11 Side Effects of Breadfruit Leaves for Health You Need to Consider

Side effects of consuming breadfruit leaves are dangerous because they can attack all ages but affect the function of different organs of the body. Consuming it will emerge an adverse impact on body health rather than the benefits that occur due to incorrect procedures for consuming it.

The content in breadfruit leaves

Breadfruit leaves contain many active compounds in the form of anti-inflammatory substances that act as effective antioxidants and anti-cancer in some types of dangerous cancers such as cervical cancer. Substances or compounds rich in health benefits for the human body include:

  • Saponin, Tannins, Hydrosianic Acid, Potassium Substances, Quercetin Substances, Phenol and Essential Oils
  • Eugenol, Carvacol, Eugenol methyl-ether, Cyneole, Caryophyliene, Ketenol, Cadinene active compounds
  • Acrylic compounds, polyphenols, Omega 3 and Omega 6, essential amino acids, riboflavin

Breadfruit leaves side effects

Breadfruit leaves have many compounds that are beneficial to the health of the body just like the fruit, but breadfruit leaves can also be harmful to the body when you consume them in the wrong way. You may also find out about Side Effects of Ginseng

Some side effects to watch out for include:

  1. Kidney disorders

In breadfruit leaves there is a very high content of potassium which is harmful to kidney health if consumed continuously every day. Excessive potassium in the body can be the culprit of the emergence of side effects of breadfruit leaves consumption which are harmful to the performance of kidneys because it can interfere with its function gradually. You may also find out about Side Effects of Mahogany Fruit for Health

  1. Blood pressure

Existing compounds in breadfruit leaves are good for body health but decoction of breadfruit leaves will be a poison that is harmful to your body when consumed in excess, What’s more when the body is in a condition of iron deficiency then blood pressure will decrease. Immediately search for precise and accurate information about the symptoms of blood pressure which is important for you to know so that the side effects of breadfruit leaves consumption do not need to occur. You may also find out about How to Use Neem Leaves for Blood Purification

  1. Inflammation of the mouth / thrush

Some compounds in breadfruit leaves can injure the oral wall and cause the emergence of side effects consumption of breadfruit leaves which are quite painful, namely inflammation of the mouth or better known as thrush. Inflammation of the mouth covers the surface of the skin around the mouth including the gums and tongue which is blisters, sores and pain. It is important to immediately find out how to treat thrush naturally and recover quickly so that inflammation of the mouth does not continue to inflamed. You may also find out about Side Effects of Ginseng

  1. Intestinal thrush

Consuming breadfruit leaves decoction excessively and continuously can trigger the appearance of intestinal thrush or inflammation of the intestine. On the walls and inner channels of the intestine there are wounds that refer to inflammation that occurs due to friction, sticking and piles of compounds from breadfruit leaves.

Breadfruit leaves will be hard and sharp when they enter the intestine in large amounts. This condition requires sufferers to undergo several special treatments, one of which is a method of treatment with corticosteroids and immunomodulato. 

  1. Constipation

Keep in mind that the side effects of excessive consumption of breadfruit leaves or in an empty stomach can disrupt the digestive system and cause constipation or constipation. Substances contained in breadfruit leaves can thwart the process of softening feces (dirt) to be immediately discharged through the last sewer (anus).

  1. Inflammation of the intestine and stomach

Consuming breadfruit leaves decoction too often with an indiscriminate dose can be one of the causes of the side effects of consumption of breadfruit leaves that are very dangerous. The resulting effect is the appearance of wounds and inflammation in the intestinal and gastric walls which can occur in one or even both simultaneously. You may also find out about Side Effects of Cassava Leaves for Health

  1. Diarrhea

Not all humans have strong stomach tissue against substances or compounds in breadfruit leaves. For example, there are some people whose stomach hurts immediately after consuming spicy food or vinegar, but others don’t. Similarly, breadfruit leaves that in some people do not feel any side effects on the digestive system, but in sensitive stomach tissue can cause diarrhea accompanied by a stomach twisting. In this condition it is important to immediately find out how to deal with diarrhea quickly quickly so that diarrhea can be cured immediately.

  1. Itchiness

Compounds in breadfruit leaves can cause allergies in the form of reddish rashes that itch and itching will expand when getting scratched. This condition can occur if you consume breadfruit leaves stew continuously and without the correct dose. To be wiser, you should consult with a nutritionist or herbal medicine therapist before deciding to consume breadfruit stew. 

  1. Thin body

Breadfruit decoction can be used for a diet program but is not good for people who have thin body weights. In breadfruit leaves there are high carbohydrate levels but unfortunately have very low calorie counts. This is the reason why breadfruit leaves can make the body thin and suitable to support the implementation of a diet program.

  1. Muscle cramps

If you really want to consume the breadfruit leaves decoction then drink a week 2 to 3 times regularly to maintain or treat body health from certain diseases. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to consume breadfruit leaves stew but you also eat cassava leaves, spinach leaves or eat red meat at the same hour.

This can stimulate the emergence of side effects of the consumption of breadfruit leaves that are dangerous because it can trigger blood thickening in the tissue causing muscle cramps. You may also find out about Best Ways to Prevent Muscle Soreness after a Workout

  1. The stomach is wrapped around

Be careful of people who have a history of heartburn, gastric ulcer problems or those associated with chronic digestive disorders. It is better to avoid consuming the breadfruit leaves decoction or consult the nutritionist in advance.

Breadfruit compounds can injure abdominal tissue quickly. This condition can cause repetitive pressure on the abdominal wall in the form of twisting stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, heartburn and can aggravate heartburn if you have a history of the disease.

Thus the article regarding the side effects of breadfruit leaves, hopefully the information contained in this article can be useful for you.

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