11 Benefits of Waking Up in the Morning for Mental Health

Holidays do have a positive impact on our bodies and minds to relax from a tiring routine. Do you know the benefits of waking up in the morning? There are so many agendas that we can prepare to fill in the weekend so that the holidays remain fun. But, holidays can also make us even more exhausted.

This is what makes some individuals spend their holidays by sleeping all day at home or rather lazing around. If it is only occasionally and on weekends, it is okay, but if it goes on every holiday and this habit is adopted by our children throughout the long holiday, it will create its own complexity when starting school.

11 Benefits of Waking Up in the Morning

Well, for those who have a high level of difficulty getting up early, you need to know the positive things you can get from getting up in the morning.

  1. You Become Healthier and Happier

Individuals who wake up early will be happier with their lives than those who like to sleep at night and wake up late. This is because individuals who wake up in the afternoon will be hastier.

Scientists suggest that early sleep and waking up early make the body in tune with the Earth’s circadian rhythm. Circadian Rhythm is a universal biological clock that regulates the natural times of all natural processes such as the occurrence of day and night, the occurrence of seasons, and so forth.

“Sleep early and get up early,” said Ben Franklin, “It makes individuals healthier, wealthier, and wiser.”

  1. Bring Success

Individuals who choose to get up early due to the comfort of the habit, for example, due to a considerable distance from work, 4:30 A.M. is the best time to go to work; check the office e-mail in the morning or exercise after dawn. Those habits can lead them to success.

  1. You Will Feel Optimistic

Individuals who wake up early will have the character of optimism, the optimal level of satisfaction and awareness. Because at that time, the brain is in a very relaxed condition and there is no interference.

  1. Educating the Mind

Researchers from the University of Texas in 2008 conducted research that those who had a habit of getting up early got a higher GPA (3.5 and above) while the students known as “night owl” (individuals who have a habit of staying up late) only get a 2.5 GPA and below.

  1. You Will Be More Proactive

Biologists from the University of Education in Heidelberg, Germany, Christoph Randler, also in 2008, found that those who routinely wake up earlier are far more proactive in their lives. He described proactive as a willingness and ability to take action to change the situation for a profit.

“Because morning people are far more proactive, they do business and work better,” said Randler.

  1. You Become A Good Problem Solver

According to an article from Time, getting up early and enjoying a cup of warm coffee can increase the production of the hormone dopamine in the brain. This hormone works to bring happiness and a better mood throughout the day. This is what causes the morning people to be good individual problem solvers.

A study published in the journal Psychological Science said that the positive mood of morning people increases cognitive flexibility. This means that the brain is able to freely find creative solutions to existing problems.

  1. More Free Time

Silence and coolness at dawn are used by the morning people to organize. We can make goals, and make better daily planning in the week. We are able to manage time more freely especially those who live in big cities. Many testimonials from the “morning people” who reported that they were up early said it has helped them to escape the morning traffic jam. As we know, congestion is proven to be one of the causes of stress among workers.

  1. More Energy

Getting up early gives your body the chance to breathe clean air and exercise in the morning. Regular exercise improves mood, provides energy to work, and helps sleep better at night.

  1. Brightening the Face

Muslims, indeed, are obliged to get up early, for morning prayers around 4:00 A.M. The ablution ritual required before prayer according to research also has many benefits. One of them is brightening the face.

Science also justifies, spiritually related activities in the stillness and coolness of dawn has a positive impact on the soul and individual life. It is said that figures such as Margaret Tatcher, Thomas Edison, and Newton always use dawn to meditate and connect with higher natural forces.

  1. It is Easier to Make Daily Plans

Morning is a good time to listen to the hottest news. You can also read incoming emails or other personal matters. This is quite effective so that it minimizes the possibility for us to skip important news before starting to move and focus on new tasks.

  1. Avoid the Depression

Depression is a bad mood and lasts for a certain period of time. Professor of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, in his study found that there was a close connection between sleep activity too late and difficulty getting up early with depression. One reason individuals say they do not like the morning is that they sleep too late.

Waking up in the morning will give you more time to do various activities while when you wake up late will make all activities rushed. This is what makes individuals who wake up late will experience a bad mood and in the long run, will experience severe depression.

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