13 Dangers of Morning Sleep for Pregnant Women

The danger of early morning sleep for pregnant women is not widely known by many people, especially by pregnant women themselves. Many pregnant women who feel weak in the morning then decide to sleep.

Indeed sleep can be used to restore the stamina of pregnant women themselves, especially pregnant women who are experiencing morning sickness. Unfortunately according to research, sleeping in the morning is not good for health, as well as with the health of pregnant women.

Indeed, when a pregnant young mother will feel lazy that extraordinary, pregnant women will also easily drowsy. Sleeping under 12 noon is believed to have a negative effect on the pregnant women themselves and the fetus in the womb.

Many pregnant women consider the danger of sleeping in the morning is a myth, but according to medical sleep in the morning (before 12 noon) can cause health problems for both pregnant women themselves and the fetus in the womb. Here are the various dangers of morning sleep for pregnant women on a medical basis that must be known:

  1. Acute Insomnia

Pregnant women who sleep too much can get acute insomnia if pregnant women are exposed to acute insomnia consequently pregnant women will not get quality sleep time. Whereas quality sleep is very important for the health of pregnant women and also the development of the fetus in the womb. Read more about  Benefits of Washing Face With Warm Water

Many pregnant women who complain if at night they become difficult to sleep so forced to sleep late at night. As a result, the hours of night sleep is not sufficient and in the morning pregnant women will feel sleepy once. Pregnant women need a way to get a sleeping pattern and can get at rest at night.

  1. Lethargic

Try pregnant women feel after waking up in the morning, surely pregnant women will feel lethargic and also not energized. That is the danger and negative effects of the morning sleep.

The longer the pregnant mother to sleep in the morning then the more lethargic the body of the pregnant woman. Excessive sleep can make you lethargic because the body’s metabolism is designed to sleep at night and not designed in the morning.

How to keep pregnancy to stay healthy with the metabolic system working on its function. This is to avoid health problems can be felt by the body.

  1. Metabolic Disorders

The dangers of sleeping in the morning for pregnant women experience metabolic disorders. The reason is when sleeping in the morning pregnant women will work out as inappropriate as it should be. The effect of the metabolic disorder is that pregnant women will feel hungry for long periods so that, pregnant women will eat a lot. Pregnant women will also experience significant weight gain. Read more about Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder

  1. Not a lot of activity

If the pregnant mother sleeps a lot, pregnant women will lose their productive time to do the activity. Pregnant women should not be tired, but pregnant women should not be lazy. Pregnant women are encouraged to perform activities such as morning walks or other light physical activity.

Laziness can endanger pregnant women such as the position of the baby is not in place and, not enough energy pregnant women to perform megejan during childbirth.

  1. Difficult Concentration

Pregnant women who sleep too much can make it difficult in concentration. The reason is that much-sleeping blood flow to the brain is not smooth because pregnant women do not move much. Pregnant women will get the concentration back if after getting up to bed early morning he immediately exercises, with exercise pregnant women will be able to smooth blood flow to his brain again. Read more about Causes of High Blood Pressure at Young Age

  1. A headache

Pregnant women who sleep in the morning can have a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid. The fluid can move into the brain and become heaped up when pregnant women sleep in the morning. If a headache is not treated immediately and pregnant women do not change the pattern of good mother’s sleep during pregnancy can experience blindness. The blindness is a permanent blindness that can not be cured.

  1. Many Amniotic Fluids

Pregnant women who sleep too much in the morning will make the buildup of amniotic fluid in the womb of pregnant women. The volume of amniotic fluid will be normal if pregnant women move a lot and also a lot of activity. If not used for the activity, amniotic fluid will accumulate and a lot.

Having a lot of amniotic fluid in the uterus is not beneficial to the fetus in the womb. The fetus is not in the pelvis so the normal birth process is difficult to do because of the fetal position that changes in the womb.

  1. Confusion

Pregnant women will experience confusion after sleeping in the morning, the reason is pregnant women when waking up cannot tell which day and where night. For pregnant women who sleep too much will not be able to distinguish the day and night.

  1. White Blood Cells Increase

The danger of early morning sleep for pregnant women can cause the production of white blood cells of pregnant women will increase. Metabolic disorders that cause why the body can produce white blood cells. As a result, the mother and fetus in the womb are prone to blood cancer. Read more about Vegetables for Low Blood Count

It can happen to pregnant women who have sleep patterns at six in the morning until 12 noon. If pregnant women want to keep themselves healthy and the fetus is in the womb healthy should pregnant women reduce the intensity of sleep?

  1. Diabetes

Pregnant women who sleep too much and do little activity susceptible to diabetes. The reason is that pregnant women do not have time to burn fat and calories in their body. The result is a buildup of fat and calories in the body can make the absorption of blood sugar in the body to be reduced. Excessive accumulation of blood sugar in the body can make pregnant women get diabetes.

