12 Risks of Eating Noodle with Rice You Need To Be Aware

“If you haven’t eaten rice, you haven’t eaten at all.” That’s what most Noodle Lovers say, even though they have eaten instant noodle or regular noodle. But if they don’t eat it with rice, it is equal as not having a meal yet.

It has become a common knowledge that the definition of eating means ‘eating rice’. While eating any other foods are considered as ‘snacks’.

In the side of delicacy, mixing rice with instant noodles is indeed great and delicious combination. You can provide variations such as mixing fried noodles with rice and crunchy snacks are also delicious. Other way to eat instant noodles if you want to give more effort is, you can make fried rice and combined with instant noodles which are cooked simultaneously. It can be also called as ‘mixed fried rice noodle’. It is fun to make and will obviously make your stomach full for a while.

Eating instant food is easy and tasty but in fact, did you know that there are some dangers in eating instant noodle with rice? According to Dr.Oz, eating instant noodle with rice is very bad for your body. What is the reason? It will be explained below.

  1. Excessive Carbohydrates Consumption

Noodles and rice are both foods that contain carbohydrates. If you consume too much carbohydrate, your hunger will disappear and you don’t want to eat anything anymore. So that the adequacy of other nutrients that you need are not fulfilled. As we all know, our body also needs other nutritional needs of proteins, fats, and minerals. The lacks of nutrients or nutrient imbalance will make you at risk of having malnutrition.

  1. Increasing Insulin Hormone

Eating noodles with rice will produce about 750 calories. Based on daily human diet, this is not good for the body. When foods containing carbohydrates enter the body, it will be digested into sugar or starch. Then the results of the digestive process will enter the pancreas, and in if the hormone insulin. If you eat noodles with rice in big portions, automatically hormones would also be produced a lot.

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  1. It Might Ruin Your Pancreas

Consuming too much carbohydrate later on will ravage the pancreas. It is because the organ that play the most important role in producing insulin, the pancreas, will have to ‘work’ harder because there are too many sugar and carbohydrate in your body. The pancreas will work harder than it should, so over time your pancreas might not be function normally and will have some damages.

  1. The Risk of Diabetes Mellitus

Another risks of eating noodles with rice is Diabetes Mellitus. It is still related with insulin and pancreas. As mentioned before, too much sugar and carbohydrate will make your pancreas work harder in order to change it into insulin and if it happens constantly and for too long, the pancreas might have some serious damage. One of the damage that will happen is Diabetes Mellitus.

This disease is the result of the incapability of pancreas to process sugar. It is unable to separate between sugar and blood. Some of the most visible symptoms are, you get tired easily, and you get sleepy right after you eat something, you have the urge to eat something sweet, and there is blood in your urine.

  1. Increase Liver Organ Damage

Excessive carbohydrates in the body will be broken into other substances. Suppose you are lack of fat nutrition, then the carbohydrates will also be broken into fat. This fat processing will be transferred to the liver as a support system for the digestive metabolism.

You can still smile with relief if the heart becomes a place to accumulate fat cells are good. However, what if it turns out that the fat piling up in your heart is bad fat?

  1. Widen Your Belly Size

People who consume too much carbohydrate and never exercise mostly have wide belly size. It happens because the saturated fat keeps piling up in their body. If this condition keeps being neglected, there is a chance you might be overweight and will be dangerous for your health in the long run.

  1. Trigger for Other Diseases

Still related to belly size, too much carbohydrate and fat in the body will make you have higher risk to be overweighed. As you may have known, having too much of anything will bring you no good. It also can be applied to eating. Having too much body fat could be the cause of various kinds of diseases.

  1. At Risk of Obesity

Another danger of eating noodles with rice excessively and constantly without consuming other foods that contain protein, vitamins, and any other nutrients can make you at risk of obesity. It happens because carbohydrates can be broken into fat. If you don’t make an effort to burn the fat or lose weight, you are at risk of obesity.

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  1. Malnutrition

Instant noodle is one of the foods that are not nutritious. It is more often to be called as junk food these days. Instant noodles contain a lot of chemical and artificial substance that will not be good for your body if consumed too often. It also lacks of nutrients, instant noodles mostly only contain carbohydrate and fat, there is no protein, vitamin, or fiber which is make sense because instant noodle are made to be the quick fix to get rid of hunger.

This being said, eating instant noodle and rice without eating other foods that are more nutritious will make you at risk of having malnutrition.

  1. Risk of High Blood Pressure

Eating instant noodle with rice on daily basis is very not for the body. Instant noodles contain a substance called sodium that can increase blood pressure in the body. If it consumed continuously, it might increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

11. At Risk of Having Cancer

Cancer is one of the diseases that might be caused by the irregularity and unhealthy lifestyle. One of them is usually cause by imbalanced diet. Eating instant noodles is one of the things that can increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, if you want to avoid it, you should reduce the consumption of noodles. Limit yourself to eat instant noodle only once or twice a week.

12. Disturbing the Digestive System

Some people who consume too much instant noodles will cause a disturbance of the digestive system. It usually characterized by heartburn and diarrhea. Our digestive system needs at least 2 days to digest the noodles; therefore it is very dangerous if you consume noodles every day continuously.

Suggestion of Consuming Noodle with Rice

Instead of mixing noodles with rice to make you feel full, it would be better to eat them in a healthy way. For example, you can try to mix the instant noodle with vegetables, meat, and eggs, in order to balance the nutritional needs of our body. It will also make the bad content of instant noodles will be easier to process in the body.

Other option is, do not use the spices of the instant noodles. You can add any other healthier spices or spices that you made yourself. It is a fact that herb spices are healthier than those chemical and artificial spices which contain a lot of additive and addictive substance.

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