13 Negative Effects of Sleeping while Wearing Bra

Sleeping is a great way to put your body on rest mode after doing various kinds of daily activities during the day. For women, lying back on your comfortable bed is also good for your breasts.

Some women might still do not know that it is better to take off your bra when you go to sleep. So that, your breasts can ‘rest’ more comfortably after being restrained all day long.

Why does woman need to take off her bra when she sleeps? The answer is, because sleeping is not only good for loosen up tenses muscles and tired body and regain back your energy, but it will also give your body some times to detoxify or remove toxins that exist in the body.

Other than that, sleeping is taken as an activity to restore the body cells and produce hormones and maintain immune system. That being said, it is better to wear loose clothes and take off your bra when you sleep. Hence, you can let the body rest optimally and you will feel refreshed afterwards. What if you constantly sleeping while wearing bra? What might happen?

Below are some explanations of the side effects of wearing bra to sleep:

  1. Sweating

Sweating while sleeping when the temperature is high is not something that is surprising, but what if you sweat while sleeping even when the temperature is in normal level? This condition will make you feel itchy and your cupped-by-bra breasts might be hurt because of the pressure from your bra.

To prevent this from happening for those who like to put their bra on even when sleeping, it is better to wear a bra made with comfortable material such as nylon or cotton. So that, your breast will still be able to ‘breathe’.

  1. Restless

A bra that is worn to be used during the day has been designed to be able to support your breast and make your breasts’ shape to look more beautiful and on the right position. In this fashion, the bra is usually designed with a material that might make you feel tight on the chest, hard to breathe, and uncomfortable if you use it for too long. Women who like to wear a bra during sleep might have a chance to feel restless during their sleeping hour, which result in the quality of their sleeping time.

  1. Insomnia

As mentioned before, wearing bra to sleep might disrupt your breathing and it will make you have a hard time to sleep or insomnia. This condition happens because your body is unable to breathe freely like it normally should.

  1. At Risk of Having Cancer

Did you know that cancer, especially breast cancer, could also cause by the habit of wearing bra to sleep?

Although this issue is still in discussion, but a study shows that putting on tight bra to sleep could increase the growth of cancel cells, which is very dangerous. For that reason, make an effort to stop using bra to sleep and feel the difference.

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  1. Lowering Air Circulation

Using bra to bed can also disrupt your air circulation, particularly if you wear close-fitting and underwired bra. The bra will make you feeling uncomfortable when sleeping and will disturb your breathing.

  1. Pigmentation

Another side effect is, you might have a chance of having pigmentation on your skin when you wear your bra to sleep and it can cause irritation. Thus, detach your bra before you go to bed.

  1. Skin Irritation

As mentioned previously, keeping your bra on to sleep will cause skin irritation. It will be dangerous if you not treating the wounded skin because it might irritate further into deep tissues under the skin’s surface. Make sure this will not happen to you!

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  1. Health Problem in General

Sleeping issues and respiratory problems will automatically have impact on your health. There are a lot of health problems which started from lack of sleep, for example demotivated or feeling slugish and lethargic during the day.

  1. Reduce Heart Performance

Not taking off your bra before you go to bed might also have an effect on your heart. It happens because the chest and lungs area are pressed in such ways, which possibly will make the heart function to pump blood runs abnormally.

  1. Digestive Problem

Other than the problems that have been stated before, wearing bra to sleep might also make you to have gastric issues because it has an impact on the functions of your throat and digestive organs.

  1. Spleen Problem

In our body, there is one clear gland that has a function to protect our body from toxin and other bad elements, called spleen or lymph. Using a bra to sleep will reduce the performance of the lymph organ that works to produce lymph nodes, which is useful to help defend our body from contaminants.

  1. Reducing Antibody Production

One of the most dangerous things when using a bra to sleep is, it can decrease the production of antibodies. In the body, there is a part that is in charge to form antibody. The production of antibodies might be disrupted if you wear a bra to sleep because of the pressure that comes from the bra.

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  1. Constipation

As mentioned before, wearing bra might cause you to have digestive problems, another digestive problems that you need to be aware of if you do not detach your bra when you are going to sleep is constipation.

Those are 13 dangerous effects that might affect your health if you keep your bra on during sleeping time. Hence, it is healthier to sleep without your bra on and wear comfortable clothes to bed is also highly recommended. Thank you for reading this article!

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