Pregnant women with diabetes are susceptible to pregnancy complications, especially if diabetes is wet diabetes. Pregnant women will be difficult to dry the stitches that are in the body postpartum.

  1. Heart

Research conducted shows the fact that people who sleep a long time about 9 hours in the morning can increase the risk of people to get heart disease 38 percent higher. The risk can also occur in pregnant women who sleep 9 hours in the morning. Read more about Early Symptoms of Heart Disease

12. Anemia

The danger of early morning sleep for pregnant women who are too frequent will be susceptible to anemia. The reason is when sleeping oxygen intake and also blood flow in the body becomes not smooth. Not much activity can also make the production of red blood cells to be disturbed so that the number of red blood cells becomes few.

  1. Unbalanced Brain Function

Sleeping in the morning can make the balance of brain function of pregnant women disturbed. The reason is that when the flow of oxygen and blood flow to the brain becomes disrupted, it can indirectly affect the function of the brain itself.

  1. Indigestion

Pregnant women who sleep a lot can also make pregnant women are experiencing indigestion. If digestion is impaired pregnant women are susceptible to constipation, gastritis and gastric disorders.

How To Get Qualified Sleep Patterns For Pregnant Women

Sleep patterns are needed to establish a quality sleep. Quality sleep is sleeping with enough hours. Everyone should be able to sleep 8 hours per day, while if 8 hours it is not fulfilled it can be said that the person does not apply quality sleep patterns.

Here’s a way to get a good sleep pattern:

  • Sports

Maybe you’re bored to listen to this one piece of advice, but here’s the key. In order for you to get quality sleep and soundly, exercise becomes a key to do. Routine exercise tips for 30 minutes per day can create quality sleep for that reason despite mild exercise. Pregnant women are also encouraged to keep exercising.

  • Schedule Sleep Time

To get a quality sleep pattern, pregnant women can schedule sleep time to be able to sleep regularly. Scheduling bedtime can be used to get quality sleep. What should be remembered by pregnant women is to avoid sleeping with irregular time.

For example, sleep 12 o’clock at night, the next day sleep at 9 pm and then sleep at 10 pm. Try to always sleep with a regular clock. Read more about  How to Get Sleep Schedule Back on Track

  • Recognizing Habit

Of course, you have a habit before bedtime, for example, you have a habit of reading before bed and you have hours of sleep at 10 pm. That means you can read the book only until 9.30 pm next time at 10 o’clock at night you should have slept in sleep for the night rest.

  • Avoid Heavy Food

In addition, the dangers of morning sleep for pregnant women, he should also be able to avoid a variety of heavy foods before bed. Too much to eat and too full can make pregnant women difficult to sleep at night. If pregnant women feel hungry during the night, pregnant women can snack on fruits for pregnant women are rich in fiber is good for pregnant women.

  • Avoid Playing Computers

If pregnant women after playing computer, pregnant mother do not go to sleep. That’s because if pregnant women go to sleep without giving a break can result in pregnant women experience insomnia. Pause between playing computer with minimum sleep time 30 minutes. Brain relaxation is also necessary for pregnant women who after playing the computer.

  • Do not Play Mobile

The habit of pregnant women and people is they are already in bed but still holding the phone. This habit can make pregnant women have trouble sleeping, as is the case with previous points.

Give a pause between playing the phone with the time you go to bed. If pregnant women after playing direct mobile phone to sleep without providing a minimum pause of 30 minutes, as a result, are pregnant women will experience insomnia.

  • Turn off the Lights

Sleeping on a dark bed can make the pregnant mother easy to fall asleep or sleep, other than that sleeping in a brightly lit room can endanger health. The effects of exposure to bright fluorescent lights are believed to cause cancer later in life. Therefore, people who work at night and under the lights are vulnerable to cancer.

  • Comfortable Beds

Pregnant women are advised to sleep in a comfortable bed, avoid sleeping on hard beds. Sleeping on a hard bed can make a pregnant woman exposed to insomnia or insomnia, other than that for elderly pregnant women can cause pregnant women are affected by pregnancy disorders such as back pain.

  • Sleeping Environment

Pregnant women should also know the sleep environment, do not sleep in a bed that is stuffy or hot. Pregnant women also can not sleep in beds that are too cold. Do not get pregnant women awakened in the middle of the night because of overheating or cold.

In order for the fetus to stay healthy and develop in the womb, pregnant women should keep their sleep patterns. Do not get pregnant women to apply the wrong sleep patterns, however, sleep patterns to create quality sleep is very important to maintain the growth of the fetus in the womb.

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