12 Cause of Shivering During Sleep Must Be Aware

Shivering is a repetitive muscle movement and is generally a reaction to a higher body heat temperature than the ambient temperature. So, most shivering is closely related to Fever Infection and Non Fever Fever.

However, in some people shivering can occur without the previous fever. Where a person who all day feels healthy and fit suddenly shivering. Most are felt during sleep.

There are several causes of body shivering during sleep, as described below:

  1. Low Environmental Temperature

This is the most common cause and causes the body to shiver. Because past midnight, usually the environmental temperature decreases. Especially in certain seasons. such as the rainy season in Indonesia or winter in non-tropical countries. With normal body condition, the muscles will act to stabilize the temperature on the skin surface. Read more about How to Get Rid of Nausea Side Effects

2. Age

Age also causes a person to become more sensitive to the surrounding air. The age of a person over 50 will probably react more easily to chills than a young person.

3. Menopause and Pregnancy

The production of altered hormone estrogen results in changes in the body’s metabolism as well. This leads to women who approach menopause and are pregnant difficult to sleep at night and there are waking up because of cold shivering. Fever In Pregnant Mothers 7 Months can also lead to sudden cold feeling.

4. Food poisoning

Foods containing toxins and consumed before or just before bedtime will act when a person sleeps. Food toxins that may contain chemicals cause reactions while sleeping. While foods containing harmful bacteria and viruses will produce a sudden reaction as well. The body can suddenly have fever and cold during sleep. Therefore it is not tested to eat 2 to 3 hours before sleeping at night.

5. Body Thin

A thin body is as sensitive as an elderly person. Because the body does not store enough fat under the skin, then when the air temperature decreases will be difficult to burn. As a result, the body shivering cold during sleep. Read more about  Causes You Can’t Sleep at Night

6. Side Effects of Certain Drugs

Some types of cans consumed can make the body shivering cold. And the habit of taking the drug before bed causes the effects of coldness arise during sleep. Among the drugs that cause the medication for heart disease and antibiotics drugs with high doses.

7. Hungry

Hunger or lack of eating or irregular eating patterns causes the combustion process in the body to follow irregularly. If coupled with a thin body where there is no fatty tissue that can be used as a burning reserve in the body can cause a person Fever But Chills and shiver during sleep.

8. Blood Pressure Not Normal

Blood pressure helps the circulation of food and oxygen in the body. If the blood pressure is disrupted or abnormal alias is too high or low, then the process will be disrupted.

In certain places that do not get blood flow and enough juice will result in lower temperatures. If it lasts longer, it will cause sleep disturbance due to cold. There is even a relationship between Fever and Low Blood. Read more about Causes a Person Can Not Fall Asleep for a Nap

9. Insect Bites

Body shivering cold during sleep can be caused by poisonous insect bites. Try to check all parts of the body If suddenly Body Shivering Midnight. If there are insect bites that are likely to be poisonous, then go to the doctor for the right snacks.

10. Low thyroid hormone levels

Thyroid hormone serves to regulate the passage of metabolism that occurs in the body. Thus, heartbeat, blood circulation, and digestion will depend on this hormone. If levels decrease, then the metabolism will be disrupted. The body will be cold sweats or chills especially at night.

11. Cancer

Does Cancer Cause A Fever? A person suffering from cancer can shiver cold at bedtime or at certain moments. Especially cancer associated with hormones and blood circulation, such as lymphoma and leukemia or blood cancer. Both cancers will automatically disrupt most of the body’s functions and metabolism. If you experience persistent coldness or frequent, then immediately go to the doctor to conduct an intensive examination.

12. Cyst

Cysts are only experienced by women. If the woman suddenly shivering cold during sleep accompanied by pain during menstruation or pain during urination or pain in the urinary tract (Fever Urinary Tract Infection), then immediately checked into the obstetrician before any symptoms worsen. Most patients with new cysts realize the disease at the time the cyst has enlarged and covered the uterine canal. Read more about Dangerous Effects of Not Having Enough Sleep

That’s why some people suddenly shiver during sleep. This article is not a diagnosis, but a knowledge in order to anticipate all the possibilities that occur. Get to the doctor immediately if you’ve done how to overcome the chills and the cold is still continuous or often felt. May be useful.

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