6 Most Dangerous Side Effects of Garlic for Acne

How to prevent acne with natural ingredients is mostly tried mainly by women because of the easy and simple way and have maximum results. One of the natural ingredients commonly used for acne is garlic. Although white garlic is known to be very effective in treating zits in just a few days, do you know that garlic also has side effects for facial skin and zits? Especially having side effects on facial skin that are sensitive, so caution is needed in the use of natural ingredients for acne. The following are some of the side effects of garlic for acne which are usually felt after use:

  1. Causes Pain and Irritation on Facial Skin with Acne

For those of you who have normal skin, maybe a few will feel the pain in acne when using garlic for acne. But it turns out that pain is one of the side effects of garlic for acne that often occurs. This is because garlic contains antiseptics. The appearance of the sore will then stimulate the irritation of the zits and the skin around the pimples.

  1. Itchy Pimples

In addition to pain and irritation, garlic for acne can also cause itching in zits and acne prone areas. Itching that arises due to the condition of sensitive skin that is sensitive to meet foreign substances or compounds contained in garlic, causing the skin to feel itchy and even become reddish. If we are not careful in dealing with itching in zits, it will be very dangerous because carelessness in scratching can cause breakouts and eventually leave a black mark on the face.

  1. Causes a Burning Sensation on the Zits and Skin Around the Zits

Irritations caused by garlic are also caused due to the heat generated, so it can be said that garlic can cause heat on zits or even on the skin around pimples. Usually the feeling of heat that comes together with itching and burning comes shortly after using garlic for acne where these conditions will be followed by the onset of pain and the effect of pulsations on acne.

  1. Inflammation

As explained earlier that garlic can cause a burning sensation on zits and surrounding skin. The use of garlic for acne can also cause inflammation. The onset of inflammation can be caused by heat from the garlic that is not immediately treated. The characteristics of inflammation due to the use of garlic for zits such as the appearance of swelling in zits and acne skin that turns reddish.

  1. Causes Blotchy Skin

Garlic which causes heat and inflammation in zits and surrounding skin also provides advanced side effects such as blotchy skin. This condition is one of the dangers of garlic for acne which is caused by garlic containing active compounds which can easily make the facial skin hot, itchy, sore, and blister. Of course these conditions can be very dangerous for facial skin tissue because it can damage the facial skin tissue.

  1. Leave Acne Scars Black Spots

The last side effect of garlic for acne is to leave black spots on acne scars where in fact, everyone who tries to treat zits definitely hopes that they do not leave black marks because they can interfere with appearance. But it turns out that the use of natural ingredients of garlic for acne has the potential to leave black spots of acne scars on facial skin.

Those are some of the side effects of garlic for acne. To avoid unwanted side effects, use garlic to taste and not for long-term care.

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