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Neem is a name of a tree that grow in the tropic area all around the world such as India, Asia, South America etc.

Almost every part of the tree can be used to make medicine like the bark, leaves and even seeds. That’s why this tree is so popular and intensively used due to it’s medical function.

Living at this era make us take the toxin everyday from almost every aspects of our life. So detoxifying the blood is really important since it can help on improving our internal organ function. Neem  leave can help to detoxifying the blood since it has the function as an antibacterial.

It can fight and clear free radical on blood then throw it out from the body. It can also enhance the blood circulation and regulate the hormones level. So this article will review about how to use neem leaves for blood purification. Here’s you may also find out about How to Clean Up Blood-Filled Pimples

Benefits of Neem Leaves

Based on the researches that has been done before, neem has active compounds that are chemically diverse and structurally complex. For more than 140 compounds has been isolated from every different parts of neem. All parts of the neem can bring up some medical benefit such as work as the treatment for inflammation, infections, fever, skin disease and even dental disorder. Neem leaf and its constituents has been demonstrated to exhibit some condition and work as an :

  1. immunomodulatory
  2. Anti-inflammatory
  3. Antihyperglycaemic
  4. Antiulcer
  5. Antimalarial
  6. Antifungal
  7. Antibacterial
  8. Antiviral
  9. Antioxidant
  10. Antimutagenic
  11. Anticarcinogenic.

Based on some literatures, neem leaves contain fiber, carbohydrates and amino acid proteins. They also contain calcium and other nourishing minerals. Based on an analysis that has been done before, the presence of carotenoids and nutritive compounds are being hailed for the ability to ward of many types of cancer. Here’s you may also find out about Foods to Avoid for Blood Type A

How to Use Neem Leaves for Blood Purification

Neem  leave can be taken by mouth or directly applied on skin. To take it by mouth, you can have it as a powder. Here are the steps on how to use neem leaves for blood purification :

  1. Take the neem leave and wash it on the running water.
  2. Let it dry on a towel.
  3. To take it by mouth as a powder, crush down the leave until it fall into pieces in such a small size.
  4. Take the crushed neem leave and have it with a glass of water.
  5. You can have neem leave for about 2-3 times a day for up to 2 weeks.

Make a paste using neem leaf powder and a small amount of water—just enough to create the desired consistency. Apply paste to the affected skin or tissue. Let sit for about twenty minutes, until nearly dry. Rinse and pat dry. Here’s you may also find out about Symptoms of Blood Cancer

Side Effect of Neem Leaves

Neem is safe to used as long it is not too long. It can be used for up to 10 weeks when it taken by mouth and up to 2 weeks when applied to the skin. But when neem  is taken in such a large doses or for too long in the period of time, it’s possibly unsafe and can cause harm to kidney and liver.

Other side effects that can appear if you used it for too long are causing blood sugar to turn up too low and harming sperm and possible to cause infertility. So it is really important to measure the correct doses, but until now there is not enough scientific information about it.

It can basically depend on several factors such as the user’s age, health, and several other conditions. So please keep in mind that every natural products are not always safe and dosages can be so important. Be sure to follow on accurate directions and contact professional healthcare before using it. Here’s you may also find out about Beneficial Vegetables for Low Blood Count

Using natural herbs is already being a habit for almost everyone. It’s especially for neem. Neem is a tree that are live mostly on tropic area like India, Asia, South America etc. And because almost all part of the neem have medical benefit so it is really widely used all over the world. Beside, it is also really easy to use it.  And this article already relies some information about how to use neem leaves for blood purification. Here’s you may also find out about  Effective Ways to Increase Blood Platelets

There are so many benefits you can get from using neem and some of them are it can be worked as an anti-inflammatory, antihyperglycaemic, anti bacterial, antifungal etc. Neem leave can purify the blood through it’s function as an antibacterial. Although there are so many benefits that you can take from using neem leave, it is really better to not over use it (use it in such a large dose or in a very long time).  It is safe for short time used and not for the long term one. But if you found any allergic reaction when you use it, you’d better stop and seeking some helps from the doctors.

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