sign of mood swing. This increase can be caused by heart conditions symptoms that make blood pressure to rise so that mental changes might happen to someone in a split moment.

When experiencing these early signs it is advisable for you to deal with it in a few traditional ways like calming your mind, relaxing your body, and adjusting your breathing patterns. However, if the condition is more severe or does not changes, even after you take some natural medication, it is better for you to consult a doctor immediately in order to get the right way of medication that suit you. Read more about  Dangers of Excessive Sugar Consumption

Tips for keep your heart healthy

Keeping your heart to stay healthy can be done in a fairly easy way. Here are some tips for you:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Healthy sleep patterns so as not to have trouble sleeping or insomnia.
  • Organize your diet and avoid the consumption of foods that contain saturated fats and high carbohydrates.
  • Always consume fruits and vegetables since those are the most important source of nutrition.
  • Drink enough mineral water and avoid soda.
  • Consume supplements or additional multivitamin ingredients to keep the heart healthy.

Those are some information about the blocked heart signs that are important to watch out for.

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