10 Fastest Ways on How To Overcome Night Foot Cramps

Cramps in the leg area that occur at night can happen to anyone, but most often occurs in the elderly and also women during pregnancy.

Cramps that occur while sleeping at night is very disturbing because the pain that occurs from the cramp is so pronounced that it causes the foot so difficult to move.

Some cramps can disappear on their own, but some need a little time and action to get the body recovered as before. Read more about How to Cure Fever for Children with Red Onions

For those of you who happen to often experience this problem, please see reviews on how to overcome the night leg cramps that we will provide.

1. Drink Water Quinine Tonic

Tonic water containing quinine has been shown to relieve leg cramps or numb legs at night. While the FDA recommends to use larger quinine doses to overcome the muscle cramps that can be found in Quirinal drugs. To consume tonic water quinine should be consulted with a doctor to obtain the most appropriate dose.

2. Warm Air Compress

The next way you can do to overcome the leg cramps that occur at night is to relaxing feet using warm water. Use bottles that have been filled with warm water or can also use electric heating pads to relax and loosen muscle so that cramps can be lightened. Read more about  Causes of Cramps and Pain on Toe

3. Consumption of Potassium

Potassium deficiency is one of the causes of frequent leg cramps in the evening, so taking potassium supplements and some foods that contain potassium is strongly recommended that the problem of cramps can be overcome quickly. Some sources of potassium you can consume include dates, bananas, peaches, apricots, broccoli, grapes, cabbage, orange keprik, sea fish, beef and lamb.

4. Consumption of Magnesium Supplements

For night leg cramps experienced by the mother during pregnancy, it is advisable to take magnesium supplements especially during pregnancy. This magnesium supplement is essential for the body to function normally. Read more about  Best Ways to Relieve Leg Cramps Fast

5. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration is also an important thing to cure night leg cramps. Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day so that night leg cramps can be prevented. For women it is advisable to drink water at least 2.2 liters per day, while for men are advised to drink 3 liters of water per day minimum.

6. Consumption of Calcium Antagonists

Calcium antagonists or also known as the term calcium channel blocker can be a reliable deterrent will the entry of calcium in the cell wall as well as blood vessels in the body. These calcium antagonists are generally also consumed to cope with high blood pressure that can also be used to cure night cramps. Read more about How To Get A Good Night Sleep

7. Drink Cow Milk

In theory, cow’s milk is very good for treating calcium imbalances so it will help overcome the cramps that occur at night. In addition, in pure cow milk also contains excellent phosphorus to prevent night leg cramps getting worse.

8. Bath Soap

When cramps are going on, you can put a bar soap or apply liquid anti-allergy soap directly on the legs that have cramps. Wait a few seconds and the cramps on the legs may subside and disappear entirely. This can work because the molecules in the soap will diffuse out so as to relieve cramps.

9. Yeast Consumption

Yeast can be consumed to improve circulation in the legs by increasing the intake of B vitamins in the body to overcome the frequent causes of cramps. In addition, consuming yeast is also highly recommended by doctors although not yet clinically tested. You can consume 1 tablespoon of yeast every day to overcome the problem of leg cramps at night with regular. Read more about Signs of Miscarriage Without Bleeding

10. Camomile Tea

Drinking chamomile tea is not only a way to deal with natural stress nan powerful, but also can overcome the leg cramps that occur at night. Drinking it several times a day is more advisable to be able to increase levels of natural amino acids in the body consumed that will maintain the health of the body from various diseases with symptoms such as cramps. Read more about  How to Overcome Uric Acid on Feet

How to deal with leg cramps at night can be done with several methods such as atopic or outside use and also consume some food and beverage intake is very important to prevent and overcome the night leg cramps as we have mentioned above.

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