10 Proper Treatment on How To Cure a Fever for Pregnant Mom

A fever identical to hot fever can affect anyone. No exception to pregnant women.

This sometimes causes panic and anxiety. pregnant women worry about the condition of the baby when the fever.

In addition, unlike normal conditions, pregnant women can not treat themselves with any drug. Everything that is done and entered into the mother’s body is likely to affect the fetus.

Fever in pregnant women, mostly fever infection or fever due to the entry of fungi, viruses, or bacteria into the body.

Although it does not close the possibility of noninfectious fever, fever due to fatigue, hyperthyroid fever, and dehydration fever, for example. While fever infection commonly attacks pregnant women, namely:

  • Fever of urinary tract infection
  • Flu Fever
  • Influenza fever
  • Cold fever
  • Fever cough colds
  • Pneumonia fever
  • Tonsillitis fever
  • Fever of kidney infection

Below are some treatments that can be done on pregnant women :

  1. Medicine

Body-lowering drugs such as the type of paracetamol and acetaminophen include fever medicines for pregnant women who are safe for the fetus. The reaction of this drug also includes a quick comparison of drugs or natural way. Pay attention to drinking according to dose and not using other types of drugs. Read more about Causes of Rashes after Fever in Baby

2. Drinking White Water

Water should be taken by many mothers who are pregnant and have fever. This water will prevent or overcome dehydration. If the mother fever due to fatigue, white water is very effective. In addition, the water will lower the fever from the inside.

3. Warm Water Shower

A warm bath will make Mom feel more comfortable. This is one way to treat fever in pregnant women. If you do not want a bath, can use a sponge that is moistened with warm water and rubbed throughout the body. Read more about How to Prevent Dangers of Dengue Fever

4. Compress

Hot-filling compresses are quite effective for pregnant women. Compress is also believed for many years in reducing heat. If you want to be practical you can use plaster fever compress for adults. Or use herbal compress leaf lowering is also quite safe because it is not consumed.

5. Using Thin Clothes

Same with ordinary fever sufferers, then pregnant women should use thin clothes if the body is hot. Thin clothes will speed up the expenditure of body heat. If the mother feels the shivering fever at night, can use blanket tips temporarily and immediately opened if already sweaty. Mother’s clothes should always be dry. Read more about Quick Ways to Get a Fever Down Without Medicine

6. Rest

Pregnant women should rest a lot because the body condition is different from people who are not pregnant. Especially if the mother is sick. Rest will help the body save energy owned. the body will also focus on infection resistance.

7. Bake in a Cool Place

If suddenly the mother felt fever and was outdoors. So hurry to find a cool place and drink as much as possible. Possible maternal fever due to fatigue and hot sunburn or fever.

8. Consumption of Nutritious Food

Consumption of nutritious foods for both mother and fetus. Despite being sick, she still has to eat. This is necessary to boost immunity, as well as development and growth of the baby in the womb. Read more about Causes of Long Term Fever

9. Turning on the Fan

Turning on a fan or air conditioner can also help mom feel comfortable. Condition, angina fan installed with the slowest and indirect round about the body, so that the mother does not have fever chills. Similarly, the air conditioner can be installed with room temperature if outdoors the air is hot.

10. Consumption of Vitamin for Pregnant

Generally pregnant women are given prenatal vitamins by the doctor when examining themselves periodically to the obstetrician. This vitamin can still be consumed. Prenatal vitamins are given to improve and improve the condition of mother ions and give vitamins at once to the baby candidate. Read more about  Danger of Cats For Pregnant Women

Consult a physician if pregnant women are hesitant about taking down the body heat they are taking. Preferably consultation and doctors also for pregnant women flu fever, cough, and so forth. If the condition of the mother does not improve and show symptoms increase, then the doctor becomes mandatory.

A few posts on how to treat fever in pregnant women. Do not forget to do fever prevention with a lot of nutritious food consumption, rest, avoid stress, and always control to the doctor regularly during pregnancy. May be useful.

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