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In everyday life often found people who complain of back pain. But do not be underestimated because pain problems provide more serious health problems.

According to Adj A / Professor Hee Hwan Tak, Medical Director at the Center for Spine and Scoliosis Surgery (Center for Bone Surgery and Scoliosis) at the Singapore Medical Group, recurrent back pain can be a sign of foot pain.

Now, the pain arises because the muscles in the part that are better for moving the legs forward, because the condition of the legs have weakened. Read more about Side Effects of Sitting with Legs Crossed

“This condition usually occurs in people where they are productive, between 29 and 49 years. Often they do not understand their parents or parents,” explained No in his written statement for detikHealth and the material Wednesday (12/12/2012) .

Lecturers at the Singapore National University medical school and specialize in spinal diseases and disorders explain that the most common pain in the spine is the part and part of the neck. This is because the two parts are the most frequently moving parts. Read more about How to Avoid Skin Irritation after Shaving Pubic Hair

The bottom is the most pressing part when someone sits or lifts things up, easily damaged. The waist also reduces weight which is very susceptible to pain caused by failure or other difficulties.

“People with lumbago may also feel the wrong pain or the best with maternal nerves. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body,” Tak explained.

Now, this nerve is the main nerve that delivers impulses to movement and starts from the lower leg. To find out the exact cause of bone pain easily. Weak muscle conditions, joint, muscle and ligament problems that can be a common cause of lumbago.

“Herniated disc or Slipped disc, also known as HNP (Herniated Nucleus Pulposus) and can cause pain. Other positions are high, permanent posture, obesity and a tight waist due to incorrect position,” said Tak. Read more about  Natural Prevention for Skin Cancer

Lumbago there are several types:

  • Acute, the pain is only a few days to several weeks.
    Chronic, pain longer than three months

Pain lights do not support a person’s soul. However, if you experience lumbago or that appears repeatedly, go back to the doctor. Spinal tumors, infections, spine, nerve damage, osteoporosis, arthritis, or pain caused by other organs such as the kidneys can be the cause.

Factors that can cause back pain:

  • Excessive use of waist muscles
  • Tense muscles
  • Injury to the muscles or ligaments that support the spine
  • Spinal disease or disorder
  • Old age which causes degeneration of the spinal disc
  • Never had a spinal injury before
  • Physical demanding work that requires repeated bending and lifting or long sitting and standing positions.
  • Obesity

  • Bad posture
  • Sleep on a soft mattress
  • Sports that have to rotate the waist like golf
  • Bone or joint disease (such as osteoporosis and arthritis)
  • Infectious diseases (such as spinal meningitis)
  • Pregnancy

The intensity of lumbago varies from a little pain that doesn’t feel so much to the unbearable pain. This pain can arise suddenly without warning or appear slowly.

Lumbago does not always spread to the legs. Local pain is usually called aches, tensions, pain, a feeling of muscle throbbing or being attracted. Usually this pain will be worse if the person is bent, sitting, walking or standing too long in the same position.

If the pain comes from a depressed nerve due to a ‘herniated disc’ or HNP, the person will feel mild pain in the pelvis or part of the leg, or a feeling of tingling in these parts. Read more about How to Eliminate Acne with Honey

The pain will get worse when sneezing or coughing. Usually this pain occurs on one leg, but can spread to two legs if the disc presses the nerve rooted to both feet.

Treatment for lumbago:

  • Correct exercise
  • Rest
  • Heat and cold therapy
  • Exercise posture
  • Lower weight
  • Reduce stress and exercise to relax
  • Medication
  • Spinal manipulation

Tak explained, for severe back pain, surgery is sometimes needed such as:

1. Nucleoplasty

Nucleoplasty is a procedure using a needle where a radiofrequency catheter is inserted into a damaged disc. By using radiofrequency energy, the disc tissue will melt so that the disc that was suppressing the nerve becomes shrinking.

Thus the pain caused by depressed nerves will disappear or decrease. This procedure only takes 1-2 hours so the patient can go home the same day.

2. Lumbar Spinal Fusion

This operation is recommended for recurrent ‘slipped discs’, severe disc degeneration or fractures in the spine. This operation is designed to stop the movement of the injured spine, reducing the pain that comes from bone joints.

This operation can be done by minimal incision. The doctor will decide to use titanium metal screws or ‘cage’ (bone cylinders) that will be inserted into the disc space that was previously removed by minimally invasive techniques. Read more about Causes You Can’t Sleep at Night

This ‘metal cage’ will be filled with the patient’s own bone tissue from the pelvis or tailbone. This bone tissue will be used to process bone fusion in that part.

3. Artificial Disc Replacement

Before surgery to replace a damaged disc, the doctor will do discography. A type of fluid for radiology will be injected into the center of the disc to determine the level of damage to the disc. Patient reactions will also help to find out which disc causes pain.

By using x-rays simultaneously, the damaged old disc will be removed as a whole so that the nerves are released, then an artificial disc is made made of a combination of metal (Titanium or cobalt / chrome) and plastic.

4. Dynamic Stabilization

In this way the spine will be placed ‘Spacer’ between the ‘Spinous Process’ section of the spine or the vertebral screw connected with a flexible rod. This method will not unify or lock the spinal segment in total so as to maintain flexibility.

This Dynamic Stabilization Tool is installed to help withstand the load on the spine that is installed and also prevents excessive movement in that part. This procedure provides alternatives to Spinal Fusion.

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