4 Types of Abscess on Skin and Home Treatments

Abscess is a skin infection attacking inner skin. Here are several types of abscess on skin and home treatments.

1. Furuncle

Furuncle is a type of abscess caused by bacteria or fungal infection in the follicle which then causing skin inflammation around it. Furuncle often appears in the neck or around the face.


Furuncle is caused by infection from Staphylococcus aureus. Person with diabetes or eczema should be more careful because furuncle can cause complication when the blood sugar is high.


  • Small bumps, similar to acne.
  • Then, bigger one appears and the edge looks like about to break out.
  • Skin around furuncle is reddish and swollen.
  • Furuncle breaks out.
  • Often causing uncomfortable feeling, sore, and fever.


  • Automatically healed within 14 days.
  • Use warm water to quick the break out process.
  • When break out, use warm water to avoid infection.
  • Don’t touch or press the furuncle to avoid infection.
  • Take antibiotic if furuncle is not healed in 14 days.


  • Blood poisoning for some people.
  • Complicated infection in the brain, blood vessel, or heart disease. Read also:  Symptoms of Heart attack In Women
  • Methicilin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection.


  • Maintain the hygiene of your environment.
  • Wash your hand in often.
  • Use antiseptic soap.
  • Bandage the furuncle to avoid bacteria.
  • Replace the bandage routinely and clean it with antiseptic liquid.
  • Don’t touch or press the furuncle to avoid infection.
  • Always use personal belongings.

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2. Cystic Acne

Cystic acne is also kind of abscess. It sometimes presses the skin tissue. It can cause infection because the bacteria enter to the inner skin.


  • Blackheads appear around the face, especially near to nose.
  • Small bumps from inside the skin and it is hard.
  • Small bumps contain pus and sometimes blood.
  • The bumps are getting bigger and bigger.


  • The stacking of dead skin cell which inhibit air circulation in the skin.
  • Excessive oil production.
  • Skin pores clogged by the dirt.
  • Bacteria enter oil channel through follicle.
  • Fluctuation of androgen hormone.
  • The consumption of birth control drugs.
  • The consumption of corticosteroid drugs.
  • The excessive consumption of high fat or cholesterol foods.
  • The usage of allergen from cosmetics.
  • Stress. 


  • Maintain the cleanliness of the skin with abscess.
  • Don’t touch, press, or break the abscess without knowing the proper ways to avoid infection.
  • Use acne care to control oil production.
  • Use retinoid drugs from doctor.
  • Use antibiotics from doctor if the abscess has turn into infection.

Traditional Treatments

  • Use apple vinegar. Read also: 10 Important Side Effects of Apple Vinegar You Should Know
  • Get used to drink lemon water with honey.
  • Use honey to be your face mask.


  • Clean your face routinely, especially after using make up.
  • Always use cosmetics that suitable with your skin types.
  • Don’t use product increasing skin sensitivity, such as scrub or masks.
  • Don’t touch your face when your hands are dirty.
  • Always maintain your foods nutrients so you can have good immune system. 

3. Pilonidal Cyst

There are types of abscess on skin and home treatments. Pilonidal cyst is a kind of abscess which occurs around the butt or body folds. It is sometimes triggered by the appearance of follicle which is very small and causing inner infection.


  • Pain and uncomfortable feeling in the butt or the body folds when walking or sitting.
  • Red spots around the skin.
  • Pus can appear from skin pores and causing pain.
  • Bad smell from the pus.


The main factor remains unclear but medical experts say that pilonidal cyst appears when there is a widen in spot where the follicle grow. Then there is also part where the painful sensation caused by the friction between the clothes and hair.

It can occur to…

  • Men. They have higher probabilities to have pilonidal cyst compared to women.
  • Teenagers may experience pilonidal cyst.
  • Person with obesity. Read also: Causes of Acne in Armpits and Fastest Ways to Fix It
  • Sitting too often.
  • Excessive hair around the butt.


Treatment for pilonidal cyst can only be done by doctor. Other than that, the cleanliness and comfort sensation around the surgery marks need to be maintained well (the hygiene).


  • Always maintain the cleanliness of body folds in the butt.
  • If you are obesity, try to lose your weight.
  • If your works demand you to stay seated, try to stand up some times.

4. Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hydradenitis supparativa is a kind of abscess which sometimes occur near to groin and armpit. It can cause the person having fever.


  • Small blackheads in the skin and if it is pressed, the pus comes out.
  • The bumps get bigger and have bad smell.
  • Itchy and producing excess sweat.
  • Painful sensation and it can be severe when inflammation occurs.


  • Bad diet habit.
  • Stress.
  • The changing of hormone.
  • Obesity.
  • Sex: women tend to have this abscess than men.
  • Family history. 


  • Consume antibiotic to prevent the spreading of abscess to heal.
  • Consume corticosteroid to heal the inflammation or symptoms.
  • Take surgery to remove the abscess if it cannot be healed using drugs.
  • Use warm water to ease the inflammation and swollen.
  • Maintain the hygiene the area with infection using antiseptic.


  • Always clean the area of body folds between the groin and armpit.
  • Try to lose body weight.
  • Quit smoking is better for you.
  • Use loose clothes.

Prevention to any kind of abscess

  • Wash you hand often.
  • Always maintain your clothes’ hygiene including underwear.
  • Use antiseptic soap or anti bacteria when washing your hands or taking a bath.
  • If you have cystic acne, do not press or touch it.
  • Always maintain your facial cleanse especially using products suitable for your skin types.
  • Recognize the products including its bad effects.
  • Reduce the consumption of foods with high fat.
  • Avoid to consume drink with high caffeine.
  • Consume foods with Vitamin A, C, and E.

Foods to eat when having abscess

Meanwhile, that’s the types of abscess on skin and home treatments.

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