17 Natural Ways to Treat Swollen Fingers in 30 Minutes

Swelling either on fingers or hands could disturb our activity. The swollen fingers is sometimes followed by pain so it is hard to move the fingers. It can occur to anyone who continually uses their fingers for their daily activities. The ache and the swollen can cause inconvenience. Or worse, it can cause difficulty to do activities with their fingers.

Medically, swollen fingers can be caused by interruption in human health, such as bursitis (sore under the human skin), infection (selulitis), ganglion cyst, osteoartritis, nail fungus, nerve depression, and etc. On the other hand, from non-medical perspectives, the swollen can occur because of external factors, such as injuries, cramps, rash, or insect bites. You can also read about ways to overcome burning sensation on fingers.

This swollen fingers is actually not too harmful. Nonetheless, it should be treated appropriately. Any medical treatment can be done to help reducing the swollen. But, it would be nicer if you take the natural ways first before you take the medical ones because the swollen fingers is commonly caused by sore and fluid accumulation under human skin so it actually does not require serious medical actions.

Here are several natural ways to treat swollen fingers that is followed by the pain:

  1. Finger Exercises
    The swollen fingers can be caused by unstable blood or air circulation. Do some finger exercises for a while to restore your muscle tension that you may experience. One thing that you can do is to clench and to free your hand. This movement can be done several times and by modifying the movement with squeezing something. It can help you to improve your air circulation and to release your tension as well as to ease the swollen finger.
  2. Raising Fingers
    Other than muscle tension, swollen can be caused by the condition of blood circulation. So, all you have to do is by raising your fingers around 45 degree to restore your blood circulation to the body.
    This movement can be done by counting 2 x 8, similar when you are training, and this repeated several times. It is required to keep attention to the muscle cramps because every individual has different endurance when doing this movement.
  3. Wrapping up the finger using warm water
    By using warm water, you can ease the tension on the fingers’ muscle so it can be easier to receive any sensor and it can help you to ease the pain when the finger is moved.
  4. Using apple vinegar
    The swollen finger can cause uncomfortable feeling to the person. Apple vinegar contains active substance, such as acetic acid, which is useful to maintain the stability of pH levels in the body and reduce the uric acid level.
    The swollen caused by declining potassium level in the body can be treated by using apple vinegar. All you have to do is just wrapping up your swollen fingers with clothes which already soaked with apple vinegar and warm water for ten minutes. Also, this apple vinegar can be consumed with honey to speed up the useful of its substances. But, there are several side effects of apple vinegar for kidney.
  5. Avoid too much salt intake
    Salt with high sodium is highly recommended for daily intakes. Nevertheless, there are several negative impacts of taking too much salt that should be aware, such as swelling in the fingers. You are better to decrease your sodium intake to decrease the accumulation of fluid (edema). Read also: natural ways to get rid of swollen fingers

  6. Drink black tea
    There are many natural ways to treat swollen fingers you can count on. Black tea is already known as tea with high antioxidant and tannin. These two active substances have significant benefits to overcome swelling in the body, including fingers. Way to overcome the swollen fingers is by preparing black tea and put the teabag in the refrigerator. Let it there for a moment, and then wash your swollen fingers with the teabag. This way can be repeated until the swollen feels better.
  7. Water therapy
    Water therapy is already known to heal any kind of muscle complaints. One of them is muscle tension causing swelling fingers. Things that you have to do is by preparing a bowl of warm water and cold water. Then, move your finger from hot to cold water (or vice versa) quickly. This quick movement is very useful to control blood circulation in your swollen fingers. Water therapy can be used to treat gout in hand.
  8. Use turmeric
    Turmeric! Since years before, turmeric is believed to have usefulness for human health. By wrapping up your fingers using grated turmeric, it can reduce the ache as well as balance the blood circulation under the skin. Turmeric can also cure mumps. 

  9. Light massage
    Light massage to the swollen fingers can be a choice for you to ease the pain or to make the swollen feels better. By adding warm oil when doing massage can also reduce the muscle tension in your finger. Also read about the Causes of Cramp and Pain on Toe
  10. Use Epsom salt
    If you have epsom salt, you better use it to help you curing the swollen finger. The magnesium sulphate contained in Epsom salt can be natural mineral to reduce the ache caused by swollen in your fingers. The sore that may be the cause of swollen can also occur because of lacking magnesium in your fingers. Therefore, by putting your fingers in Epsom salt, the body can absorb its mineral. Also find out about the Ways to Prevent Swollen Gums

Other than that, there are several ways more to reduce the swelling in your fingers:

  • Rest your swollen fingers.
  • Drink mineral water routinely and do not forget to exercise. Shortly, you have to keep moving.
  • Keep the room temperature on normal state with good air circulation.
  • Do several treatments routinely.
  • If the swollen is not getting better, it is recommended to take medical check up.
  • Avoid to work that requires much energy and can cause swelling in your finger, especially for those who have swollen because of sprain.

Those are all the information about the natural ways to treat swollen fingers. Hopefully it helps! If it doesn’t, please contact your doctor for further medical treatments.

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